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"The Super Beings Bureau Saga"

Stories in this series

A series of short stories about the Super Beings Bureau, someplace all super-powered types have to visit at one point or another, and Ann Miller, a long-suffering, perfectly ordinary person who wants to be a super hero in order to help people.

A Hard Day's Work
Magneto returns to the Bureau for the annual renewal of his super-being license.

So You Want to Be a Superheroine
A perfectly normal, well-adjusted woman named Ann applies to be a superheroine.

What They'll Do for Love
Sick of all the hurdles shoved in their paths, Rogue and Gambit demand a marriage license.

Office Gossip
The hard-working folks at the Super Beings Bureau discuss the most recent events at the office.

What's a Super Heroine to Do?
Trying to "help" Ann become popular, the Bureau places her with Generation X.

What a Super Heroine Should Be
The people at the Bureau make one last-ditch attempt to show Ann how to be a super heroine.

Power Hungry
Trapped in the office for nearly 2 weeks during a power outage, the folks at the Bureau -- and the long-suffering super beings who just came to renew their licenses -- must endure hunger, boredom and each other.

Clients of the Bureau visit the dentist. <Shudder>

A Super Heroine's Life
Ann Miller and Ms. Marvelous go on the Susan Smith Show to discuss their respective lifestyles as super heroines.

Ann Miller about Her Latest (blah-ish) Outing
While her frustrated Writer struggles to rewrite/revamp/redo/re-whatever Ann Miller's last appearance, Ann tells the folks at home what's going on.

Ms. Marvelous: The Early Years
(or: "So You Want to Be a Sleek Sex Goddess")
An intimate look at just how Ms. Marvelous got started in the superhero business.

Disclaimer: My characters, a warped version of Marvel's world :) Ms. Marvelous can also be found in the Super Heroine stories and 'Power Hungry'.


"Ms. Marvelous."

"Ms. Marvelous, how wonderful to see you again!"

"I'm here to begin my 'Sleek Sex Goddess' training ... I'm so excited about this!"

"As you should be, my girl, as you should be. This training is going to change your life!"

"Cool! So where do we start?"

"First, you need the proper attire -- a Super Heroine's Sleek Sex Goddess status depends heavily on the amount of flesh she has exposed. Your current clothing will not do at all!"

"So what are we waiting for?!"

The Super Person's Clothing Dept.

"How about this?"

"No. Try this."

"This tiny, shimmery thing with big patches missing from the bust and butt area?"





"Very good."

"So that's all?"

"Take these heels, and that's about all that we need for your uniform."

"Wow! It looks so tiny -- I'd never get away with wearing this if I wasn't becoming a Super Heroine!"

"No you wouldn't. You'd be arrested."

"Arrested? Wow!"

"Let's go."

Back to the Office

"It's time for a little exercise in posture training, Ms. Marvelous."

"What do I do?"

"Just follow my instructions, and you'll look more heroic that you've ever dreamed of being!"


"Stand straight. Yes, just like that. Tilt your head up slightly ... yes ... Shoulders back. Chest out."

"Is this okay?"

"Almost ... chest out just a little bit more."

"Like this?"


"Is this okay?!"

"Hmmm...? Oh! Yes ... yes, that's fine."



"I was thinking..."

"You really shouldn't do that."



"Why not?"

"It's bad for your image. Sleek Sex Goddesses don't need to think."

"Okay, I'll try to remember that!"

"My pleasure, Ms. Marvelous."

"Anyway, maybe I should get my hair cut, it's kind of long and unruly like this."

*gasp!* "Ms. Marvelous, long, sexy, flowing hair is a large part of your identity! You can't cut it!"


"Well, you certainly can hold a pose, my girl. Let's work on getting you a villain."

Villains 'R Us

"See anything you like, Ms. Marvelous?"

"How about that guy?"

"No, that won't do. I think that you need a Sleek Sex Goddess Villainess."


"It'll be good for your ratings. The hormone driven young males will love seeing two gorgeous, scantily clad women fighting."

"Okay! That makes sense!"

"We've been saving a special villain that I think will be just perfect for you, Ms. Marvelous."


"Her name is Controlla..."

To The Office Again

"And now, for the last bit of training that you'll be receiving."


"Your accent."

"But I don't have one."

"Don't worry. You will in a moment."


"Now listen carefully, and repeat after me. Evilez. Dinnae. Dat. De. Dum. Livin'. Flyin'. 'Tis."

"Evilez. Dinnae. Dat. De. Dum. Livin'. Flyin'.  'Tis."

"Excellent! You're a natural at this, Ms. Marvelous!"


"And that's all for now. Remember to come back occasionally for a checkup."

"Ah will, mon dearest teacher! Ah will nae forget th' kindness that yah've shown moi!"

"Excellent! I have a feeling that you'll go far in this field, Ms. Marvelous..."




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