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Fan-fiction in this archive is organized by how it falls in mainstream X-Men continuity.

Childhood and the past
The Claremont era
Post-Claremont reality
Aftermath of X-Men #45
After the Trial of Gambit
Circa Sauron's UXM 353 visit
After Gambit's return
After Claremont's return
In the future...
Alternate realities
X-Men: The Movie
Other stories - funny
Other stories - serious
Stories not directly related to Rogue

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Fan-fiction submission guidelines

Privacy Policy & Submission Guidelines

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Privacy Policy

As a general note, I don't keep any kind of careful track of who comes to this site, save for the occasional log reports my webhost provides. I certainly don't sell or share this information with anyone, as 1) I find that sort of thing offensive and 2) that would violate the whole "non-profit" aspect of this site. I do collect names, e-mails and web site URLs for folks who contribute material to this site, for the purpose of keeping in touch with contributors and for allowing readers a means to feedback those contributors on their works. If you object to any of this information being posted on the site, you have every right to ask that it be removed, although if you choose to remove your name, I do ask that you offer at least an alias to use as a substitute. If you choose, I will post a note asking feedbackers to send their note to me, and I will then relay it to you.

In order to comply with the U.S. 1998 Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), I must make it a general rule that if you're under 13, please have your parents' permission before you submit anything to me for posting on the site. For privacy reasons, I'd suggest that you use an alias and, if you want an e-mail address posted, get a free acount through Hotmail, Yahoo or the like.

If you are a parent and want contributions by your under-13 child removed, you have the legal right to ask for that to be done. However, as sometimes parents take a heavy hand with the younger members of the online fan community because they don't completely understand it, I'd advise that you visit The Fanfic Yellow Ribbon first. My preference, ideally, is not to have to take anyone's work down, and I'd hope that measures such as changing your child's name to an alias and changing/removing the e-mail address associated with your child's contribution might prove an acceptable compromise. I'm all for protecting privacy; I just don't want anyone's creative expression to be blocked when some form of compromise can be reached.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Fan-Fiction Submission Guidelines

In the interests of saving myself a lot of personal grief and guilt over accepting stories that aren't quite up to par, I've established a few guidelines for fan-fiction submissions to my site.

First, I expect anything that I archive to make sense, and to be reasonably spell- and grammar-checked. That doesn't mean "a typo and you're out." But that does mean that I will take issue with stories in which the writer is inconsistent with verb tense usage, has a lot of spelling errors, etc. The main reason I do this is that if readers are stumbling over the "little" things, they're less likely to enjoy (or even finish) your story. For such guidelines, I'd suggest starting with the AP Stylebook and Strunk and White's Elements of Style.

Second, I proofread every story I post to fix spelling and grammar errors. It's a given, because as a copy editor in "real life," such things bug me. However, if there are extensive errors of this sort, I will send the story back to you and offer you suggestions on how improve it. Please don't get offended if I do so; I'm only trying to make your story as good as possible.

Third, above all things, I pay attention to content. I suppose that would be fairly obvious, but I'll say it anyway. If your story does not make sense, I'll send you a note and suggest possible revisions to your story to improve its clarity.

Fourth, I am not a beta reader. I have a full-time job and a full-time boyfriend, and I'm getting ready to start grad school in the fall. I don't have time to finish my own fics. I can offer suggestions, but I can't give new stories the attention they deserve when they're in the draft stage. My suggestion would be to try out the beta reader listing on CFAN and find a reader that is appropriate to your story.

Fifth, if you're sending me a story that has multiple parts, but which has not been completed yet, please send me at least the first two chapters to start with. I sometimes make exceptions for writers I'm already archiving, but I must insist that new writers follow this. I have too many series on this archive that were started but will probably never be completed.

Sixth, I cannot promise to respond to you in a timely manner. I do promise to read your submission, but I might take a while to do so.

Seventh, when you do send me a story, please send it within the body of your e-mail and, if possible, attach a copy of the story in HTML format as well. HTML files are easier to add to the archive, but e-mail is easier to do my initial read-through.

I don't mean this to offend or cut anybody down in any way. I just want the stories on this site to be as good as possible, for me, you and the readers.

That said, because of my current worklog and backlog of stories to add to the site, I cannot accept any new story submissions at this time. If you have any questions, you can contact me at

Fan Art Submission Guidelines

As the focus of this site is Rogue, I prefer that all pieces of artwork be of Rogue or be somehow related to her. If you are a new Fan Art section contributor, I ask that you submit a minimum of two pieces of artwork so that I have something with which to start a page for you. At least one of those initial pieces must be of Rogue.

In terms of art medium, I'm open to just about anything -- pencils, watercolors, even Flash animation -- so long as its easily viewable on a computer screen. Content-wise, I prefer not to accept sexually explicit material. I also prefer not to accept submissions that are essentially redraws of comic book panels or trading cards, although I do on occasion make exceptions. I reserve the right to turn down submissions I find offensive or unacceptable.

As a note, if I see that a submitted piece of artwork needs color corrections, I will make the adjustments in Photoshop unless explicitly told not to.

If you have your own website, let me know so I can add a link to it from your artwork page.

In terms of dimensions, please submit all artwork at a maximum of 600pixels wide and 800 pixels tall, at 72 dpi in RGB Color or Grayscale (NOT Indexed Color/256). Please save your image as a JPG (not a GIF or BMP or whatever) at least at "Medium" (50) quality.

That said, because of my current worklog and backlog of stories to add to the site, I cannot accept any new submissions at this time. If you have any questions, you can contact me at


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Privacy Policy and Submission Guidelines