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This page is dedicated to the Rogue fans who, frustrated or inspired by Rogue's comic book, cartoon or film incarnations, have taken matters into their own hands. These are the fruits of their efforts.

This archive is organized first by chronological order (where the story would fit in the canonical timeline), then by more arbitrary categories.

Privacy Policy and Submission Guidelines
Because of my current worklog and considerable backlog in stories to add to the site, I cannot accept any story submissions at this time.

Story listing by author

Childhood and the Past
Stories taking place primarily (or altogether) at some point in Rogue's childhood.

The Claremont Era
Stories taking place during the time span of Chris Claremont's run on "Uncanny X-Men," roughly UXM 96-280.

Post-Claremont Reality
Stories taking place during the time period between Chris Claremont's departure from the X-Men (circa XM #3) and Rogue and Gambit's break-up in XM #45.

Aftermath of X-Men #45
Stories taking place after Rogue & Gambit's break-up in X-Men #45, but before the Onslaught debacle.

Stories taking place during the time span between the end of the Onslaught mess (circa XM #55) and the Trial of Gambit (UXM #350).

After Uncanny X-Men #350
Stories taking place almost immediately after Gambit's "Trial" in Antarctica and the X-Men's return to the mansion.

Circa Sauron's UXM 353 visit
Stories taking place from the time between Sauron's attack on the X-Men to the present day. Includes stories related to Rogue's experience with the Agee Institute.

After Gambit's return
Stories taking place after Gambit's reappearance in the X-titles in Uncanny X-Men #361. Also includes stories related to the "All-New, All-Deadly X-Men," the return of the Excalibur X-Men, and the Hunt for Xavier.

X-Men: Revolution - After Claremont's Return
Stories taking place after Chris Claremont's return to X-Men writing chores with UXM 381 and XM 100. This also includes the sixth-month "gap" in comic time between the High Evolutionary mutation-stripping mess and Claremont's "Neo" revolution.

In the Future...
Stories taking place years ahead of what's going on now in the comics.

Alternate Realities
Stories taking place in timelines entirely different from -- or eerily similar to -- the one we all know and (sort of) love.

Stories taking place in the animated worlds of the current series X-Men: Evolution and the early 1990s-era X-Men: The Animated Series.

X-Men: The Movie
Stories taking place in the "alternate reality" of X-Men: The Movie, released into theatres during the summer of 2000.

Other Stories: Sillyfics
These are stories or poetry that don't really fit into any of my other defined categories. This section is mostly comprised of sillyfics.

Other Stories: Serious
Stories or poetry that doesn't really fit into any of my other defined categories. This section comprises the "serious" works.

Not Rogue-related
Stories that have nothing directly to do with Rogue, dealing with characters from other comic books or from TCP stories.


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Privacy Policy and Submission Guidelines