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A smattering of items that are of interest but don't really fit into any of the other categories.

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The Comics Code
The list of standards to which comics must adhere in order to receive approval by the Comics Code Authority. The CCA was established in the 1950s amid fears that comics were tainting the youth, and it has remained ever since. Most of the more adult-oriented labels are not CCA-approved (nor do they want to be) because they feel the code is outdated, but Marvel and DC still, for the most part, adhere to the Code.

Field Trip to Wilkinson and Adams Counties, Mississippi
by Nira
In a post to the Southern Comfort mailing list, Nira details what she learned about the topography and culture of Rogue's "home territory" during her trip to Mississippi to find out where the fictional Caldecott County might really be located.

Marvel Writers and Artists
A list of e-mail and/or website addresses of writers and artists associated with Rogue and the X-Men.

Origami Rogue
by RogueStar
Instructions on how to make your very own Rogue figure out of folded paper.

Summers Family Tree
by Brucha S. Meyers (linked to Brucha's site)
If you think the Summers family tree is convoluted now, just wait until you read the thoroughly-researched edition by Brucha. Anyone could be a Summers.


My X-Men #81 Rant
by Alyson Hurt
It's out of date now, but it explains just about everything I felt was inherently wrong about that issue.

It Takes a Mother's Touch
by Tilman Stieve
A look at Rogue's relationship with Mystique, with respect to Uncanny X-Men #359.

The Original Script of Uncanny X-Men #359
by Joe Kelly
Joe Kelly was asked by the X-editors to redo his plot to UXM #359, saying they found it unacceptable. After the completed issue shipped, Kelly sent his original plot to fans that had asked for it.


Rogue Defined
by Bobbi Gorden
In a post to the Southern Comfort mailing list, Bobbi Gorden tries to figure out what "defines" Rogue as a person/character.

Rogue's Hair
by Faith Barnett

Is Rogue's white stripe natural or dyed? In a post to the Southern Comfort mailing list, Faith Barnett explains what little has been said in canon about the topic, and what might be the truth.

X-Men as Morality Play
by Tilman Stieve
Originally a post to RACMX, this was a response to numerous broiling debates about Gambit's abandonment in Antarctica and the apparent hypocrisy of the X-Men in refusing to forgive him when they had forgiven Rogue.


The Fan-Fic Drinking Game
by the ACFF crew
Print out this list and go fan-fic reading with your favorite non-alcoholic beverage of choice.

Pros and Cons of Marrying an X-Man
by the RACMX crew
Sure, they've got great bods and lead exciting lives, but would you really want to be married to one of them?

Things We'd Like to See in X-Men
by the RACMX crew
A list of assorted deeds, tasks, scenarios and character abuse to be foisted upon the X-Men. Compiled a number of years ago; includes the 1998 additions to the list.

Top 10 Reasons Not to Marry an X-Person
by the ACFF crew
See "Pros and Cons of Marrying an X-Man."

What I Learned from Reading the X-Books
by the RACMX crew

Tidbits of wisdom culled from years of comic book reading.

Top 15 Signs You Read Too Many Comic Books
by the Top5 crew

Come. Embrace your inner geek, then laugh at it.

You Know You Read/Write Too Much Fan-Fiction When...
by the ACFF crew

Put together by the ACFF folks a few years back. You know you're obsessed when you recognize or identify with more than half of this list.


The Invitation
Oriah Mountain Dreamer
This is a piece forwarded to me over e-mail. In a sense, it reminded me of Rogue, not in that she could have been the speaker, but that she could have been one of those being spoken to.


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