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Rogue's Hair

> Is Rogue's white streak dyed or a mutation?

When Rogue first appeared it was actually two white streaks on either side of her head. It became one sometime prior to her coming to the X-Men for help.

Rogue has never spoken of it that I know of and I've been reading a long time.

Marvel themselves have given some conflicting data about it so you are going to hear from people who say it is natural and some who say it is dyed. I'm going to tell you what I guess and what Marvel once confirmed not too long ago in a letter response in one of the X-books.

After Rogue joined the X-Men someone asked in a letter about the two stripes becoming one and Marvel had "Wolverine" respond in the letters page that Rogue used dye. Now Marvel didn't say how she used dye but just that she used it.

However all the time Rogue is around including her time running around in the Savage Land alone for months she has one large white streak in her hair. There is no hair dye in the Savage Land.

My position was then and is now that Rogue has a natural white streak down the center of her head from birth. When she was much younger and running with the brotherhood, she wanted people to take her serious so she wanted to look older. Therefore fitting with what Marvel said I believe she dyed her hair taking out the white in the middle leaving two on the side which made her look older (and if you don't believe me go check her first appearances as a villainess - she's does not look like a teen which she was and looked like when she came to the X-Men). (Also just for hair dye people, you don't get white when you bleach dark hair anyway, you get a blond to white blond and dyeing your hair is not bleaching it. Bleaching is taking color out. Dyeing is changing color. So by Marvel's words alone Rogue changed the color or part of the color of her hair which would be the brown part not the white part. IE: she has added brown or red to her hair to change it's look not bleached white into her hair)

Anyway, by the time Rogue came to the X-Men, she was having severe trouble with the Ms. Marvel personna in her mind. I doubt by then she had time to worry about dying her hair. So it seems she let it go back natural sometime while she was having these problems prior to going to the X-Men and it has generally stayed that way since.

To confirm this issue about two ears or so ago, Rogue started showing up with just the very front of her hair as a white spot due to the artist - when asked again about this and the fact that she has had varying shades of brown to red color on the other parts of her hair, Marvel explained these changes were because when Rogue wants something a little different, she dyes part of her hair. The Marvel notes on Rogue on their webpage state that she is a brunette with "a" white streak down her hair which implies it's natural.

Also, the Unlimited in which we see her as a child prior to her powers (not the best Unlimited but still) she has the streak. As well as the recent Cable where she is a child, she has the streak. I don't know many kids who bleach their hair. And she also has it in the AoA where dyeing her hair should have been the last thing on her mind. Anyway, all the data and Marvel's profile indicate it's natural as is Nate Grey's etc. and she seems to not hold any opinion of it at all except that she likes having it in some form or fashion and seems to consider it a part of her or she'd dye it all away.


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