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From Caldecott County to Salem Center: Rogue's Early Life
by Tilman Stieve

A run-down on Rogue's early history, pieced together from what little clues exist. If you don't know much about Rogue, this is the place to start.

Rogue's early connection to Georgia
by Tilman Stieve
A post to racmx about early references that Rogue may have been from Georgia.

Field Trip to Wilkinson and Adams Counties, Mississippi
by Nira
In a post to the Southern Comfort mailing list, Nira details what she learned about the topography and culture of Rogue's "home territory" during her trip to Mississippi to find out where the fictional Caldecott County might really be located.

The Rogue FAQ
Another fairly comprehensive run-down of Rogue's story and powers, up to UXM 304, written by David R. Henry.

The Rogue Kiss List
by Caroline Dillon
The Rogue Kiss List is a fairly comprehensive directory of who Rogue has kissed (as well as when), up until the Age of Apocalypse.

The Rogue File
From the website This Woman, This Warrior, Ryan Jones' detailed run-down on the relationship between Rogue and Carol Danvers, from early battles through their cohabitation of Rogue's body.

Southern Comfort's Profile on Rogue
Includes her history, as well as a listing of vital stats, family members, power ratings and other important info.

The Rogue KissyKissy List
Maintained by Steve Thoemke of the Stripe mailing list, this is a fairly complete list of all the people Rogue has kissed (not just touched) in the comics.


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