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(sites dedicated to Rogue only)

An Attempt at Perfection
Devoted to the X-Men's most untouchable member. Offers background info, power stats, lots o' graphics and more.

Cryptic Darkness
Focusing on the incarnation of Rogue from the animated series "X-Men: Evolution." A nice-looking site, with an episode guide, power/battle statistics, and other resources related to the cartoon character.

A great site featuring background info, potential romantic attachments for Rogue, and the ever-insightful "Collected Rantings and Ravings of Muffinzelda."

The Many Adventures of Rogue
An extensive archive of Rogue pictures. Also features a messageboard and some fun games, to boot.

A Spanish-language Rogue fansite that includes Spanish- and English-language fan-fiction, as well as images, movie information and more.

Prisoners of Power
A site devoted to both Rogue and Phoenix, including biographies, artwork, and soundbites for both characters.

Rogue Evolution
An extensive image gallery of Rogue in her various incarnations.

Rogue's Gallery
Once you wade through the advertisements, you'll find a great site that features background info, sound clips from the cartoon, graphics and more.

Rogue's Realm
A good overall site, with lots of pics of Rogue from different "eras" (i.e. Amalgamated, Manga, Savage Land, Shi'ar uniform, Age of Apocalypse, etc.) and fan-fiction.

Rogue Unlimited
Host to a wide variety of Rogue images, information and extras. The organizers of this site aim to make it the most comprehensive Rogue site around.

Save Our Stripe!
First she had two stripes. Then one. The stripe went partway down her head. Then all the way. Then just her bangs were white. Join the online fan-petition to convince Marvel to be consistent for once about just where Rogue's stripe is supposed to be.

Shrine of the Green Goddess
An awesome site for Rogue pics from trading cards. Also features an extensive chronology of all of Rogue's comics appearances to date.

Southern Comfort
Home to the Rogue fan-club mailing list. Also a good site for run-downs of Rogue's history to date and for links to other Rogue fan sites.
sub-page: Rogue's Castle -- a continually updated biography/history section devoted to Rogue's past and current activities.
sub-page: Rogue's Gallery -- an extensive archive of Rogue and Gambit sound clips from X-Men: The Animated Series, plus comic scans, fan art and fan-fiction..

A Touch of Rogue
A good site for pics of Rogue from cards, comics and video games. Has a fun, anime feel (thanks to the pics from the X-Men vs. Street Fighter video game).

Rogue & Gambit
(for fans of their tumultuous relationship)

Gambit and Rogue no miko
A blending of the webmistress' interest in Gambit and Rogue and her love for anime and manga. Includes art, fanfic and other cool stuff.

Lauri's Ultimate Rogue and Gambit Webpage
The site seems to still be under construction, but it has a very cool gallery of original Rogue and Gambit sketches by various comics artists.

Reunite Gambit and Rogue
A site set up to protest Marvel's seeming unending quest to make the Rogue/Gambit relationship as painful for the characters -- and the fans -- as possible.

The Shugah Shack
Up-to-date news, bios and a very detailed chronology of Rogue and Gambit's relationship.

Sugah and Spice: The Archive
Set up by Loni Kingery, this site is an archive of Rogue and Gambit artwork, games and downloadable goodies galore. The site is no longer being actively updated, but it's still a treasure trove of Rogue and Gambit-related stuff.

The Stealing Touch
Featuring pics, fan-fic and a timeline of Rogue and Gambit's relationship.

(just because)

Cajun's Castle
Featuring a Gambit history run-down and short bios of Marvel characters key to Gambit. Also includes a gallery of Gambit image scans.

The Gambit Guild
Home to the fan club mailing list. The site itself is a good source for Gambit-related news, notes and criticism. Also features a messageboard -- Former Gambit writer Fabian Nicieza used to drop by on occasion!

The X-Men
(general X-Men sites that in some way feature Rogue)

Danger Room
Devoted to all the X-Men, the Danger Room features issue reviews as well as fan-fiction, images and character bios.

Mutant Destiny
A site devoted to the Chris Claremont-penned series "X-Treme X-Men," featuring issue solicitations and reviews, a cover gallery, downloadable wallpaper, and series news.

Strange Days
A site devoted to the alternate-universe "Ultimate X-Men" series (in which Rogue has recently made her Ultimate debut). Featuring the latest news and issue previews, artwork galore, issue reviews, fan-fiction and more.
Focusing on all the X-Men, this site has a myriad of features, from fan-fiction to reviews to downloads to character bios.

X-Treme X-Men Online
Another "X-Treme X-Men" site, featuring series news, issue reviews, bios, artwork and more.

X-Men: The Movie
(sites and mailing lists related to X-Men: The Movie)

web sites

mailing lists

  • xmenmoviefanfic
    A mailing list for fan fiction and discussions of the X-Men Movie fictional universe.
  • xmovieslash
    An ADULTS ONLY fanfiction mailing list devoted to "X-men" the movie slash (both m/m and f/f).
  • Hugh Jackman Estrogen Brigade
    This X-Men star literally stole the show, with his metal retractable nails, hard-edged personality, and sideburns. This Australian actor has hit gold with this movie and definitely will become a force to be reckoned with, and lusted after, in the future.
    (Also: HJEB, HughJackmanFans and HughJackmanIsTooDamnSexy)
  • Mutant_High
    This is your place to talk about the X-Men movie and post fiction from G to NC-17. The focus of this list will be on Bobby, John, Rogue, Jubilee and Kitty as portrayed in the movie. This list is for ages 18 and up, due to the fact the adult fiction both Het and Slash will be allowed, if you are not at least 18 please do not subscribe.
  • RogueWolverine
    Anyone who wants Rogue and Wolverine from X-Men the Movie to get together, should join this list. All Rogue/Wolverine fanfiction and discussion is allowed.
    (Also: WolverineAndRogue)
  • ScottandRogue
    This list is for people who like to see Scott Summers and Rogue from the movie The X-Men get together. This list is mainly for expressing your thoughts and posting fanfiction on this movie based couple.
  • wolverine_and_jean
    A fan-fiction and discussion list for people who loved Hugh Jackman and Famke Janssen in 'X-Men: The Movie' and who want to see their characters together.
    (Also: LoganJean)
  • XavierMagnetoSlash
    Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier. Sir Ian McKellen as Erik Lensherr (Magneto). Doesn't the X-Men movie cry out to you for some good slash fic? Write it. Read it. Enjoy.

Mailing lists
(e-mail discussion lists and fan clubs)

  • Southern Comfort
    A rather active Rogue-oriented fan community. Discussion topics range from Rogue's latest comic book appearances to popular song lyrics to fan-fiction to character analysis. "Gambit-friendly."
  • The Gambit Guild
    A rather active Gambit-oriented fan community. Lots of fan-fiction, comic news and discussion.
  • Mississippi Mudpies
    A new Rogue-oriented fan community. Some ties to the Gambit Guild.
  • The Gambit Group
    A new Gambit-oriented fan community.

(your source for more stories about all kinds of cool things)

CFAN -- Comic-Book Fanfic Authors' Network
THE X-Men fan fiction hub. Updated regularly, and includes links to bajillions of fanfic sites. Not quite sure what you want? Go here first! (Note: CFAN is not an archive. It's just the mother of all listings/links to online fan-fiction sites.)

Shifting Sands
One of the last of the big X-fanfic centers, recently taken over by Alara Rogers. It's an archive of quite impressive proportions. Includes a special section for the ever-popular X-S series.

Fonts of Wisdom
Maintained by Luba Kmetyk, this is one of the biggest, best archives of X-Men fics (expecially relating to Excalibur) around.

The Itty Bitty Archives
Despite its name, this site might as well be considered a fourth "big" archive. The Itty Bitty Archives were first started by Kaylee, then taken over by queenB, then by Lise, with small mini-archives dedicated to Logan, Cyclops and, to a lesser extent, the X-Men in general. And because of the webmistresses' discriminating tastes, it's become a great place to find some of the best X-Men stories fan-fiction has to offer.

An ongoing series of fan-fiction writer and story reviews by Dex.
A great fan-fic archive by fanficstress Indigo. Click on "Orbital Anomaly" to go to her fanfic section.

Outside the Lines
Homepage to the fan-fic mailing list. Features links, archives and membership information.

Lori's Corner
Lori McDonald shut down her archive a few years ago, and now only archives her own photomanipulations at her website. However, her personal fanfiction, including the epic Gestalt Arc, is archived at

Dark Mark's Domain
Fan-fiction homesite for the very talented Dark Mark, author of, among other fics, A Prize for Three Empires.

fanficnet.gif (9477 bytes)

Alykat's World
(other sites maintained by me)

Bobby Drake, the Iceman, is a slacker and a practical joker, but he's so much more than that. This site, maintained by myself, includes fan-fiction, biographical information, a messageboard and more.

Stars and Garters
A brand-new archive devoted to one of everyone's favorite blue 'n fuzzies, Hank "The Beast" McCoy. This site features a growing fan-fiction archive, some collected wit and wisdom, and related links.

The Danger Playpen
A site starring those ultra-cute (but sometimes obnoxious) X-Babies.

(anything else)

CFAB - Comicbook Fanart Archive Hubsite
Fanficcers have CFAN. Now fan artists (and fans of them) have CFAB, the first fan-artwork "hubsite." Run by Glockgal and Quincunx, this site is attempting the humble undertaking of linking to all the fan artwork sites out there.

This Woman, This Warrior
An excellent resource for anyone looking for info or pictures of Carol Danvers, formerly Ms. Marvel. It also features a great run-down, complete with pictures, of the less-than-amicable relationship between Carol and Rogue.

Alara's Getting Spiffier All the Time Magneto Page
Home to Alara Rogers' text-based shrine to the Master of Magnetism. You want info about Magneto, she's probably got it, or knows where to get it.

Alara's Mystique Page
Web page devoted to Alara Rogers' second-favorite mutant. Not quite as comprehensive as her Magneto page, but includes links to tons of Mystique-related fan-fic and info.

X-Men Unlimited
Billing itself as the X-Men site for the new age, UXM 2000 is trying to be all things to all people with its compilation of artwork, multimedia, reviews and other features -- and it's doing a fine job of it.



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