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The following was posted by Tilman Stieve in June 1998 on the newsgroup rec.arts.comics.marvel.xbooks.

Rogue's Place of Origin

Hey, I finally found a possible origin for the theory that Rogue is from Georgia!

It's from The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol. 1 # 9 (1983), which appeared shortly after Rogue joined the X-Men. Here it says "Unknown location in Georgia, United States". Now as far as I know there had not been a definite statement where Rogue came from up until then (there was only Rogue's statement in Rom #31 that it was south of West Virginia, which really applies to pretty much the entire South). I guess in this case whoever wrote Rogue's article in OHOTMU made that up as a tip of the hat to then-X-Men editor Louise Jones (Simonson), who is from Georgia. Chris Claremont shortly after went on to place Rogue's youth in Caldecott County, Mississippi (UXM #185) AND in the Mississippi Bayou Country (X-Men/Alpha Flight #1 -- also note that he recently described her as from Louisiana in Wolverine #125).

Finally, in the Mystique/Storm story in Marvel Fanfare #40 Raven Darkholme mentions that Rogue was born in Caldecott County, MS.

"But ah know in my heart, no matter how much good ah do, I'll never make up for what ah did. Those scales nothin'll ever balance." ~ Rogue (Uncanny X-Men #203)


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