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Warnings: Mature themes throughout the story, dealing with rape, torture and the psychological traumas of imprisonment in a concentration camp. Sexually explicit scene in Chapter 23.

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Author's Notes



Rogue senses a faint tickle in her mind, helping her fight back from the brink of unconsciousness as yet another piece of steel invades her body. A new knot of cramps tightens her muscles. Again, tears sting her cheeks as something warm and wet trickles down her thigh. She tries not to wonder what it might be. Sweat dampens her face and neck, plastering her hair against her clammy skin.

She tries to focus through a haze of nauseating agony, tries to turn her thoughts to something other than the basic sensations of pain and no pain. She's already run through the multiplication table five times. Practiced the relaxed breathing Storm and Wolverine taught her twice. Started to review the basics of picking a lock, then caught herself. The last thing she needed now was to be thinking of him. To be thinking of the father of her baby. Her eyes light again on the Mendel charts.



"Why Scott an' Remy? Why--augh--me?"

"In the Summers' DNA, the X factor is inexplicably located on the Y chromosome, ensuring that the potential for mutant expression will always be present in the male offspring."

"Bright Lady, are you suggesting--predictable--mutations?"

Sinister spares Ororo a curt nod.

"Perceptive, still, you merely glimpse the scientific potential."

"I do not understand."

Eric's eyes narrow angrily as he responds in a tight voice to Ororo, explaining Sinister's vision. A vision that too closely parallels that of another man's decades ago. In Germany.

"Not just predictable mutations, Ororo, controllable mutations. Genetic engineering at a level that surpasses the Genoshans."

Sinister scoffs at the cold fury that colors Eric's brief conclusion.

"We do the same for cattle and grain, do we not? Is our species less deserving of the benefits of controlled breeding than lesser creatures under our dominion?"

Sinister bends lower to concentrate on the delicate surgery. Rogue grunts at the sensation of a hard pinch that eases into the feeling that her insides are being pulled inside out.

"What about Remy..?"

Sinister drops an instrument onto the tray and deftly selects another without looking up.

"The Acadian's DNA possesses invaluable stabilizing agents, ensuring that the engineered cells do not disintegrate."

"Ah remember...Riptide's clone..."

"An unfortunate attempt to replace LeBeau's DNA with a substitute. Disappointing results, to be certain."


Sinister gives Rogue a coldy appraising look.

"Obviously you do not have as high of a pain threshold as I had anticipated. However, your genetic material presents an excellent opportunity to perfect my technique. Especially since long-term studies confirm that your DNA will complement LeBeau's. Now, if you are compatible with the Summers' genes....voila!"

His voice trails off as he emerges, his deathly face lit with an eerie excitement, and carefully transfers something from Rogue's body into a carefully prepared test tube. Rogue strains at her manacles to see what he's doing then gives up, exhausted. She lets her head drop back to the table with a tired sigh. Again, she feels the tickle of Jean's mind touching hers, soon joined by the other X-men. Her only thought is that they're too late.


Continued in Chapter 33.


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