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Warnings: Mature themes throughout the story, dealing with rape, torture and the psychological traumas of imprisonment in a concentration camp. Sexually explicit scene in Chapter 23.

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Author's Notes



In the hall, Remy stops before Rogue's door and listens. Silence. From downstairs, he hears her laughter mingle with Logan's. His jaw tightens. Fingers brush his cheek. He jerks around to face the intruder, and finds only dark shadows. Laughter again. Deeper. Closer. Another icy caress. Again, Remy turns. A darker shadow stands apart from the others. Remy's blood turns cold.


"You were one of the Genoshan guards' favorites. At least until you lost your obvious charms. Then again, that is why you agreed to their experiments, isn't it? Because the Cajun Casanova was no longer as desirable after the vermin and maggots--."

"Shut up!"

Sinister's hand flicks open Remy's robe, revealing a body criss-crossed with thin, white scars. Sinister clicks his tongue in mock sympathy. Rogue's voice again. Remy's fists tighten. Sinister's hand again darts out, this time ripping the gauze from Remy's thigh. Remy flinches at the unexpected contact. Sinister studies the nearly healed wound with satisfaction.

"Apparently my care was sufficient to preserve the leg."

"I got no complaints."

Sinister circles Remy slowly, gauging the young Cajun's reaction. Remy tries to slow his breathing, keep his pulse from racing nervously. He licks the dryness from his lips.

"You should be with your friends--assuming you know who they are."

Remy swallows hard. Sinister knows he's struck a nerve, found the weak point he can use to further his own designs. Sinister opens Rogue's door and steps inside. Remy follows, struck by a sense of--wrongness—that Sinister should be here, in her room. A sense that something important to him has suddenly, irrevocably been defiled.

Sinister flicks the switch, startling Remy with a sudden flood of light. Immediately, Remy closes the door. Sinister picks up a silver frame from the bureau. Remy doesn't need to see the photo to recognize it. It's a picture from Jean and Scott's wedding.

Rogue had just caught the bouquet. He made a point of catching the garter. The photo was taken as he slipped the garter onto Rogue's leg. Something stirs inside as he remembers the feel of her stockings beneath his thin gloves. Something he can't reconcile with the hurt he feels now.

"Lovely young woman. I have such plans for her."

Sinister returns the frame precisely to its former location. He smiles at Remy.

"I suspect you have your own plans, however. A fitting revenge, I assume? Something as cold and calculated as her--abandonment--of you in your time of need?"

Remy doesn't answer. His mind races. One part of him tries to deny the truth of Sinister's words. The other part, the greater part he forces himself to admit, wants a bit of his own back from Rogue. Abandoned. He knows. Sinister knows so well exactly what Remy feels. Left behind. Alone. Until Sinister rescued him. In pain. Until Sinister eased his hurting. Hungry. Sinister gave him food.

Sinister. Not the X-men. Not Rogue.

Sinister brushes a strand of hair from Remy's eyes. It is a light, almost caring touch. His voice softens.

"Do you truly believe anyone will understand you as well as I? Imagine what Scott Summers' reaction will be when you tell him the Genoshans raped you. Sympathy? Perhaps. But see how quickly that sympathy dissolves to disgust when he finds that you willingly went with the guards a second time. And a third."

Sinister turns suddenly, piercing Remy with his gaze.

"And you were grateful for the opportunity."

Remy's head jerks up, stunned by Sinister's words. Nailed by the truth thrown back in his face. His throat tightens.

"Wasn't like dat an' you know it."

"It was exactly that situation, LeBeau. You were grateful for whatever bit of cloth, whatever meager scrap of food the guards were willing to provide in exchange for your services."

Sinister's eyes glaze over, as he momentarily loses himself in his own thoughts and regrets.

"I understand the difficulties involved when sacrificing one's soul."

"Get out."

Sinister's voice deepens, edged with unspoken warning.

"You are what I wish you to be, and you will exact your revenge."

"'Cause you say so?"

Sinister's laughter cuts through Remy's false bravado with amused tolerance.

"No, Remy Etienne LeBeau, because it is what your tortured soul demands."

With that, he's gone, leaving Remy unable to deny Sinister's prophecy.


Continued in Chapter 15.


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