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Warnings: Mature themes throughout the story, dealing with rape, torture and the psychological traumas of imprisonment in a concentration camp. Sexually explicit scene in Chapter 23.

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Author's Notes



He's only taken three steps into the hall when he hears Rogue's strangled cry. A surge of panic quickens his pulse. At that moment, Ororo and Kurt reach the top of the stairs at the far end of the hall. One glance at his stricken face brings Storm striding to his side.

"What has happened?"

"Rogue ain't feelin' so good."

Kurt brushes past and hurries into the room.

"Gott en Himmel!"

A burst of smoke and sulphur as Kurt teleports. As the haze clears Remy watches, stunned, as Ororo kneels beside Rogue's violently convulsing body. Rogue's fingers scratch frantically at the Genoshan collar still circling her throat. Ororo struggles unsuccessfully with the collar's latch.

"Gambit, where are your picks?"



Dazed, Remy grabs a small leather packet from his worktable and hands it to Storm. As she opens it, the ring he stole from Rogue's room tumbles onto the floor. Ororo's quick fingers snatch the bit of gold from the carpet. She recognizes it immediately. A quick, wordless glance at Remy before she pockets the jewelry.

Another burst of smoke, and Kurt reappears with a medical kit and surgical gloves. Storm snaps the gloves on before using one of Remy's picks to snap open the latch. Rogue visibly relaxes as the collar falls away. Remy steps forward, but Kurt blocks his way. Remy shoves him to one side. Kurt's tail reaches up and curls around the Cajun's waist, restraining him.

"Without the collar, Rogue's powers are not contained."

Kurt makes a point of handing Remy jeans, a long-sleeved shirt and gloves. Remy accepts the clothing with a short nod and dresses quickly. He kneels beside Rogue, resting a gloved hand on her pale brow. A woman's voice, swearing sharply in Scottish, precedes the arrival of Moira, Hank and Eric. Moira's no-nonsense gaze pierces Remy's.

"Move ye bod, laddie. I cannae be workin' around ye now, can I?"

Hank helps Eric move Remy aside before settling in beside Rogue. Remy watches the flurry of activity, wondering how everything went so wrong so quickly. Everything blurs together. The concern on Kurt's face. Moira's voiced exasperation. Hank's stethoscope flashing across Rogue's body. Her shallow breathing. The weight of Eric's hand firmly on his shoulder. Moira's voice, rising. Emphatically answered by Hank's disagreeing rumble.

"I'll nae be responsible for a bloody corpse!"


"Ye know she be needin' surgery, Henry, but ye're lettin' the wishes of yuir patient supercede her welfare. It's damn irresponsible, mon, an' I'll nae be part o' it."

"And I will not be a part of coercing Rogue into a treatment she finds unacceptable!"

"But ye have no problem diggin' a grave for the lass, do ye?"

With that, Dr. McTaggert grabs her medical satchel and storms out, leaving a bewildered Remy to face the silence of the room. He swallows hard. His eyes fall to Rogue's face, pale and still beneath the comforter. Images come to mind, significant in ways he didn't understand until now. Rogue in the medical lab with Hank when Tseidel was rushed in. Wearing an examination gown. Scott's adamant refusal to let Rogue return to New Genosha because of "the risk."

"What de hell's goin' on?"

Eric steps into the hall. He motions to Remy. A simple, yet subtly commanding gesture.


Remy glances to Rogue, then back to Eric, torn between staying by her side, and finding answers.

"They will need to stabilize Rogue before she can be moved."

With that, Eric turns and leaves, knowing without a backward glance that Remy will follow. The young Cajun does not disappoint.


Continued in Chapter 25.


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