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Warnings: Mature themes throughout the story, dealing with rape, torture and the psychological traumas of imprisonment in a concentration camp. Sexually explicit scene in Chapter 23.

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Author's Notes



After Rogue and Hank leave, Eric Magnus Lensherr closes the door firmly. Remy catches the unmistakeable snap of the lock sliding shut. Instantly, every nerve tenses. Remy rolls nonchalantly onto his back, silently praying that Magneto doesn't hear his racing heart. He slips a hand beneath the pillow. Magneto observes calmly. Only after he feels the familiar slickness of a playing card between his fingers, does Remy LeBeau relax.

"You were correct in stating that Rogue does not understand. For her sake, I pray she will never experience the atrocities you and I have endured."

Eric walks over to Remy's bed and extends a hand expectantly.



An amused smile plays around the corners of Eric's mouth.

"I expect you would appreciate some assistance in relieving yourself."

Remy flushes crimson. Trying not to show the strain of his efforts, he slides his feet over the bed and pushes himself to his feet. Irritated, he knocks away Eric's offered hand.

"I c'n make it!"

Pride. An emotion Eric Lensherr understands all too well. He gives Remy a curt nod, then steps aside. Soon enough, the young Cajun will realize how truly vulnerable he is. The man known as Magento has learned many lessons in his life. Lessons he would, for Rogue's sake, pass along to this lost soul. Remy's cry brings Magneto to his side.


"Let me see."

Remy raises an eyebrow, incredulous at the situation he finds himself in. Before he can protest, Eric has brushed Remy's hands aside and begun examining the still-tender genitalia. Eric's jaw tightens. His fingers feel along the scrotum, then shaft, finding ridges of scar tissue he knows intimately. He bears the same marks. Remy squirms uncomfortably.

"I ain't enjoyin' dis."

"I suspect not, no more than you enjoyed the electrical current the Genoshans applied to this area."

Remy pales.


"No, Remy, the question is--why?"

Remy swallows. He lowers his eyes, suddenly ashamed.

"Dey were testin' my powers."

In his mind, he can almost hear the other X-men, especially Logan, snicker at what his revelation implies. More than once, Wolverine had made none too subtle comments regarding Gambit's abilities and the resulting effect on the ladies. From Magneto, there is only silent contemplation. Remy feels compelled to fill the void with an explanation.

"Wanted t'see if de charges went throughout my body or jus' through de hands. An' den...den t'see if dey could use 'lectricity to--'jumpstart'--a charge."

A bitter smile tightens Magneto's face into a controlled mask of anger. He sighs heavily.

"The reasons change, but the methods do not."

Remy raises an eyebrow, skeptical. Is it possible that this man, a mass murderer on an inconceivable level, understands and perhaps even concerns himself with, the sufferings of one mutant?

"Are you in pain now?"

"Only when I gotta--ow! I gotta--"

Without warning, Remy feels a familiar burning sensation moments before he loses control of his bladder, sending a warm stream of urine onto Eric's leg. He chokes back frustration at his body's betrayal. His fist slams painfully into a wall, expressing more than words the surge of helplessness that washes over him.

Adding insult to injury, his stomach joins the rebellion. The first decent meal he's had in months is regurgitated with little fanfare. Through the cramping heaves, he's vaguely aware of Eric kneeling by his side, holding the hair out of his face and speaking in a low, reassuring voice. The moment passes.

"Can you stand?"

Remy shakes his head. At this point, he feels too weak to think, let alone attempt physical movement. Magneto carries Remy to the shower stall. A flash of memory. Eric notices the stark terror brighten Remy's eyes a moment before the Cajun's hands grip the sides of the stall, preventing further progress.


Magneto swears silently under his breath. He steps around Remy into the stall. Remy watches, amazed, as Eric turns the water on and lets it fall across his body, completely unafraid. Shakily, Remy eases his grip. Eric helps him into the stall, strips off his soiled clothes, and quickly cleans him up. Remy flinches as the water strikes his skin. He's been scalded and numbed too many times to let his guard down.

Eric turns the water off. Leaving Remy to rest on the floor of the stall, he bends to the task of cleaning the rest of the room. He tosses the used towels into the appropriate laundry chute along with his dripping shirt. With a clean towel, Magneto quickly finishes with Remy, slips on a soft cotton robe and carries him back to bed. Remy's eyes light on him curiously.

"Why you doin' dis?"

"Rogue thinks quite highly of you."


Remy sees the sudden iciness in Eric's eyes, hears the unmistakable, if subtle, warning in his voice.

"And I think quite highly of Rogue."

With that, Magneto leaves to see to his own need for a shower and change of clothes.


Continued in Chapter 5.


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