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Warnings: Mature themes throughout the story, dealing with rape, torture and the psychological traumas of imprisonment in a concentration camp. Sexually explicit scene in Chapter 23.

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Author's Notes



Rogue folds her arms tightly across her waist. Kurt's hand on her shoulder does little to ease her growing displeasure at the direction the conversation has taken. At the moment, she vents her anger against Scott Summers.

"Ya want to take someone who just got out o' a concentration camp and throw him back in? That's about as brilliant as usin' adamantium shackles to keep me from goin' back in the first place!"

"Rogue, you are well aware that Scott's action was based on concern for your own health and well-being."

Hank's gentle reprimand opens another sore point. Rogue's jaw tightens. She knows. Ever since her rape by Genoshan renegades earlier in the year, Hank had been regularly examining her for any signs of disease or scar tissue. When she had joined Amnesty International, she had Dr. McTaggert perform the necessary exams and send the test results on to Dr. McCoy.

The last pap smear was abnormal. Pre-cancerous. After further study, Hank concluded that the Genoshan collars Rogue had been forced to wear during various periods of capture, were having a cumulative, adverse effect on her body. To allow her to return to New Genosha, risking another lengthy imprisonment under the collar, was unthinkable.

"There is some merit to Scott's suggestion to re-create the New Genoshan camp in the Danger Room. By initiating a program of desensitization, in a controlled environment, we can more quickly evaluate and respond to Gambit's reactions."

Professor Xavier temples his fingers beneath his chin as he considers the two proposals.

"Certainly preferable to allowing Rogue to bear the brunt of his anger."

"Blessed Goddess, you cannot be so quick to throw Gambit to the wolves!"

"Y'all want mess up the Cajun's mind, ya can do it without me!"

Rogue grabs her jacket and heads for the door. Kurt catches up to her in the foyer. He grabs her firmly, forcing her to stop and listen to his words.


"They don't understand!"

Then you must make them understand."

He taps her head.

"With this."

Then her heart.

"Not this. Ja?"

Kurt turns her around and playfully shoves her back into the living room.


Continued in Chapter 7.


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