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Warnings: Mature themes throughout the story, dealing with rape, torture and the psychological traumas of imprisonment in a concentration camp. Sexually explicit scene in Chapter 23.

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Author's Notes



Rogue stops in the doorway, momentarily surprised to find she isn't alone. As Eric washes the last of the wine from his glass, he acknowledges Rogue's presence with a curt nod. Her eyes narrow suspiciously.

"How long ya been in here?"

"Long enough, I suspect."


"It seemed appropriate, considering you were discussing my welfare, Rogue."

His voice is softly reprimanding, still, he waits patiently for Rogue to explain herself. Rogue studies his profile in the harsh fluorescence of the kitchen lighting. Again, she's struck by the change in this man. As Magneto, self-proclaimed leader of homo superior, his word, his wishes, would have been paramount. As Eric Magnue Lensherr, he is a simple man seeking answers to a frustratingly complex jigsaw of memories.

"Ya got a problem with bein' part o' the recovery group?"

His smile betrays the sadness of one who remembers the idea of hope but not the feeling. He's touched by the youthful belief shining in her eyes. For all of her experiences as an X-man, she's still possessed of a certain naivete convincing her that those of the world are called to be greater than what they truly are. He finds himself called to that vision of being a better man than what his past has revealed.

"I will participate in your 'recovery group', although I do not believe it will be of benefit. The time for healing my scars has long passed, Rogue. Some wounds, perhaps even those of Mr. LeBeau, are not meant to be reopened."

"What would ya have done if Storm hadn't been there for ya when ya started rememberin' your own time in a concentration camp?"

His jaw tightens, the first true sign of anger she's seen. When he turns to face her, she sees a distinct, icy determination in his eyes.

"I would have survived."

"Ah want somethin' more for Remy than just survival. Ah want more for all o' us than just makin' it through from one scrape to the next."


"Ah want him to remember the pleasure o' bein' alive."

"I suspect, my dear, his current thoughts of--pleasure-- focus solely on your destruction."

"Ah can handle it."

Pride. He understands it well. Eric dries his hands on a towel, then places them squarely on Rogue's shoulders. It is time for him to repay the X-men for their shelter and support, if he can. Rogue looks up at him expectantly.

"If you cannot, promise me you will seek me out."

"Ah--promise. An' Eric?"

"Yes, Rogue?"

"That works both ways, sugah."

This time his smile warms the chill from his eyes.



Continued in Chapter 10.


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