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Warnings: Mature themes throughout the story, dealing with rape, torture and the psychological traumas of imprisonment in a concentration camp. Sexually explicit scene in Chapter 23.

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Author's Notes



To Rogue's surprise, Hank opens the door. As she hurries past, he quickens his stride to follow. After several attempts, he finally gains her attention long enough to hand her the results of his preliminary exam of Remy. Impatiently, Rogue flips through the chart. Her lips tighten into a thin line as she reaches the final page.

With a sigh, she leans against the infirmary corridor. For the first time, she notices the strain in Hank's blue-furred face. She squeezes his hand in appreciation. Hank returns the squeeze, and takes this moment, now that he has her full attention, to press his concerns.

"Professor Xavier and I are not completely convinced that your proposed course of action is in the best interests of either you or Remy."

He holds up his palm to stall her attempted interruption.

"Please, allow me to continue. Be assured that I have read Dr. McTaggert's reports concerning your achievements with similar victims."

His eyes gleam with pride.

"Quite impressive. However, given your more, ah-- intimate--involvement in this case, there are serious concerns which must be addressed before we continue."

"Meanin' ah don't have any say in what y'all do to Remy?"

"Not at all, my dear. In fact, Professor Xavier considered your suggestion to involve Magneto particularly insightful. He has renewed hope that the contact between Eric and Remy may prove to be mutually beneficial."

"Has it helped?"

"Our tempestuous Cajun does exhibit a marked change in behavior during Magneto's presence. Not that they are on friendly terms, mind you, but Remy appears to be willing to tolerate his presence."

He hesitates. Rogue, sensing his thoughts, supplies the words he lacks.

"Ah expect he might not be so willin' to tolerate me, though, right? Ah know that Hank. Ah just gotta see for mahself that he's here in one piece."

Hank nods as he leads Rogue into one of the infirmary's private rooms. She's surprised to see Magneto patiently changing the linens. It seems so at odds with his past. Yet, when he glances up, there is a look of placid serenity on his face that she has never seen before. He is a man at peace. Finally.

So unlike the painfully thin man lying in the bed. Remy Etienne LeBeau. The mutant Cajun known as Gambit. The impossibility of their love for each other led to Rogue's departure from the X-men. The impossibility of her life without him brought her home. As she approaches the bed, she sees no trace of his previous affections.

"Remy, ah know--"

"You don' know nothin', girl."

His spit strikes her cheek, ending the conversation before it even begins. He rolls over onto his side. Rogue stares wordlessly at his scarred back. Dimly, she's aware of Eric wiping her cheek, then escorting her to the door with his promises to talk to Gambit. She hesitates, but one look into Eric's shadowed eyes convinces her that he understands on a level the X-men cannot imagine.


Continued in Chapter 4.


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