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"No Return, No Exchange"

No Return, No Exchange

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Disclaimer: This is my final disclaimer for this fic. All characters noted are from Marvel. I'm not telling who namely so it would be a surprise!
Finally, the fan-fic reached it's end. It took nine parts, this is the ninth, clearly unexpected I guess. Hope this would content all of your expectations. Feed backs at r you can page me also by ICQ, my number's 21192517, I'm that stubborn ain't I?
This fic is partially inspired by a song named 'Listen to your heart' by Roxette, same title, and it's one of my favorite songs by Roxette, I figured it out that it fits well to my fic. If you know the lyrics for the song, you'll see that it is. Down here is the chorus of the said song. I would stop for now, enjoy the whole fic!

No Return, No Exchange

Part 9: Listen to Your Heart

Listen to your heart,
When he's calling for you,
Listen to your heart
There's nothing else you can do,
I don't know where you're going,
and I don't know why,
but listen to your heart,
Before you tell him good-bye ...

-Listen to to your heart by Roxette

Rogue didn't sleep the night when every thing seems to crumble. All Rogue did was think, despair and fall apart, even if she tried to calm herself in the Danger room, or taking a walk around the whole Xavier estate whole night, she can't stop thinking about Remy.

Logan had accompanied her in the mansion grounds through the night, he had been used in being 'part of the living' at night.

"Why did ya do it?"

Rogue looked at him questionably. "P-Pardon me?"

"That classy manners of yours are gettin' to my nerves, I said, why did ya do it?"

"Do what?"

"Leave Remy cryin' out for ya, I always thought he would be a great soap opera actor" Logan chuckled huskily.

"Not funny ... 'twas his fault" Rogue kicked a pebble at the position stubbornly.

"His fault? have ya ever thought it might be yours?" Logan said a matter of factly.

"Bull, no!" Rogue defended. "Well ... Ah mean ... "

"Ya're just ta stubborn t' be true, y'won't admit sometimes that it's your fault, ya blame someone unaffiliated to a sin, when sometimes it was yours" Logan explained, wishing she would be convinced.


"See, it's just showin'"

Rogue stood up and stared at Logan in anger. "Ah knew ya're not in mah side, cause ya don't understand!"

"I always hear ya say that, Lord, ya've said that a thousand times, what difference does it make Rogue?"

"The difference is, no one had ever understand me, what Ah feel, what Ah think, what's going on! no one did since Ah left here!"

Remy had been t' only one who did ... A voice in Rogue's mind told her.

Logan didn't utter a word.

"Gawd, everyone seems ta be against me, an' Ah thought ya would help me!"

"I Am, Rogue"

Rogue doesn't want to be overcome with words she can't accept, even if she knew it was right.

Rogue stomped out of the grounds leaving Logan.

"Hmp ... Women" Logan sighed.

Remy threw the last shirt he had in his closet and stuffed it in his sports bag. Remy rubbed his forehead to take off sweat. Remy glanced at the clock, it was three o'clock. He had wondered if Rogue was thinking of him.

"If only I could tell Rogue ev'rythin', God I want her back" Remy finally confessed to himself. "I just want her back ... "

Remy wished Rogue would hear him now, but the only sound he hears was silence, and he can't bear it. Remy zipped his bag close.

The only thing he wants is to go back to the past, fix things right and return to Rogue. But it's just a fool's wish, and a man like him won't be free of his sins and memories of his past.

Remy wished the morning wouldn't come.

Rogue woke up in the morning, she was surprised, she slept after all.

Rogue got up weakly and was amazed to see herself on her room.

After the argument she had with Logan, she remembered she lay on the sofa in the living room and slept. What was she doing on her room?

Unless if Ah happened ta sleepwalk. Rogue glanced at her clock in a design of a bear. "God, it's one o'clock already?" Rogue groaned but she shouldn't be surprised, she always sleep fourteen hours or more in her X-Men days.

Rogue stood up from her bed, she took a shower for a moment and dressed up as she opened her door out. It was kind of unusual seeing the mansion at that time, it's been years she hadn't felt this.

Guess Ah'll need a snack Rogue approached the kitchen, no one was there, she looked at the refrigerator to see if the others had left. There was no note.

Rogue glanced at the table, there was something covered.

Ah, so they haven't forgot me Rogue went to get her plates and other utensils then she is ready to open the meal.

Before Rogue could open heard voices outside the room. Rogue leaned her chair and saw Storm, with Remy.

What's he doin' heah? That did it, Rogue wasn't feeling much good again.

He shouldn' see me, Ah don' want ta fight again

Three hours passed ...

Remy and Storm were outside the mansion, talking things up, Remy still want to find the right moment to say the words to Storm.

"So, are you finally staying here?" Ororo asked.

"Uh ... well ... "

"Please Remy"

Remy really wanted to, but he knew it just can't be.

"W-Well, Stormy, actually, dat's why I come here ... "

"Is what Remy?"

"Uh ... I'm leavin'"


"I'm leavin'" Remy turned on a firm look.

"Leaving? what .. for a few days or ... "

"Forever, accordin' ta what destiny tells me o'course" Remy said.

"What?! But Remy ... "

"I can't stay 'ro, look, I love it heah an' everythin' ... but dis is one place I don' belong" Remy squeezed Storm's shoulders.

Storm turned on a sad look. "Remy we don't want you gone ... not again"

"Me too, but I really have to"

"But ... now?"

"Now, dat's why y'saw me wit' a bag, I checked out de apartment already ... an' I hav' a flight ta Paris by seven at de Westchester International Airport, flight 906"

"You didn't tell me!"

"I kept it as a secret, I pooled off my money from my salaries, an' some others," Remy paused to take a deep breath. "So dis is my good-bye"

"Are you going to see Rogue?"

"Nah ... m'be, if she wants me ta, she wouldn' care, she don' love me any more"

"How should you know? I know Rogue still does" Storm exclaimed.

"Now you don' say dat Stormy, y'can't see what's in people's hearts, but only demselves," Remy explained.

Storm knew it was true. But she wanted to deny it.

Remy whistled. "Look at de sky, it be dark, I have t'go any minute to get on d' airport early"

"Why do you have to go too soon Remy?" Storm interrupted.

Remy sighed. He knew it, Storm wouldn't take it.

"'ro, not all of us must stay to their present lives, sometimes, we hav' t'move on,"

"But it's just isn't fair"

Remy chuckled. "I always wish Rogue would say all dose t'ings you're sayin', feels like heaven if she did"

Storm stopped for now.

"I still need to see Rogue, for the final time" Remy approached Rogue's room, he could hear music from her stereo. Her door was open.

"Rogue -- "

Rogue expected him, she ignored him by facing the window across her bed.

"I don' expect ya t'talk to me anyway, but whatever y't'ink o' me, of what I did, it's all a lie"

Rogue nudged a little.

"Well, I'm leavin' right now, I hav' ta say it's gonna be real hard, especially when y'won't even say good-bye, as I've said before, not havin' you in my life ... is hard." Remy continued.

Remy doesn't care if he looked like a man talking to a still statue, he just want to express what he feels, for the girl he loves so much.

Remy sighed. "It's time for me t'go Rogue, hope y'could forgive me"

Rogue brushed her hair down but she won't face Remy still.

"I love ya Rogue" It was hard for Remy to leave her room, finally leaving her, the only person that lit up his dark and messy life.

Remy passed Storm again.

"Guess dis is good-bye" Remy embraced Storm for the last time. "I be writin' ta ya"

"And visit us"

"I won't forget" Remy assured, he got up his bags on his way out. And left the mansion.

Even if he's far from the mansion, Remy swears he heard Rogue crying ...

Rogue was ...

Gawd he's gone ... he's finally gone Rogue felt a sharp pang in her heart.

"No, not finally" Remy is the only love she've got, the only person who could really comfort her in times of needs, she remembered the past, he used to calm her when she was blind, he showed her the light.

She thought she had no hope for love anymore, to know it better. It was Remy who showed her what it is, even behind touching. She always thought he have magic.

"Why do ya hav' ta be messed up like this anyway?" Rogue asked him. Even though there's no one with her.

"It was Remy who've placed you in your bed on the morning." Someone interrupted her thoughts.

It was Storm. Rogue was silent for a while then she winced. "Guess y'must hav' hated me for Remy's leavin'"

Storm shook her head. "No, I just hope we could talk"

"Sure, just about who is this about?" Rogue sniffed and turned a small smile.


Rogue's eyes enlarged. "Me?"

"Yes ... I know what's going on with you, from the look and tears of your eyes, from your smile." Storm said.

Rogue wiped her tears off immediately.

"You don't want him to go right?"

Rogue didn't answer, but when she glanced over the window, she saw Remy walking out.

"Does it hurt to see him go Rogue?"

Rogue, after a while of thinking, gave away. She nodded.

"Then why did you let him go?"

Rogue shook her head, " Ah can't fight it, Ah'm confused, to who to listen to, Ah don' know"

"Rogue" Storm said gently. "I've been through this a long time, and only I did was listen to my heart"

"Wha?" Rogue asked.

"Rogue, listen to your heart, no matter what cost, it will foretell your destiny" Storm smiled at Rogue and decided to go.

Rogue thought of what she said.

You still love him, you know that but you won't care A voice told her.

"No, Ah don' after all he've done"

Why won't you listen to your heart, why do you keep on listening to your consciences they won't give you what your heart desires!

"Shut up!!!" Rogue covered her ears. Even if she can't hear anything.

What did he did to you? All the things he did was for love, he all did it for you, where is the love? And he gave you comfort and love that no one did. He didn't do it by force, he did it cause he loves you, like you do!

"N-No ... he didn't, he used me, he just used me, he needed me so his sins could be forgotten, Ah'm just a pain reliever for him!" Rogue cried.

That's when you're wrong, he never used you, he needed you because he needed someone to love, and one who could give him one. He needs you because he loves you.

Rogue was having a hard time, her conscience and her heart battling.

What is the one that your heart desires, what has been in your dreams, what have been you lingering for, isn't it magic when he was still there? Isn't Remy all your heart desires, all you've been imagining of, all you've thought of. Why did you cry when he left?

"Yes! but ... " Rogue paused . "But ... "

She found nothing to add with. To contradict with.

Listen to your heart Rogue! What does it say? Listen to it!

After a long time battling with her conscience, Rogue found an answer.

Rogue went out her room with a jacket, she heard strong thunders, and saw Storm reading a magazine.

"Storm, where's Remy now?"

Storm was quite surprised. "He's on the Westchester International airport, leaving for Paris ... at seven"

Rogue stared at the clock on the living room. "Oh dammit! it's six thirty!"

Rogue didn't waste any time, she went out the mansion, until the rain poured down immediately.

"Rogue!" Storm called, Rogue paused to turn. Storm offered a jacket with some dollar bills. "You'll be needing this" Storm continued.

Rogue accepted it gratefully, "Thanks Storm"

"I know this will happen," Storm smiled. Thank goddess she thought with her reply. "Remy's on flight 906, you wouldn't miss it"

Rogue gave a short embrace of thanks to Storm, then went on her way.

Rogue left the mansion in a flash. She would get fast in the airport by a taxi cab.

Rogue ran to downtown, she looked for a cab, east and west of her. Ah gotta find one fast

Luckily, fast enough, she found an unoccupied cab just in time. Rogue waved quite frantically, and it caught its attention.

"Where to ma'am?" The driver asked after Rogue entered and closed the back doors of the cab.

"Uh ... Westchester International Airport, do ya t'ink y'can get me there in fifteen minutes" Rogue asked.

"I'll do my best ma'am," the cab driver stared on Rogue suddenly. "Aren't you t'billio--"

"Yeah Ah know! Just please please go to t'airport fast!"

"Right away ma'am" The car screeched as it zoomed fast.

Rogue got carried away by the speed for a while, but she was thinking of something else more important.

"Don't worry, the police won't catch us, they're out on duty usually on this time in this place"

Rogue just nodded.

After twist and turns, they were near the airport. But just Rogue's luck, a heavy traffic invited them to the airport.

"Damn, uh, here, keep t' change," Rogue produced a five dollar bill from her pocket and left the cab without hesitation. Rogue thanked the driver before slamming close the door.

She doesn't want to know what time it is. She decided to ran, she don't care if she pushed some people around.

She just want Remy back with her. It was raining hard that she can't fly, since she wouldn't see anything and she's all wet.

She got hopeless.

The rain became stronger and she can't see the environment clearly, all she hears was the loud rain fall and honking of the cars in the traffic. It was almost dark if not for the car lights

It's no use, this is all mah fault! Rogue despaired.

In fifteen minutes I'll be off to Paris That's all what Remy could think off.

Remy sighed, he'll miss a lot. He was not sure he could do it, but he would.

Unless a miracle would happen to him, nah, he wouldn't think it would.

Ah shouldn't despair! Ah still have time an' hope! Ah just hav' ta ran and ran.

Rogue panted, but she can see it appearing larger from her eyes, the Westchester International Airport, it was bright thankfully.

"Hang on Remy, please don't go, not yet, not yet" Rogue chanted as she ran with more speed.

Remy was reading a magazine in the lobby when he was interrupted.

"Last call to passengers to flight 906 to Paris please board gate 6 now "

Dat fast? Remy sighed and kept his magazine. He glanced at the plane times indicated in a television, right, flight 906 was blinking from the tv screen. Remy can't ignore the feeling that something is pulling his way from going.

"Don't go, don't go" Rogue grunted for more effort. She was there already, she was glad, She pushed the doors to the entrance of the airport, she was all wet, she didn't mind, the jacket was placing some weights on her. Rogue saw a clock nearby and it said.

Six fifty five.

Rogue spotted immediately an information receptionist.

"'scuse me ma'am, but when is flight 906 leaving?"

"Right now, ma'am" The lady stared at her again suspiciously.

Rogue was a bit angered. "Where can it be found?"

"Gate 6, just go straight then left, you won't miss it" The lady said numbly.

"Yeah thanks" Rogue leaped up and ran on her way.

"Across an' left, Ah've gotta catch up please don't go yet," Rogue gritted her teeth, she didn't care with the attention she's getting.

She is hoping to hear last calls page on her way, but she didn't, means ... the plane will leave in any minute.

Rogue finally spotted gate 6, Rogue decided to ask an employee she spotted. "Sir, where is flight 906 boardin'?"

"It's leaving, see that plane" The employee pointed through the glass pane of the airport, he was right, it was set to take off. The doors were closing.

Rogue made a deep curse to her heart, and punished herself in despair, she was too late.

"Wait!" Remy called as he wave through the man who's closing the plane door, he was late, but luckily he caught up. The man stopped closing the door as Remy started to go up.

Rogue glanced at the glass again and saw a man waving to the man closing the door. The man climbing up caught Rogue's eyes. She can't believe it but it was him.

Rogue ran again on way to the plane, she would have broken the glass to get out and fly but that is a very stupid idea.

Just when she is going there, two men stopped her. "Ma'am your ticket please"

Oh no! "Please Ah just have ta catch somebody"

"If you would enter ma'am, you need to have a ticket" the man said sternly.

Rogue saw Remy going up. She'll have to catch him.

"Please, Ah swear ta God, Ah just hav' ta get somebody, Ah'm not lyin'" Rogue begged in tears.

Same look from the men, they begin to stare her as if she's someone very familiar.

But they refused.

Rogue without warning pushed in the way as she knocked the two men down by her strength, she ran through the tunnel to outside and went out to see Remy entering the plane door.


Remy paused, he turned to see a woman, all drenched with rain.

It was Rogue.

"Rogue... "

Rogue ran fast to Remy as he went down the plane stairs.

"Remy" Rogue gasped for air and faced Remy. "Please don't go, Ah couldn't let ya go, Ah was so stupid, Ah was wrong ... Ah need ya"

Remy smiled at Rogue. The miracle had happened.

"Ah love you"

With that Rogue collapsed to Remy's awaiting arms as Remy closed them and decided not to go.

He got his wish, he got her back, all he wanted to experience is Rogue's warm squeeze, Remy brushed her hair with his hands. And nothing matters, except the two of them.

"I love you too... chere"

Before the authorities could catch Rogue, she disappeared with Gambit.

Three months had passed. It was December recently, December the first. Rogue was fixing the table for dinner for all the X-Men all by herself. The Television was left on.

Rogue wiped sweat off her forehead, She returned to the kitchen to prepare the lobsters she had boiled.

"Christopher Rockefeller had announced his engagement to a woman named Catherine Schwanderf, a model, whom he had reported he met in a party. His affair before with a woman, who was rumored to be a mutant called Georgia Smith had been broken when she suddenly disappeared." A newscaster announced in the TV.

Rogue made a long sigh but she smiled, she was happy for Chris now, after she turned off the stove, she decided to watch the news for a moment.

Rogue fell on the sofa as she saw Chris with a lovely woman with his arms on an exclusive interview

"Actually, me and Catherine will be married for the next year, It's going to be something." Chris smiled.

"Mr. Rockefeller" The Interviewer replied. "I'm sure this would be of no offense, what happened to your relationship with Ms. Smith?"

"Well" Chris thought for a moment. "I haven't heard of her ever since"

Rogue made an uneasy look , she didn't notice heavy steps had went down the stairs. Two hands had enveloped Rogue immediately.

Rogue was startled that she escaped fast from the stranger's arms. It was Remy, Rogue sighed in relief.

"What're ya doin' scarin' mah head off?!" Rogue made a nervous laugh.

"Nothin' just saw ya in a middle of a serious situation, so I decided t'cool y'off. Y'must remember we two are alone in dis big house" Remy sat on the sofa and took attention on the Television.

"Dat Chris had his new girl finally huh?"

Rogue grinned "Yeah, Ah'm happy for t'both of 'em, Ah'm glad Chris made his life wit'out me"

"No" Remy pulled Rogue on the sofa and enveloped her with his arms. "The real question is, what would happen to me if y'hadn't left 'im, or if he can't live his life wit'out you, I'm happy for t'both of us"

Rogue felt comfort in his arms. "Me too ... Hell, why do ya always hav' ta save me in mah times of need Remy LeBeau?"

Remy whispered to Rogue "'Cause I love you, dat's what's love's all about, an' you're it. it be destiny"

Rogue smiled to herself. Destiny it is.

A knock on the door interrupted their moment.

"Ah'll get it" Rogue yawned after standing as she walk to the door, opened it, to approach the main gate. Must be t'X-Men

It wasn't the X-Men, it was a young mailman.

"Mail miss," The mailman delivered three mails, and a little box. Surprisingly, the box was for her.

"Yeah thanks" After Rogue signed in, she returned to the mansion fast, excited for the box.

After slamming the door close, Rogue entered the living room and slumped on the sofa with Remy.

"Who gave dat?" he asked suspiciously.

"Relax Remy," Rogue put down the three enveloped mails. And start opening the box.

Inside it was another box, with navy blue coloring, when she opened it, there was a ring, seated on the box, Rogue flashback her mind and she remembered it was the ring she left on the hospital bed of Chris, three months ago, then a letter. It's obvious Remy is jealous.

"Read it, read it" Remy chanted.

"Alraht! Alraht!" Rogue opened the letter.


This is something to remember me by, thank you for everything you had done for me, you had changed my life, I'll pray and I'll hope you are all right there. Thanks.


Rogue was touched by the words, Remy's smirk disappeared.

"It's a nice ring" Remy nodded. "Hell I can buy a ring more precious dan dat one, let's get dinner!"
Remy ran to the kitchen.

Rogue still held the ring on her hands. And thanked it softly to be part of her decision.

She was fully sure this time, she made the right decision for her life, she learned to listen to her heart.

And it's no more return, nor exchange.



Tell me what you think of my fic, I'm not too confident about it. Thank you very much for reading and watch for my next fic! Thanx =)


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