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"No Return, No Exchange"

No Return, No Exchange

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Disclaimer: Whew! here I go again, all characters (even though I know they are only three X-Men) are Marvel's except for some unfamiliar weirdoes you read at parts one and two.
When is this story going to end? dunno, coz I have a lot of ideas and surprises in mind.
And since I'm feeling very inspired today, this part will be longer (as in really long) so enjoy, hope no one gets bored!

No Return, No Exchange

Part 3

Rogue still can't take her mind out of the new employee that just left her office. He looks very much like someone she used to know, but he looks so different. He have a short scar directed near his cheekbones, hair fixed up in a neat haircut, not cutting much of the bangs. And those strange dark brown eyes, that he always keep in the bangs, he has also eye bugs, must be some desperate guy..

Rogue sighed as she comfortably sat on her chair. Locking her hands and told herself to stop thinking about the guy. She reminded herself about telling Storm of her new home. Ororo's the only X-Man who knew all about her condition right now.

It's just mah hallucinations, Ah swear ... Ah told mahself ta close mah heart over him ...

But it's been two years or more and still Ah can't erase him.

Yes, it's been two years since she left the X-Men. She hardly called or visited. She had to admit she is missing the X-Men so much as well as Remy, but she wouldn't want to remember him.

Storm had told her he called, what could he look right now, after two years. Has everything changed on him?

Does he still love her?

Her thoughts were interrupted by five soft knocks on her door. "Georgia?"

Rogue adjusted herself in her seat and stretched a little bit. "Come in"

It was Christopher again, smiling at her as he entered her office room. His happy expression quickly changed when he stared at her fingers.

"You're not wearing your ring"

Rogue glanced at her gloved hands as she saw the simple diamond ring disappeared from her lean fingers.

"Oh, Ah'm sorry, Ah'm so sorry" Where did Ah left that thing? "Ah ... Ah had it before, it must be..."

"Or if you don't want it, I can change it to ... "

Rogue shook her head frequently. "No, it's fine, Ah mean" Remembering the most beautiful ring she ever saw in her life. "Ah really love it, it's just misplaced, or Ah did somethin' ... "

"Are you sure?"

Rogue nodded, smiling assuredly at Chris. "M'be Ah left it ... " Damn, did Ah took it out in the comfort room? "Um ... but Ah'll find it in no time"

She heard again quick knocks at her door and saw the new employee, James, peaked out of her door. " 'scuse me, but did you left dis?" he asked as he showed a shimmering diamond ring held on his fingers.

"Oh mah ... yes, that's mine" Rogue sighed in relief and took it from James's hand as she looked critically "Where ... did ya find it?"

"Oh" James entered in a bit slow and gave a smile at Chris. " T' lady secretary saw it in de bathroom sink an' asked me to ask ya if you own it."

"Oh" Rogue gave an embarrassed look as her cheeks nearly blushed. "Um ... Thanks anyway ..."

James smiled and gave a saluting action with his hand as he smiled firmly at Chris and left.

Rogue placed the ring in her third finger at her right hand. Waiting for Chris's next action.

But before Chris could speak Rogue had came in first. "Ah'm really sorry, it won't happen again"

Chris's lips ended in a smile as it helped Rogue to breathe again.

Remy shoved his hair to the back and sighed deep as he approached the door to the Xavier Mansion. He then closed his fists and knocked.

He awaited then for some ... lucky X-Man to open.

A white haired dark woman opened the door and Remy deeply gave out a large whip of air.

"By the goddess ... Remy?!" she exclaimed deeply shocked.

Remy gave a jolly smile and put out his sunglasses. "It be me Stormy ... "

Storm, Ororo Munroe, embraced her good friend hard, missing him in every ounce of her body. Remy smiled as he squeezed Ororo.

Ororo looked up to Remy and laughed. "My, are you not cold! ... I mean ... "

Remy smirked and let go. "I missed ya!"

"Me too Remy, uh , let's go in, in somewhere ... warm" Ororo invited Remy in as he looked around and noticed how the Mansion is wholly changed.

"Do you want some juice?"

"No, merci" Remy answered and entered the newly revamped living room and sat on the new brown leather sofa.

"You alone?" Remy continued.

"Yes, the other X-Men were having some free time and ... I decided to stay, watch the mansion, and my plants." Ororo smiled.

Ororo sat fixing her long African skirt and sat. "You've changed a lot Remy ... you had a new haircut ... "Ororo paused and noticed tiny eye bugs below Remy's eyes.

"I've noticed you're having ... sleepless nights..."

"Y' guess right... I'll get rid of dem soon."

"And oh my, what is that scar" Ororo motioned for Remy's right cheekbone where a small straight scar positioned.

"Oh, dis" Remy grasped at his cheeks. "It got wounded from Antarctica, it didn' really hurt." Remy had remembered Rogue then. "Where's ... Rogue?"

Ororo was quiet then and is like thinking for a reason to block her side. "She is ... in a vacation, by herself... she needs some time in her own."

"I know you 'Ro, I know you when you're lyin' ta me" Ororo turned as Remy held her shoulders firmly. "Please 'Ro ... where's Rogue" he asked again quite loudly.

"She is in a vacation, Remy I was just stammering... " Ororo answered.


"Rogue ... told me not to ... tell you" Ororo crossed her fingers.

Remy made a questionable face. "Can ya tell me where?"

To Remy's disappointment Storm shook her head. Remy looked at his watch and stood up. "De time, I should be goin', I'll be workin'"

"You're working? where?"

Remy grinned proudly. "At de Rockefeller company , y'know, de Billionaire?"

It was already six in the evening. It's time for Rogue to go home, although she wanted to delay it for a little longer. The thought of facing Chris's parents shivered down her spine.

Rogue sighed as she got her shoulder bag and carried a stack of folders to sign and read, when she got some time to finish.

Sometimes Ah really hate this job ...

Rogue had no problem of the weight of the files, it's what inside that drove her nuts. It took out all about the party for a while. Rogue got her right hand free to open her door and made sure everything's shut off.

Upon reaching down the ground floor her eye first met James who's been talking to a young woman.

When his eyes saw Rogue, he quickly told the lady to see her soon as he walked fast to Rogue's direction.

"I'll have dat ma'am" James reached out his arms to the folders.

Rogue shook her head as she yanked slowly. "Ah appreciate yoah help James, but Ah can do this"

"C'mon Ms. Smith ... "

"Georgia" Rogue answered firmly.

James paused a little and cleared his throat. "Ok, Georgia,"

Rogue smiled more satisfied.

"I'll hav' ta help ya George <gulp> Georgia" James offered.

Rogue had no choice, after all, it's a man's rule. Guess this isn't a woman's world. Rogue let James carry the folders as she saw Chris who just entered and maybe happened to snatch a few words of their ... courtesy, to fetch her without her knowing.

Rogue gulped again and smiled naturally. "Hey honey"

Chris smiled. Maybe he didn't hear anything. Chris walked closer to the two. "I'll have this, Mr..."

"LeBlanc" James pointed out.

"I'm afraid I heard you call her ... 'George'" Chris said quite sternly.

Rogue came quickly in James's defense. "Oh ... um ... Ah told him to," she realized he entered when James already called her Georgia.

Rogue can see Chris didn't quite appreciate James. "Um, we'll have ta go" Rogue carried the folders from James without warning and went to Chris's side. James had a lingering look.

Rogue turned to James after Chris and just smiled thankfully in exchange at James. "Thanks anyway, bye" Rogue left with Chris by her side as she nudged him quite forcefully to ignore James.

The last look at James was priceless.

Remy stared at Georgia in every move until she rode in a large limousine as they left.

He could have swear she was still looking at him.

"Chris he was just helpin' me" Rogue demanded after a few seconds of silence.

"I'm sorry Georgia, but that man looks like he has no respect" Chris answered on the seat next to her on a driver driven limousine

"Well Ah told him ta call me Georgia, Ms. Smith is so formal" Rogue snapped as she looked away.

"Well he said 'George' that's an act of disrespect "

"Don't ya tell me anythin' of disrespect! he said it in accident! Ah mean, don't ya know Ah'm like him too before Ah'm heah?!" Rogue gasped after when she said that.

Chris's face is a mixture of shock and maybe hurt.

Rogue felt so guilty and bad "Oh mah Gawd ... Ah'm sorry ... "

"No, it's Ok Georgia "

"No, Ah'm sorry, Ah got carried away, Ah'm so stupid "

"Please Georgia, it's my fault "

"Shut up Chris, Ah'm sorry, take mah word, Ah promise it won't happen again oh damn, Ah'm sorry" Rogue embraced Chris for comfort. Somehow Chris was relieved and embraced her back.

After the misunderstanding they were on the large gates of the Rockefeller mansion. Chris held Rogue's freezing hand even if covered if gloves. Rogue had never been so nervous.

"Relax Georgia, They'll be good" Chris whispered.

Rogue gave a meek smile in return. Rogue again gulped at the sight of the large mansion as it did to her before. The water fountain that invited the gates of the mansion is lit up with some angels pouring water, prepared for the 'big' party. The mansion was unlikely bright but somehow it didn't make Rogue fell any better.

The limousine stopped at the stairway to the mansion as a guard on the mansion opened the limousine door as Chris got out. The guard then held out his hand for Rogue. She nearly forgot how to get out as a proper young lady. She placed her hand on the gloved hand guard's as he helped her out. Somehow she have to teach herself more to be a well mannered lady. But that will be later.

Chris opened the door as Rogue was shock to see a crowd of people, as if though having a party. Even Chris was.

Chris saw his mother dressed in an elegant outfit then. "Mother what is this?"

"Oh, you have come!" Mrs. Rockefeller's eyes met Rogue's. "This is a get-together party Chris dear, your relatives and friends are here" Mrs. Rockefeller's blond curly hair is on a bun as she approached Rogue.

"This is also a welcome party for you my future daughter-in-law"

Future daughter-in-law?

"Um, excuse me ma'am?" Rogue repeated as she cleared her throat.

"Call me mom or mother whichever you like Georgia, don't be shy," Mrs. Rockefeller smiled beamingly as Chris gave Georgia a questionable look.

"I still don't , why a surprise? I mean ... "

"Now Chris, this is for you and your future wife, we want to make sure she is welcomed here"

Rogue still is confused, these are not the same strict parents she met before.

Mr. Rockefeller came in the scene as he told something to his wife. "We must introduce the lovely lady to the guests"

"Um, don't bother, Ah mean" Rogue tried to hold back but Mrs. Rockefeller insisted.

"Ladies, Gentlemen, may I have your attention?" Mrs. Rockefeller called as the the noise of the crowd minimizes until it's silence.

Rogue feared this moment would come.

"I would like you to meet, the future heiress of the Rockefeller mansion, Georgia Smith!"

Rogue was so embarrassed, but she just smiled easily to the crowd. Chris smiled too as he held Rogue's hand securely. Rogue have to accept that these are the people she'll meet often.

If ever she got married to Chris.

The relatives of Chris with his friends were kind and friendly. But Rogue thought something is not right. She looked at Chris to see him nodding and saying it's all right.

Rogue then felt that she's not sure and ready to spend her whole entire life with these kind of people. No matter how friendly they are they are still stranger and more unfamiliar than beggars you see at streets for her.

Rogue better think right and , if this is the life she wanted to enjoy. Cause in life, there are some choices where there's no return no exchange.


Continued in Chapter 4

That better be all! I know the part's pretty dragging. Part four will be up soon and really way sooner than you think, and the trickiest and the juicy (I mean, really interesting and of course hanging) parts of the story is just starting! Stay tuned :-)


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