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"No Return, No Exchange"

No Return, No Exchange

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Disclaimer: Do I have to do this again? <sigh>Well alright since I need to! Rogue, Gambit and Storm are Marvel's, if I own them, don't ask me how to do with them! The other characters are mine.
Alright I decided to make my parts longer, for some reasons that I can't tell. But this won't be boring. Let's get on the show...

No Return, No Exchange

Part 4

After some days living on the Rockefeller mansion, Rogue got to know how is it living in a church. All quiet and gentle. Sometimes she would hear classical music outside. She wouldn't hear one awake after ten in the evening.

Then it was night again, Rogue had her own bedroom which was very big enough for about three persons or more. This is like just three times bigger than her room at the Xavier Institute.

Rogue gazed at the gold mirror across her, it was elegantly carved and had an angel on it. Her bed was soft and comfortable which is made with silk. Her curtains are made with organza cloth and she had a small balcony just north.

It was midnight, Rogue can't sleep that time. There was something in her mind which was bothering her all night, only she can't determine what is it. There was something missing from her 'perfect' life. Rogue fixed her auburn hair following the cold breeze, she tightened the strings of her silken robe. She stood up from her bed as she approached the balcony.

If only she would fly up on the mansion's roof the way she is doing before whenever she felt alone. Chris is all tucked away and having a good rest after a hard day's work.

Rogue stared at the shimmering stars in the night. There were billions, she never thought she would see a beautiful view as that again. It made her want to reach the skies.

After thinking and staring she felt sleepy at last.

Remy opened his apartment door as he opened the dim lights. Remy sighed from a tiring day, tomorrow he would work at the factory.

He can't still forget his visit at Xavier's school. There was something behind Storm's wide shock when he said about working on the large company. Salem center was just blocks away from the company. He is still thinking how to visit Rogue, Storm didn't tell him when she's coming back from her vacation.

Remy grasped at the short scar at his face that he got from Antarctica. He ignored it as he looked at his wristwatch. It was midnight. He'll have to sleep early.

The encounter between Georgia and the big boss shook him out. Still there was something about Georgia, like they already knew years ago. She was so warm and friendly to him he doesn't know why.

Remy knew he'll have to find out something in Georgia, it better start tomorrow.

Before it's too late ...

Rogue was never been so happy so much in her life. Everyone was enjoying the event and are giving her warm wishes. Rogue felt she is the luckiest woman in the world.

Beside her was her parents in law, Mr. and Mrs. Rockefeller they smiled at her with full pride.

Rogue fixed her white shimmering gown as she is finding for her husband.

There were thousands of people in happy expressions. Her eye caught the tallest cake she ever saw. There were two small figures which are her and Chris's replica. She have a mountain of gifts from guests.

She can't find Chris, he have to be somewhere.

"Georgia, your husband is waiting for you in the stairway" A woman she just met now told her.

Rogue ran to the stairway as she found her man of her dreams.

"Chris!" she called as she walked up the stairs. There was nothing she wanted but to be with him.

But is he the one she wanted to spend her life with?

Is he the one she loved?

Rogue gasped when Chris turned back to her.

It wasn't Chris, it was James...

"No!" Rogue woke up forming sweat on her face and all around her.

It was all ... a dream. Rogue sighed in relief. Everything was just realistic, she thought it was really happening.

She heard nothing but silence and her echo, no one heard her cry except for the creatures of the night. Her room was just large no one in it would notice to hear her.

Rogue looked at her desk clock and found out it's nearly morning. At last.


"Dieu!" Remy jolted up at the noise of his alarm clock.

Remy sighed as he shut the clock down. It shook him out of his wits, he thought it was a fire alarm.

"Dis alarm clock t'ing is a bad idea after all" Remy muttered as he got up from his bed sheets.

Remy stretched up as he sit up from his bed and approached his closet. He pulled up a pair of faded jeans.

De shirt damn where did I place dat? Remy pulled his cabinet drawers and found an untouched white shirt.

I should get a laundry service again Remy sighed. Remy found his black jacket and pulled out his new sunglasses he bought just on the corner, he decided to bring a sando shirt along since he knew it will be a tiring day, and went on his way.

After a short walk he reached the large company. Behind it is the factory.

"Homme dis is as large as de White house's place" Remy realized as he entered the glass doors.

Remy found the electronic time card machine. He pulled out his new laminated card as he inserted it in the machine. After getting it back, he made through way the factory, greeting some workers he cross. The factory has a huge place beside it which is made especially for delivery trucks, it has ten trucks presently.

Remy suddenly paused when he saw a gray Mercedes Benz boarded the side way of the office building.

The driver went out the car as he opened the car doors as Georgia exit the car.

Her eyes caught Remy's again, she smiled and waved at him. Remy gulped as he waved and beamed at her.

"Hey you!"

Remy turned to see a large guy in a sleeveless shirt.

"You t' new employee?" it asked sneeredly as it smoked.

Remy smiled freshly as he made his way to the door. "I am, Mes Amis "

"Get in, the managers waitin' for ya" The guy's voice reminded him of Sabretooth's.

"Tres bien ... Nice welcome" Remy walked entering the front doors.

"I don't like french, boy" the guy growled a little.

Remy laughed a little. "Well get over it, I'll be workin' here for a while"

The guy growled and had the intention to hit Remy.

"Ralph! is it the new guy!" someone called as it distracted the guy.

Ralph's face changed and called back. "Yeah!" it faced Remy in an evil glare.

Remy wasn't a mite scared as made his way in. It was a bit hot in there, not much ventilation and place most focused under the sun.

He saw a guy in mustache holding a clipboard. "James LeBlanc?"

"Yup, dat's me" Remy glanced around as he saw muscle-bound workers and a lot of boxes and huge paper rolls and some trash.

No wonder de garbage truck missed dem Remy thought.

"I'm Mr. Hodgkins, the factory monitor, you work on the delivery section as you've said, break time in the morning is in nine a.m., fifteen minutes and lunch at twelve fifteen, also fifteen minutes .... "

Remy didn't much listen, he didn't care of break times or whatsoever, he just heard finally that five p.m. is their dismissal time.

"We have to clean this place up most suddenly, Mr. Rockefeller's gonna inspect us." Mr. Hodgkins continued. "You better work good and fast, you know how is it, these work's tough and is no joke" Mr. Hodgkins faced a poster just his side. "These are certain rules and regulations, follow them and it's gonna be easy"

Remy nodded in reply as Mr. Hodgkins gave a firm and strict look as it left.

Remy looked around his fellow co-workers as he smiled in invitation, he still don't like the look of Ralph. Somehow he's ready.

"The telephone you've dialed is not yet in service"

"What not in service?!" Rogue demanded on no one but the phone as she dialed once again Storm's number she just had in the address book.

Suddenly it rang after five trials. But no one is answering.

"No one must be home" Rogue sighed. She suddenly heard a beep at the other line.

Answerin' machine

"You've reached the Xavier's institute, we're not home now so kindly leave a message after the beep and we'll call you back <BEEP!>"

"Um, hello, it's Rogue, too bad you're not home, well, Ah can't talk now, Ah just wanna say Ah missed ya guys and ... " Rogue remembered to tell Storm the Mansion's number, the number won't hurt anyway if she tell it.

Soon after she said it she heard a beep again. "Thank you" it fell in a busy dial tone again. Rogue put down the phone as she heard a knock on her door.

"Ms. Smith?" Paula, the secretary, poke in.

"Yes" Rogue fixed herself.

"Um, Mr. Rockefeller is due to an inspection session, I understand he left for a meeting" Rogue nodded as Paula continued. "He had told me to just let you inspect the factory, now."

"The factory?" Rogue settled for a moment. It's where James is workin' now. Rogue suddenly felt an undescribable feeling that she can't understand. "All right, now?"


"Ah'll be theah" Rogue stretched up as she stood. Paula smiled and nodded as she closed the door.

Stop it girl, Ah shouldn't be thinkin' of James, geez what's wrong wit' me?

Remy easily carried a box filled with a stack of papers as he made his way to the delivery truck.

"Hey dumb shell!"

Remy turned and saw Ralph again in a very angry glare. "I just want to remind ya not ta mess wit' me!"

"Oh piss me off!" Remy ignored him as he boarded the box in the truck and carried another.

Ralph grunted really hard, tightening his fist. "You really got a problem!"

"Yeah who the chien are ya ta mess wit' me anyway"

Ralph gave a confused look but that made him enraged. "Why you--"

"What's goin' on theah?" Georgia came in the scene.

Remy gulped. "Uh, Nothin' ... Ms. Smith"

"I - I better be goin'" Ralph shot a warning glare at Remy before he left.

"Is Ralph botherin' ya James?" Georgia asked in a worried look.

"Uh, no, not at all, he was ... just nothin' "Remy grinned securely.

Georgia just smiled back. She rolled her eyes as she eyed him from head to foot. Remy remembered he changed into a sando shirt for the hot temperature.

"Uh, be goin' now" Georgia gave a nervous smile and left.

Remy stared at her until he stared in nothingness as he dropped the box he was carrying.

"Ow!" the box landed at his feet.

Geez, m'be I gone too far watchin' her ...

Rogue was a bit embarrassed when she saw James. He just looked too hot in that sando shirt.

Rogue just returned in her room, sighed.

"Guess, Ah hadn' change at all"

Then it was night. Rogue was having dinner with the Rockefeller family.

"I'm sorry I'm late for dinner" Chris looked so exhausted from his meeting. "I have this business proposal to a business man in Mexico, I might have a trip there"

Rogue put down her eating utensils as she asked "How long?"

"I'm still planning it Georgia dear, it may take a week or so" Chris answered as he ate their meal which is fish in cranberry sauce. Rogue thought it's the most ... 'unpleasant' food she ever ate.

"It's fantastic Chris, that would make larger businesses from out there" Mr. Rockefeller responded as he waved his fork.

"I know father" Chris kind of grumbled when he said that.

Rogue shut out in the whole supper time. She took a deep breath as she scooped up the last part of the fish she had.

"Would you like some more Georgia?" Mrs. Rockefeller asked.

"Oh, no thanks, Ah am stuffed, Ah would really like it but really, Ah'm stuffed" Rogue grimaced as she gave her most pleasing smile. Rogue stood up as she wiped her mouth. "Excuse me"

"Georgia!" Mrs. Rockefeller called when Rogue is on the stairs. Rogue looked back as she smiled sweetly again. "Yes ... Mrs. Rockefeller?"

"Don't you worry about the fish Georgia, we'll have that on thursday if you like"

Soon it was midnight again. Remy can't sleep again, it was unusually steaming hot that night. He avoided Ralph much that day, he didn't want to mess with him, he was afraid he would lose control and would reveal his true identity.

Remy decided a stroll in the street would help.

The streets were quiet and cleared off, he walked far enough to reach the Rockefeller mansion. he glanced at his wrist watch to see it was one thirty in the morning.

The Mansion looked dark from now, looks like a haunted house.

Suddenly he saw an unusual figure crept in the mansion, the guards are slept off the night. Remy stopped and observed the figure, he followed it as it went in the back door, looks around but missed Remy. Remy already knew the intention of the man since he always did that before he was an X-Man. The man pulled an instrument and quietly broke the window and got in.

Rogue gasped in fright as she woke up from a window breaking sound, her room was near the back door, she heard some footsteps entering.

Rogue pulled her robe on the hanger as she took a deep breath, she shouldn't be scared right now.
Rogue got her slippers as she walked silently on the marble floor without a squeak.

She silently opened her door, having a small flashlight at her hands. Rogue glanced around the dark aisle as she saw everyone is asleep, she realized no one has noticed it except for her.

It's mah job before ta save people before, Ah shouldn't be scared, but why did Ah hav' this feelin' that somethin' bad will happen?

"Mon Dieu! a rob out!" Remy ran fast as he jumped high from the back gates as no one noticed him.

De alarms are off, dis is impossible!

Remy easily get through the guards, he was glad he was an expert thief before. Somehow his skills will be applied to what will happen now. Remy entered the window without a glass as he silently made way in the mansion. He'll have to be cautious in every move. He saw the figure walked to a room in his side. The man didn't see him follow. Remy quietly looked at the key hole as the room revealed the main master room of maybe Chris himself.

He saw the huge figure got an instrument from his coat again and put out a certain painting that gave way to a safe deposit lock.

Damn, even the alarm won't go off!

The man had knew the code in the lock very well as it opened and made way to thousands of dollars. Before he could keep it in his bag, Remy barged in the room.

Rogue was startled as she heard some beating noise at Chris's master room.

"Oh God help me" Rogue slowly reached the ground floor as she made way in the room.

"Mon Dieu! Ralph?!" Remy exclaimed in shock.

"You!" Remy can see Ralph has no weapon, something tricky is planned.

"Get outta here James, this ain't your business!"

"No way, Mon Ami what are you doin' heah?"

"It's the Rockefeller's business, I didn't want to do this, They made me!!"

Remy was shocked and didn't believe by his response until they heard the door knob turning as Ralph without hesitation broke out the glass window near him and got away without taking his bag.

Mon Dieu

Georgia opened the door wide and dropped her flash light. "Ohmahgawd James!"


Continued in Chapter 5

Oh mah gawd, to be continued again? Yeah, to be continued, just be sure to be back here at Part five!


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