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"No Return, No Exchange"

No Return, No Exchange

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Disclaimer: The only two things that are mine here is the story and Christopher Rockefeller. It means therefore the others are just Marvel's.
Wow, part six, I never known I could come this far. And other news (and advertisement) is my OWN page! Yup! I have my own fan-fic archive at so take a look (sign my guestbook ;) and I'll be glad to take submissions!

No Return, No Exchange

Part 6

"What do you think you're doing?!" Chris yelled at Rogue almost knocking off the priceless vase at his side.

"Ah'm doin' what Ah should hav' before! now let me go!" Rogue fought from Chris's tight grip at her arm.

"Are you out of your mind Georgia? you are doing the impossible! not to mention the most ridiculous inference ever--"

"Don't ya evah say that! Ah know what Ah'm doin' or so hell breaks loose, ya can't stop me!" Rogue finally got her arm free, grabbing her shoulder bag and leaving the mansion.

"Don't you dare walk away while I'm talking to you." Chris took giant quick steps advancing at Rogue from leaving the mansion.

"Oh just give me respect an' free will dammit, ya don't understand me!" Rogue's pressure have been increasing enough to fight her self-control to beat up Chris.

"Yes I do Georgia and it's all preposterous!"

"Ya haven't seen what Ah saw Chris! James is innocent an' Ah'm gonna prove it!"

"Just why Georgia, why on earth are you sticking up with that ... that bastard who just brought us nothing but curses and problems!"

"He's not a bastard Chris, wit'out him all those damn useless money of yours would have been suck up!"

"Georgia ... just ... why?!"

Rogue felt hot tears flowing from her anger stricken eyes. She paused for her release of feelings. She wiped the tears away finally and facing Chris's anger and pain ones.

"Ah don' know Chris, Ah just don't know, but Ah hav' ta save James ... Ah'm sorry" Rogue left the mansion with anguish and pain at her heart.

Chris hadn't chase her, but she knew she just broke his heart.

Remy sat alone in the night. Everyone was sleeping, all he just wanted is to get out. He has been told that he'll have a trial again about the case.

Remy had always been thinking of himself, sometimes in how much he wanted to end this all even just kill himself. Why all the bad things is happening to him.

Remy suddenly heard noises, familiar noises of the press. But this time, they were talking of someone else. He saw the same fat policeman approached him.

"Looks like you're lucky LeBlanc, just lucky" He exclaimed.

"Lucky? w-what do ya mean?" Remy asked in such eager.

"There's some guy there, turned himself over in your case, so you actually didn't do it?"

Remy was speechless. He was catching his breath, it's like his heart stopped, he doesn't know.

His conscience and mind began to clear, taking away all those things he had been cursing and thinking much when he was accused.

"Yep, I didn' do it" Remy grinned to himself for the first time, he stood up from his prison bed as he look the view outside, there were many lights and noises he hardly see what is happening.

"You sure this ain't a set-up?" the policeman muttered as he asked.

"No way, It be de time ta give de real criminal de punishment I should hav'" Remy felt vengeance at Ralph, the one who got him in this mess.

So, Georgia did help me after all ...

"The trial of James LeBlanc has been therefore cancelled due to the confession of Ralph Albrant who really had done the robbery and brought by Georgia Smith, the fiancee of billionaire Christopher Rockefeller, but then, not even a dollar has been stolen. James LeBlanc an employee at the Rockefeller paper milling company has been concluded ... innocent and shall be freed the next day, this is Patricia Tilby for the late night news."

Rogue pointed her remote control off as the view of the TV screen zapped blank. She was glad her conscience has been cleared finally.

How could hav' Ralph done t' crime, Ah know he's not that a bad person. Even if her conscience is cleared, in exchange her mind have invited a lot of questions wanted to be answered.

Rogue decided to sleep until she heard a soft knock on her door. She already knew whom it was from.

"Georgia? its ..."

"Ah know Chris, it's you, come in." Rogue answered in a quite brisk tone but her heart softened.

Chris peeped in her door, he smiled a little and cleared his throat as he closed the door. "May I talk to you for a minute? If I'm not disturbing ..."

"Sure sugah, Ah wanted ta talk t' ya too ... after all what happened" Rogue sat on her bed as Chris followed her.

"Uh ... listen ... I'm ... I'm really sorry of ... what happened before, I should have listen I mean ... I had worry so much of the money and ..."

"An' what Chris?" Rogue asked sounding a bit harsh. "An' ya stop thinkin' 'bout me or just listen ta me, is that it?"

Chris rose his head up immediately facing at Rogue in his most pitiful look. "I've been stupid Georgia, please ... forgive me I'm really sorry, I never wanted this to happen, really."

Rogue knew that Chris is a very honest person, she thought about his apology for a minute.

"Please Georgia, I had sleepless nights since this happened, I can't go on if we are like this" Chris held her hands.

Rogue turned to him and smiled finally as she nodded. "Ah forgave ya Chris, Ah'm sorry Ah've been rude too"

Chris facial expression changed as it enlightened. "Thank you Georgia" he embraced Rogue feeling the warmth of his body. Rogue embraced him back.

Remy smelt the fresh free air as he was accompanied by police officers in the press crowd. He was free at last, and he owed it all to Georgia.

After getting away from the news people and climbing in the car. Remy relaxed for a while enjoying his freedom. The car stopped suddenly in a dark, garbage loaded and smelly alley where a limousine was parked. Remy stared in curiosity. What's goin' on?

"Hey, what's dis?" Remy asked as the chauffeur from the limousine and stepped near him.

"Mr. Rockefeller and Ms. Smith are inviting you for a friendly get together, Mr. Rockefeller wanted to express his deep regrets, they are expecting you" he reported.

Remy gave a confused look. "Are y'sure?"

"Yes sir, the limousine here shall take you"

Remy looked back at the police officers as they nodded. Remy sighed as he entered the awaiting limousine.

Soon then Remy believed in the billionaire's intentions. The large car loaded in the mansion as he found Georgia waiting for him ...

"Hey James" Rogue smiled sweetly.

"H-hi ... um's been a while"

"Yeah, sorry for the inconvenience in t' alley hon, Ah decided it's only t' safest way ya could get heah wit'out t' press dogs buttin' around"

James laughed. "I thought so"

"Come in sugah, Chris is expecting ya" Rogue invited as James grinned and followed her.

Chris was on the corner, he stepped near James, sighed and cleared his throat. "Hello James um .... I'm sorry about ... before, I went out of control"

"Nah, dat's nuthin' people do stupid and reckless t'ings coz of somethin' they cared of, it's human nature Mon Ami "James smiled as he offered his hand for a reuniting shake. Chris grinned back and shook his hand.

Rogue was glad in the very moment, at least all things are set and Ok.

After they all entered the door, James leaned to Rogue. "Where are his parents?"

Rogue whispered back. "Oh, they were in some party they were invited, they always go ta parties darlin' y'know ... rich people"

James chuckled as Chris turned. "You're going to have lunch with us aren't you"

"Well, um ... "

"Yes he would Chris, right James?" Rogue nudged James on his shoulders. James nodded and smiled at Chris. "'course I would"

Rogue had a feeling Chris is still mad at James after he gave a fake 'happy' look.

Or is he jealous?

Remy gulped at the sight of the Rockefeller's dining room. It was huge and all utensils are made of silver and porcelain. And he can predict he would have world class meals and full service.

After sitting on the chair, Remy had glanced at Chris who gave him a small smile and to Georgia who's at Chris's side. After a while eating Chris looked at Georgia and to him next.

"Um, I have an appointment with Dr. Whitman, at the next fifteen minutes, please excuse me"

Georgia looked at him. "But Chris, y'haven' finished ... "

"I'm really sorry Georgia, you too Mr. LeBlanc, I'll be back at dinner" Chris gave a cheek-to-cheek kiss at Georgia but Remy strongly noticed it wasn't in skin-to-skin contact.

Remy said nothing after Chris left. Georgia made the first move.

"Sorry 'bout him James, he's always like that" Georgia sighed next. "Sometimes Ah really think why can't Chris an' Ah hav' some time t'gether"

Remy didn't listen to her, all he have in his mind is the sight where Chris gave no skin-to-skin contact to her.

"Um ... James, Are you still in theah?" Georgia asked.

Remy shook and finally noticed her. "Uh ... ya"

"Y'Ok sugah?"

Remy came back to his deep ends of his mind. His heart racing wild and his head aching, sweat pouring to him.

"James! what's wrong?" Georgia stood up and came to his aid.

"No , I'm fine, pardonnez moi, I'm sorry, I be fine" Remy smiled as he returned to his normal condition.

"Jeezoo James ya is givin' me a heart attack" Georgia caught her breath and sat.

"Sorry, really, it just dat food almost choked me" Remy reasoned as he grabbed his glass of water and took a huge gulp faking he had been choked.

Georgia finally laughed. "Oh Ah'm sorry 'bout that, whew," Georgia gave a concerned look next. "Are y' sure you're fine?"

"Ya I Am," Remy smiled as he wiped his lips as everything went silent again. "Um, if y'don' mind me askin' ... who's Dr. Whitman?"

Georgia placed down her utensils as it made a soft clank and faced Remy. "He's Chris's cardiac doctor ... um ... Chris had a congenital heart disease, means he got it ever since he was born,"

Remy went silent. "I - I'm sorry ... is he Ok now?"

"So far, he had to take watch of his heart" Georgia wiped her lips with her napkin and faced back Remy. "That's why sometimes Ah try ta convince him ta prevent overwork, an' some late meetings, he got ta know how bad it is for his health... "

Remy shut up for a minute, snatching a look from Georgia's peaceful face. She stood up then and faced him. "Ah ... Ah still hav' ta go to work, you take a day off"

"No m'be I should work now ... "

"No, ya need a rest, Ah'll give ya a ride if ya want"

"I can manage, t'anks" Remy stood up and followed Georgia as she grabbed the string of her shoulder bag.

Georgia faced him again. "Ya sure y'wouldn't need a ride?"

"Nope, I'd hike my way ... " Remy watched Georgia pulled her car keys from her pocket and inserted it to a violet car just across the doorway.

"Ah guess Ah'll meet ya ... tomorrow?"

"Ya ... tomorrow ... I'll be dere"

Georgia gave a final smile and waved as she went in her car and started the engine.

Georgia left then, now Remy really knew there is something with Georgia ...

Rogue's work was finally done, it will take two hours more until it would be dismissal time. Rogue glanced at the phone at her side and decided to give a phone call to Ororo, whom she never called a long time.

Rogue had hoped they would be in the mansion, they always got missions and things like that, Rogue missed how is it like.

Rogue dialled the number and heard five faint rings ...

"The telephone you've dialled is under repair"

Rogue frowned, she was sure it was the right number and dialled again.

"The telephone you've dialled is under repair"

Rogue dialled much firmer and faster and finally heard a ring ... and a ring ... and another ...

*Knock Knock*

"Oh shoot ... who is it?" Rogue asked loud a bit irritated.

"It's Paula, Ms. Smith"

Rogue sighed as she just put down the unanswered phone. "Door's open"

Paula's head sneaked in with a smile on her lips. "I'm sorry if I interrupted anything, but Mr. Rockefeller is on the phone"

"Oh ... "

Paula handed her the phone as she smiled finally and left. Rogue raised the phone to her ear and talked.

"Hi Chris, so, what did the doc said?"

"Well darling, he said I'm healthier and stronger than before thank God" Rogue was enlightened but Rogue knew there was a 'but' coming.

"But, tomorrow ... I have an emergency meeting at Mexico, some very urgent and important meeting with my other Mexican partners. That's why I called in, I wish we can have dinner before I'll leave" Chris explained in the other line.

"Mexico? how long?"

"Two weeks or so, it's very urgent" Chris's voice is very serious.

"Chris honey, you just had a trip the last three weeks ain't ya ... "

"Georgia, it's for our business, don't worry"

Business, ugh, would someone kick me now. "But Chris, you're spending less time wit' me, it's unfair, ya promised me before you'd hav' less trips"

"Georgia I know how you feel but I'm sure later night would mark the changing of our lives..."

"Huh? Ah don' understand is this some kind of a ..."

"It's a surprise Georgia ... and you'll love it"

Remy sat patiently at Harry's Hideaway, it's been a year since he haven't went there. It's like nothing's changed.

Remy fixed his sunglasses and took a sip of his beer as he saw a small guy approaching his place and sat across him.

He has a cowboy hat with wrinkled clothes.

Remy looked strangely and curiously at the man as it looked at him smiling.

"Hey Gumbo ... " He greeted in a harsh voice.

Remy stammered. "Mon Dieu ... Logan?!"

"Hey, good thing ya still remember me" Logan laughed taking off his off, letting his elevated hair fall by his side.

"Merde, it's really you ... been a long time Wolvy, how d'ya know it was me?" Remy asked his old friend and team mate.

Logan laughed again. "'case ya forgot LeBeau ... I smell "

"Oh ya, it's been years homme, how are ya?"

"Me? untamed ... still part of the X-Men ... you returnin'?"

Remy gave a sad smile and shook his head. "Not 'bout now, still thinkin' ... "

"Y'got a new look, Nice hair " Logan remarked.

Remy sneered. "Merci, t'ink it been a year since I hadn', how's de team? is Xavier back?"

"Well ... no ... for the mean time we are findin' him, t' team's completely changed, many left"

Remy was amazed. "Really? ... "Remy paused as he took a deep breath. "Is Rogue still there?"

Logan chuckled. "I knew ya would ask Cajun, um ... she's not with us right now"

"She quited?!"

"Nah, she wouldn' do that, she's still part of us of course ... she's just havin' a vacation."

Just like Stormy had said. "How is she?"

"Ya wouldn' believe me, but I can really tell she's missin' ya, she's been in a wrecked life"

Remy felt hurt squeezing in his heart. "Do you t'ink she still loves me?"

"I bet ... maybe ... "

Rogue grimaced at Chris across her after finishing her meal, she decided to talk.

"Mexico's south right?"

"Georgia ... I know by the hardness of your voice you wouldn't want me to go but I must ..." Chris took a sip at his soup.

"Ah know, Ah'm not sayin' that Ah'm not lettin' ya go, but these trips won't stop"

Chris's face turned into a kind look." You know I'll always call you darling, believe me, if you're scared being alone with my parents well"

Rogue laughed a little. "No, they're fine, but ... it's makin' me feel uncomfortable somehow, cain't Ah go wit' ya?"

Chris sighed. "No Georgia, If you wanted you could but this would be a very tiring trip"

"That's what I'm tryin' ta say Chris" Rogue snapped. "It's like ya never had a disease Ah'm tellin' ya"

"That would be exactly no problem for me I assure you" Chris gave a promising look. "You could take a vacation also if you wanted"

Rogue played with some bones at her plate while thinking. "Well, Ok, if this trip seems so important to ya ... Ah'm just makin' sure"

"Ah" Chris smiled wide. "At last you've understand, oh yes ... my surprise as I've promised." Chris reached something in his pocket.

Rogue looked curiously.

Chris gave an excited look. "Before I go I just wanted to assure something ... do you love me?"

"Of Course Ah do, what would ya t'ink ... "

"Sssssh, I mean, truly?"

"Chris just tell me!" Rogue giggled as she stared at Chris's hands with extreme unexplainable shock in her eyes as a shiny object flashed her eye.

"Will you marry me?"


To which I would only say...
Continued in Chapter 7.


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