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"No Return, No Exchange"

No Return, No Exchange

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Disclaimer: All characters ( Not exactly all ) are Marvel's period.
Ok, attention, this is ... very very near to the last part. So if to those who hadn't wrote to me yet, please do ... and to those who wrote to me, thanks a lot! Enjoy the fic!

No Return, No Exchange

Part 8

Remy's body tensed as his chest exploded with such massive shock that it paralyzed his whole body.

Good Dieu ... I knew it ... it's her!!!

Before he knew it, Chris was rushed to the hospital and he was sitting beside ... Rogue ... waiting for the doctor's remarks.

She was very nervous, he can even hear her heartbeat. She kept on standing then sitting down then standing again, she's very disquieted. Rogue had pulled her bangs away from her panic-stricken face.

Remy stayed quiet but is catching every glimpse of her face. He can't believe he was sitting beside the girl he had been finding for in years.

So dat's what Stormy's hidin' on me.

"Ms. Smith?" A tall slim man, the doctor came out with a clip board.

"Y-Yes ..." Rogue stood up. "H-How is he, doc?"

"He's fine for the meantime, though in a mild coma, there's nothing to be worried about, his heart beat is well, he just need some rest" The doctor gave an assured smile.

"Thank God ... " Rogue sighed in relief while Remy eyed her movement.

"He'll be needing some medicines and I would suggest him to take healthy foods for a while, no fats I say," The doctor continued.

"Y' can be sure of that doc, may Ah see him?" Rogue asked.

"Yes, but for a little while only, he needs all the rest he can get" the doctor placed his hand on her shoulders then left.

Rogue leaned back to see Remy watching her. Rogue smiled at him and proceeded to see Chris. Remy found out she has still no clue who he is.

He'll keep his secret ... for a while.

Rogue wandered along the silent hospital hallway, the smell's making her sick but she doesn't care.

"Room 309 -- where is it?" Rogue asked herself.

She finally saw a green door with the numbers 309.

Rogue peeked in the glass to see Chris's pale face and dead closed eyes.

Rogue took a deep breath and opened the door. She can hear the silent buzzes and beeping of the machines attached to Chris's body. The electrocardiogram showed faint signals of his heart beat. Rogue looked at his face sadly and touched his hands. The cold feeling went through her hands even there is a glove that separates it.

He reminded her of Cody again, it is the same face he had when he was in coma. Rogue realized how sad she is.

"Hi Chris," Rogue started. "This is all mah fault ... Ah guess ... " Rogue sat to his bed. "Ah'll be leavin' now Chris, Ah mean forever, Ah love ya but it just couldn't be" Rogue whisked a tear away. Rogue pulled her ring out and placed it on his bed and kissed his hair for good-bye.

Suddenly, Rogue heard the door creak open, thinking it was James, Rogue leaned to greet him but to see Chris's parents instead.

Rogue felt a morbid feeling ...

"Uh ... hi Mr. an' Mrs. Rockefeller" Rogue made a fake smile. Under it is a mean feeling.

Chris's parents didn't answer but they gave her a smile too. Rogue stepped back for them to see their son.

Mrs. Rockefeller sat on the chair near him and held his hand with concern. Chris's father looked on. Rogue decided it was the time she had to leave the room.

When Rogue shut the door close, Chris's father followed out. Rogue ignored him and went her way out.

"Georgia, wait! May I talk to you?" he called.

Rogue stopped on the way. She had an uneasy feeling but she decided to face him.

"Sure Mr. Rockefeller, what is it all about?"

Mr. Rockefeller had walked near her. "Well ... I, uh ... me and Claire, was wrong ... about you"

Rogue can't believe what she just heard. "Pardon?"

"We're sorry Georgia, we had done so much to ... destroy you, it's my wife's plan all along. She was wrong, I knew it but I followed her, now we realized how wrong we were ... you really love my son ... do you?"

Rogue breath slowly, she heard footsteps behind her, she turned to see James, with a worried look.

"Y-Yes Mr. Rockefeller ... Ah loved him ... before"

"Before? what do you ... "

"No matter what Ah feel foh him, Ah'm afraid it just can't be"

Mr. Rockefeller's eyes enlarged. "W-Why?"

"You don' know me much sir, he too, Ah'm just a puzzle piece that can't fit on yours ... Ah'm very different ... it will be better if Ah leave him."

Mr. Rockefeller looked down. "It's our fault ... isn't it? "

"No it ain't" Rogue shook her head and smiled at him. "Ah knew it all along since we first met, if Ah stay, Ah would cause more troubles ... since Ah love Chris, Ah wouldn't want him ta be part of mah problems, and cause any, Ah should really leave" Rogue rubbed a tear away and turned on a smile.

"Ah'll have to go, tell Chris Ah love him, but we could only remain now as friends, don' make him search for me ... cause Ah'll not be found anymore, Ah'll hav' ta leave, bye Mr. Rockefeller" Rogue, without waiting for an answer anymore, turned away and met James.

James accompanied her way out as he placed his hand over Rogue's shoulders.

Remy knew she was leaving. She had told him she'll stay in a small apartment until she can move permanently. Remy asked where.

"Well ... a place Ah used to call home, Ah'm returnin' back there in due time"

Xavier Mansion ...

"How 'bout me, I'm goin' ta miss you"

"No, Ah'm not leavin' ya, Ah would for a little time," Rogue had told him.

Remy stayed quiet as Rogue stared at his eyes. Remy looked down and shoved his bangs to his back.

"Ah'm moving out, could y' accompany me in t' hotel? Ah had to pack," Rogue asked.

"Sure, whatever, you're leavin' now?" Remy asked back.

"It's still early, Ah wouldn' want to hear anythin' 'bout Chris ... Ah want ta go home ... an' get mah rest if mah friends will still accept me"

Remy nodded. Soon before they knew it, cars and motorcycles full with cameras faced them.

"Uh-oh ... not again" Rogue snarled.

"Dis way!" Remy grabbed Rogue's hand and ran through the alley near them. The press won't stop following them. Remy grinned at the thought.

Dose creeps better not mess wit' me.

Remy hid with Rogue under a garbage can. "Hurry Georgia ... ran in d' edge side of t' alley I'll take care of dese" Remy whispered.

"But how 'bout ... "

"Never mind 'bout me ... go!" Remy pushed Rogue out as she ran. The press would have follow her until Remy touched another garbage can beside him as kinetic energy flowed in the can, it emitted bright light as Remy lets go, pushed the can to the vehicles and ran in the edge of the alley.

Before Rogue knew it, she heard a large explosion coming from the alley, James was with her in the moment.

"God, what happened?" Rogue asked James shaking.

"Dunno, it just went boom"

"Let's get out of heah, am Ah glad Ah'm gonna be out of the papers!"

Remy watched Rogue packed. He helped her with the baggages and left the hotel. After walking for a short while. Remy talked to her.

"Hey, m'be after ya move in, m'be we can have dinner at d' bar ... y'know de one just near Salem Center"

"Harry's Hideaway ya say?"

"Yeah, dat one"

"Sure" Rogue agreed. "Will six in the evenin' do?"

Remy glanced at his wristwatch and realized it was only three hours before that time.

"Whatever ya say, I'll be expectin' ya"

James left Rogue when she was near her home. She walked there alone, knowing the right paths and ways there. She saw a familiar road then, and not shortly, she reached the mansion.

The mansion gave her an inviting look, it was still alive there, green lawn had covered its background and trees all over. She felt the sudden feeling of home.

"It nevah had changed" Rogue whispered to herself, she carried her baggages once again and made the road way home.

Rogue was glad no alarm has been rang when she entered the large gates. The mansion still knows her, since the alarm identifies the visitors' DNA. Rogue took a deep breath as she entered the gateway.

Rogue made sure she looked fine before she'll rung the doorbell. Feeling tense, nervous and excited Rogue took a deep sigh and rang ...

It took her two rings more to hear arguing sounds ... that sounded familiar.

"Y ' get it 'ro! cain't ya see I'm busy here!"

"Alright Logan, I should be trimming my plants now and ..."

A tall white haired chocolate-skinned lady opened the door. "Oh ... may I help you?" Rogue realized she hadn't recognized her ... for all those years.

Rogue smiled, not uttering a word.

"Um ... excuse me" The lady turned on a stern look.

"Ya know Storm, wit' that look, you'll sure to win an Oscar for that"

The lady known as Ororo Munroe, Storm cannot speak, her words were all choked up in.

"By the Goddess!!! Rogue!!!" Ororo greeted wildly and threw her hands on Rogue. Rogue had embraced her back, she felt tears again coming by.

"It's been a long time!" Ororo continued. Rogue smiled widely in happiness.

"Hey! 'ro! Cut that noise ... I'm ... " A small man had interrupted the scene. Rogue decided to let go Storm and faced him.

"Oh ... good Lord " The man began.

"Well, are you just goin' ta stare like that at me? It's me, Ah ain't any clone or plastic whatevah! Ah'm real!"

"Quit it! I know" The man, known as Logan by his friends smiled pleasingly. "It's been a long time, Rogue."

Rogue embraced Logan whole-heartedly. It's nice to be in someone she had love's arms.

Soon the whole X-Men was there, and what a change, with only six of them left.

The whole X-Men was finally in the living roon, talking about everything that happened to her.

"You're staying, Rogue?" Shadowcat, also known as Kitty Pryde asked.

"Yeah, finally" Rogue took a sip from her orange juice. "That is, if y'all accept me"

"Of course we do Rogue, no doubt 'bout it, we could use someone eating our spare cookies at the cupboard!" Colossus or Peter Rasputin kidded. Everyone laughed.

"Ah guess that's a yes for me" Rogue grinned.

"Ach, imagine this, all what happened on to you mein sister, was it fascinatin' to be treated as human? livin' in a luxury home and everythin'?" Nightcrawler, Rogue's foster brother better of as Kurt Wagner, is still struggling for a good English grammar.

"An' havin' defeated Monica Lewinsky and the President's affair on t' papers!" Logan interrupted as everyone had laughed again.

"Ok cut it out!" Rogue waved her hands. "Ah had enough, one questions at a time!" Everyone had silenced down to hear her story.

"Well, it isn't all paradise livin' in a human's world, Gawd, it's like snakes are all ovah me theah, ready to sting or eat me anytime" Rogue sighed.

"T' press are like loose dobermans, they are ready waitin' ta attack ya when they say ya," Rogue took a while to study the others expressions.

Rogue continued. "Livin' wit' Chris is nice, an' a dream come true Ah'll say, but in every fairy tale there must be the villain, Chris's parents look on ta me like a dangerous insect that must be crushed. 'twas hard livin' in a place ya don' belong at all, and all of this dreams Ah had popped off, pretendin' was child's play but t'outcome ... Ah don' evah know if ya'll live wit' it"

When Rogue glanced at her friends, they had a pity sight. She decided to end sharing her experiences.

"Just like on t' sayin' 'remember who ya are, where ya from an' which roots did ya grow in'"

"That's the spirit" Marrow grumbled.

"Sarah, we're on a middle of a discussion, if you would wish to stay in that condition it's better you'll leave," Storm scolded.

"No thanks weather witch, I was getting inspired by the race traitor's story," Marrow snickered.

Storm gave Marrow an angry glance.

"No, it's Ok Storm, she's raht anyway, even if it's horrible ta think." Rogue sipped more from her juice.

"Actually, Ah met a kind fellow along t' factory, wit' t'name James LeBlanc, he was sweet, he actually asked me out later night."

No one spoke, Rogue can see widening stares from the X-Men.

"What's wrong?"

"So Gambit goes kaboom?" Logan asked.

Rogue woke up from the silence and she was energized by eagerness. "Did he came back? What happened? Did ya nevah see him again? Did ... "

"Slow down, Rogue," Kitty replied and looked on to Storm for help.

"W-Well, he is fine by the moment, he was searching for you, but I told him that you had a vacation, you wouldn't want him to know, as you have told me," Storm explained.

"Yes Ah'm glad he's fine."

Silence came into the scene again.

"Where is he livin' now?" Rogue asked. No one of the X-Men was supposed to answer the question. But ...

"New York, didn't ya see him around? He was workin' on your ex-lover's company."

The X-Men glared at Logan at such response. But in which he replied.

"Hey, it's about time she knew, no more foolin'."

Rogue's face went white, a loud shrieking crash was heard from the glass she was holding and drinking to during the discussion.

"I act'ly smell him all ovah ya." Logan awaited for Rogue's response.

She can't speak nor she can move, but her body was trembling with tense with the truth and the words 'James is Remy'.

Oh Gawd, Oh Gawd, Oh Gawd, it was him ...

Rogue suddenly recalled what happened in the alley scene with James ...

Before Rogue knew it, she heard a large explosion coming from the alley, James was with her in the moment.

"God, what happened?" Rogue asked James, shaking.

"Dunno, it just went boom"

Rogue quivered under her thoughts. Gawd ... it was him all along ...

Remy whistled along the bar reminiscing the lovely smell of hamburger pans frying and remembering the look of the greasy fries he always had before. He was at Harry's Hideaway, it never changed since the last two years, just like he left just hours away.

Where is she, it been an hour now Remy stared at his wristwatch which says it was seven thirty p.m. Remy feared that something might have happened to her now.

But then he saw her, approaching the bar, with the Georgia-type outfit.

"'lo Georgia, you're late"

She didn't answer, she sat beside him and ordered for a cheeseburger but didn't spoke to him though he was never there.

"Georgia? y'Ok? why are ya not answerin' me?"

Still no response, but after a little while, she glared at him in unspeakable anger.

"Could we stop pretendin'?"

Remy's jaw fell. "W-What are y'talkin' about?"

"This is so stupid!" Rogue cried, not caring there were eyes looking on them. "We're like actors on a play! Controlled in a script!"

Dieu, she knows, t'X-Men told her "Calm down, let's settle dis outside."

Rogue didn't spoke. "Ah searched foh a new life, nearly fell in love with a guy name James LeBlanc, not knowing 'twas you all along!" Rogue growled and left the bar and Remy felt a little better she's going to leave the bar to take the argument a little personally.

"Rogue, wait!"

"Shut up! Don' even follow me!" Rogue took fast steps away from him.

"Now wait dere! I also strive foh a new life an' ... "

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Ah ain't listenin' ta ya! " Rogue faced Remy for the last time. "Don't even t'ink of followin', LeBeau!"

Surname calls, Remy knew it was trouble all along, but there's one thing that lingers on his mind.

"I have ta talk ta her!"

Remy chased.

"Rogue --"

Rogue stormed in the open door and left Storm calling for her. Rogue charged the stairs and in a short while Storm heard a door shut.

"Rogue!" Storm called. Another figure opened the door, still in ajar..

"Goddess! Remy!"

"Where is she?" Remy asked panting.

"She went ups--"

Remy leaped up the stairs to Rogue's room.

Storm didn't try to stop him as she sighed resting on the stairs balcony, hoping everything will be all right between the two.

Rogue cried on her pillow; it was really stupid for her to do it but she was doing it anyway.

"Rogue! Please open the door," went on the same voice she threw her anger from. He was saying it a third time. Five knocks followed.

Rogue was silent. "Leave me alone!"

"Rogue ... " After a short while, Rogue heard faint steps disappearing, he was gone.

Rogue squeezed her pillow harder, till confused why she was crying, and what should she do.

Remy took a sip from his coffee on the living room with Storm.

"She won't listen 'ro, she's always like dat, when she's mad, she's really mad, even wit'out any reason, but she has a reason ta, wit' a wrong thought," Remy explained.

"Oh Remy, she'll get better tomorrow." Storm comforted Remy with a pat on his back.

Remy looked at his wristwatch. "Whooo, it be near midnight, I've got ta go now."

"Go? wouldn't you want to stay here?"

"Well Storm ... "

"Please Remy, if Rogue is the problem well ..."

"No." Remy sighed and smiled at Storm. "I'll come back tomorrow afternoon."

Storm returned a concerned look.

"I promise." Remy squeezed Storm's hand.

Storm felt reassured then. "I guess that will work."

"I 'ave t'go, see you den tomorrow" Remy stood up from the leather sofa and turned on his leave.

I'll come back for my final farewell to dem ...


Concluded in Chapter 9.


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