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"No Return, No Exchange"

No Return, No Exchange

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Disclaimer: Ag, when is this going to end? well anyway, all characters UNKNOWN are mine, that means, all characters that are familiar here are Marvel's. What? you're sick of this? well ok, I'll shut up.
The story's gonna end soon (and soon the whole truth is gonna come out! ;-) And I have been planning for the next one which is going to be definitely different in my other fics, for it to be not boring since its like I'm writing fics about having normal lives and sort of things like that. I haven't said this for a long time but really, all I want from you people is feed back =).

No Return, No Exchange

Part 7

Remy forced up on his bed, nervous sweat all over his body and face. He panted and gasped for enough air to calm him down and his loud-thumping heartbeat.

He found the glass of water he had prepared that last night and took a huge gulp. He settled for a moment as he leaned against the wall against his bed and rested for a while.

Morning rays shone to him from his window, he sighed for relief as found it was already morning.

Remy stretched up, taking all the weariness and burden away from his body and pulled out his quilt.

Dat's terrible, one of de most terrible dreams ...

That's it for him, he dreamt of Georgia marrying that billionaire felony Chris, in which he hoped she wouldn't.

After dressing up for work, Remy walked throught the cool, busy streets of New York, arriving at a small cafe shop and decided to take a breakfast there.

Remy would always check the news in the newspaper shop just outside it.

He saw a very familiar face in the newspaper, after throwing a nickel to the newspaper boy, he glanced at the newspaper and read the large bold words that quickly broke his heart ...


With Georgia's picture in it ...

Remy carried himself a heavy heart, he can't describe what he's feeling .

Good Dieu why does it hav' ta be dis way ...

Unrevealingly fast, Remy realized he was already in the Rockefeller factory, it was only six thirty in the morning, too early for work, to his wide shock he saw Georgia coming out.

"Hi James! it's a good t'ing you're here!" Georgia smiled at him sweetly.

Remy gave out a pitiful smile and returned to its state.

"Uh ... James? is there anythin' wrong?"

"Uh, no, um ... had a drowsy night, dat's it, what brings ya ta be so early heah?" Remy asked.

"Well" Georgia sighed. "Ah ... me an' Chris need someone ta drive us on our way ta t' airport and help us with some t'ings heah. t' driver's out an' Ah guess you're our only hope"

"Airport? ..." Remy stammered confusingly. "W-Where are ya goin'" It's hopeless LeBeau, m'be she an' de guy gonna be wed somewhere far ...

"Nah, Ah ain't wit' him, he had a business trip in Mexico for a week" Georgia's face become sad. "Ah'm gonna be all alone again ... "

Before Remy could talk Georgia interrupted fast. "Ah really hope y' could help me get the luggages in Chris's car and drive us in t' airport, if y' really won't mind, we need it ..."

"S-Sure ... "

They were near the airport, Chris has a serious face as he talks in his cellphone. Georgia looks at her watch as he continued driving.

He remained silent all the way assisting Chris with the luggages and some things, as he was leaving, Remy caught the sight of Chris's own plane and returned to Chris and Georgia's last conversation, and tried to snatch some words ...

"You're gonna call me Ok?" Georgia squirmed.

"Y' know I would, call me in anything you need, I think you should take a vacation."

"No Chris, Ah'll be fine, y' had to be goin' now."

"Yes Georgia, good-bye" and they did the fake thing again. "I'll be calling you then." Chris smiled and gave a smile of gratitude to Remy, Georgia had with her a sad smile.

After he left, Georgia sighed once again and looked at Remy. "Let's go home James"

Remy nodded and escorted her along the way, and at the car, Georgia finally recognized and saw the sad and angry look of James.

"Ok James, what's goin' on, are ya mad at me or somethin'?"

"Am not Georgia, I just got a lousy mornin'."

"Ah don' believe you, tell me what's goin' on ... please."

Remy sighed and decided to finally let it all out. "Are you an' Chris really going to be wed?"

Georgia's face was priceless, she had on a confused and bitter look. "W-Where did ya heard that?" She said trembing.

"Why in de newspaper ... "

Georgia threw on an unspeakable devastating look. "N-Newspaper ?"

"I even got it here." Remy showed her.

Georgia's face surprisingly reddened after seeing it. "Those cursed press dogs!" Georgia hit the windshield ... almost breaking it ...

"W-What do y'mean?"

"It ain't true! Yes Ah'll say t' truth that he proposed t' me last night ... but what Ah told him is not that."

Remy stopped the car in the side road nearing the company and faced Georgia, "You ... you didin't agree?"

"Ah didn't "Georgia turned away. "Ah still love him but Ah told him Ah need more time."

Remy felt relieved or just a feeling of happiness and security he can't describe.

"Ah can't believe those ... "

"I ... I'm sorry, didn't mean to ... "

"It's ok James" Georgia sat up straight and calmed down. "Is ... Is that all you're grumblin'?"

Remy was quite embarassed. "Um ... yeah, just um ... concerned Uhhhhhh .... " Remy tried to figure a rather reasonable reason.

"Ah said it's ok, it's nice ta know you've cared ... "

Remy let out a grin and decided to stop talking.

Soon it was night, it was fast for Rogue, she spent most of her day supposedly down, but James had always lightened her up and spent with her lunch and snack time. James told her he'll stay in the factory that night in part of the overtime group to fix some deliveries to be made the next day and that's up to one thirty A.M. or so. Sometimes, weirdly, she wished he was there.

It was already past midnight, Rogue was waiting and expecting a call from Chris, but he never called.
Rogue glanced to clock to see its one o'clock a.m. Everyone was probably sleeping now.

Or so she thought ...

Rogue decided to get a glass of water when she heard two people in a conversation just down the living room.

Mr. an' Mrs. Rockefeller? what are they doin' awake this night?

Chris's parents are taking champagne while talking. Rogue chose not to go down for a while when she snatched some few words in the conversation.

"This is all baloney Adam," Adam is the name of Chris's father. "I told you your plan is not going to work, some fool just got in the plan, Ralph's plan was even better, that Georgia girl should be in bars now!" Mrs. Rockefeller said profoundly.

M-Me ... in bars?

Rogue should have known, Chris's parents are up to something despite their goody nice ways...

Rogue crouched down the balcony of the stairs and listened.

"And worse enough, that cursed Albrant boy had just admitted himself in the crime! Despite the threats we gave."

"Oh God ... " Rogue gasped softly as her heart beat wildly.

"I know Claire, I know, so it didn't work, but it should have work without that LeBlanc man coming into the scene!" Mr. Rockefeller shot back.

Rogue felt hot tears in her eyes, of anger ... she doesn't know.

Ah can't believe this ... Ah trusted them an' Ah just realized they were in this robbery ...

"Lower down your voice Adam, we only have to accept it, the plan had been well, the alarms off with the girl going down and nearly accused for the crime and got her out of Chris's arms, the LeBlanc guy spoiled it all"

It echoed to Rogue's mind as she felt herself angry as her blood boils. The robbery crime was all a set-up! And she nearly fell in it, but James had saved her.

Rogue felt something she never felt in the last two years, she wanted to break out, shout and attack. Anger was still ruling her body, tears still falling, she wanted to fight ...

But she didn't ... Rogue rushed to her room swiftly slamming the door ...

"What was that?" Mr. Rockefeller stood up and glared upstairs.

"Oh nothing Adam, don't be so paranoid, it was the wind ..."

Rogue fell in her bed and ended up crying, she was angry, she had never felt so much anger in her life. She wanted to scream ... She didn't want to live in there anymore ...

She didn't want to be with this family as long as she may live.

She felt no love for Chris, she doesn't know why. Rogue wanted to take revenge in all the things they've done. Costed hers, James and Ralph's life.

As much as Rogue wanted to fight, she controlled herself. She grabbed her old green sports bag she always used for going. She slammed it with full force on the bed and pulled her cabinet handle and pulled all her clothes in the hanger with the clothes in her drawers. Rogue picked a purple long sleeved shirt with her jeans and dressed up. After packing up, she tucked everything away in her bag and pulled her blue jacket. After checking everything, Rogue wiped up her tears, as her cheeks are flaring red.

She doesn't care whether its too cold outside, she just have to get out of that miserable place. When she opened the balcony's glass doors from her room, she heard a ring ...

Who? ...

It rang thrice ... Rogue decided to accept the call.

Rogue slowly lift the receiver up her ear and tried to recover a while. "H-Hello ?... "

"Hi Georgia! sorry if I called up late, I know you're asleep ..."

"Ah ... It's Ok ..."

"You sound hoarse darling, are you Ok?"

Rogue paused. "Ah ... Ah'm fine ... "

"I'm glad, the meeting's going to start tomorrow, I'm resting in this nice hotel here in Santa Fe .. "

"That's nice ..."

There was a pause. "Are you sure you're Ok Georgia?"

"Ah am ... Ah ... decided ta hav' a vacation for a while ... visit mah friends in Salem Center..."

"Oh sure, is everything Ok with my parents there?"

Rogue shut her eyes and tried to ease the anger. "Uh ... Yeah ... fine ... Ah'll be leavin' ... t'mmorow."

"Ok, I'll be calling you on your cell phone."

Oh nice one Chris, Ah ain't bringin' it "Yeah."

"Well, you should rest now Georgia, talk to you tommorow, bye."

"B-Bye "

After nearly banging the phone, Rogue thought for a while in where she's going. She was reminded of James in the office. She glanced at the clock, it was nearly two o' clock... but she decided to call anyway.

She punched down the number and heard seven faint rings.

M'be he left after all ...

"Who de ... "Remy yawned as he waited the phone to be out after ten rings. He was closing down the factory door when the phone rang.

Anyway ...

"'lo ?"

There was a short pause.

"'lo James ..."

Remy was quite shocked. Dat voice ... I swore ...

"It's Georgia ... Ah'm really glad ya're still theah" her voice was hoarse and bland.

Oh ... "You Ok? Why did ya called?"

"Um ...Ah ... Ah'll explain later ... couldja meet me outside t' company? Ah need ta see ya"

She sounded urgent and serious. "Uh ..sure"

Remy waited in the dark mist of the night. It was very unlike of Georgia to be like that. Especially tonight when it was been dead cold and silent. It wasn't snowing but its just irregularly cold.

He knew something was wrong ...

One meter ahead, he saw a figure walking near to him. It was Georgia all right, her hair untied and uncombed, she's wearing clothes unpreferably a Billionaire's girlfriend would wear.

She had a sports bag with her.

"Georgia? What's wrong?"

Without any warning Georgia had fell onto him embracing him and pouring Remy all her desparation. Remy knew she was crying ...

"Sil vous plait Georgia! what's going on?" Remy embraced Georgia back to calm her, but she won't stop crying.

But Remy heard the muffled words in her.

"Ah hate him, Ah hate them all ..."

"Mon Dieu Georgia what are you thinkin' what's goin' on? that Chris cheated on you?"

Georgia shook her head many times and finally faced him, she is beet red her green eyes flashing with anger and desparation.

"Ah'm sorry James, Ah don' know what Ah'm doin' but Ah just hav' ta see you ... Ah need ya" Georgia explained in her hoarse voice.

" Dere now " Remy enclosed her in an embrace, patting her back. "Y' can talk to me later, but in de meantime let's find a place to stay..." Thinking Georgia might be uncomfortable in his apartment, he had some spare cash for another motel to stay for the both of them.

And learn what really happened.

It was undoubtedly cold, so she helped James with the cash to move on a more profitable place for them that had a fire place to warm them up. Rogue sipped in her hot chocolate James had prepared her. She tightened the grip of the quilt she had around her, she didn't care anyway in the dead cold; she just need to rest and settle things up.

"Georgia? you fine now?" James's voice came up.

"Yeah ... Ah am ... "

"Fine enough to talk"

Rogue shuddered but she decided to let it all out. "Uh-huh ..."

"So what happened?" James with his coffee sat next to her.

Rogue took a sigh and told him everything that happened. James had with him an angry look.

"Dat explains what Ralph said ta me, dose bastards ... "

"Ah should hav' known it was their playin' ... its all mah fault"

"Why blame yourself?"

"Ah shouldn' hav' come in t' mansion, this whole t'ing wouldn't hav' happened."

"Not yours Georgia, de Rockefellers, blame dem" James remarked and turned to the fire place across him.

Rogue became silent for a while, shaking her mug a little and waiting for James to say something again.

"Do ya t'ink dat Chris might be involved in dis?"

"No, No he wouldn't be ... " Rogue said immediately.

"Den why did ya say ya hated him?"

Rogue paused and was silent again. "Well, for urgin' me ta be wit' him in t' mansion an' ... for leavin' me defenseless at theah .. not exactly his fault, Ah was just out of control then ..." That's so naive o' me.

"He probably didn't know Georgia, I know how hard is to be betrayed"

"Ah bet"

James stared at her with a queasy look at his eyes.

"Sorry" Rogue pressed her lips on the blanket around her. She crossed her fingers together upon seeing the diamond ring Chris gave her as an engagement ring. Rogue was distracted for a moment and studied every edge and spark it has.

Rogue wiped another tear at her eye as she sniffed off and turned on a promising look.

James was shocked when she removed it from her middle finger.

"No ... Ah cain't do it ... Ah don' deserved to be his wife" Rogue dropped it off the carpet and cried softly on the blanket as James gave her a warm embrace to calm her.

Remy brushed Georgia's brown mane as she cried her heart out. She was never this sad and desperate. Remy felt pity on her... to be in that kind of situation.

"Hush chere, everythin's gonna be fine girl" Remy patted Georgia's back.

Georgia nudged a little and seemed to be wanting more of Remy's comfort as she comfortably lay to his chest staring bleak on the fireplace across her.

After a moment of calming, she faced Remy and spoke. "James ... really, Ah wanna thank ya for everythin' ya've done, it meaned a lot ta me"

"Why thank me? I would surrender myself for you Georgia ... I'll always be dere for you"


"Promise" Remy squeezed Georgia's hand, he doesn't care what is going on between the two of them, its just he felt something new ... something he haven't felt before since Rogue left him.

He doesn't know but he feels like heaven.

"Ya know James, ya reminded me of someone Ah used to love so much, someone who means a lot ta me"

That caught Remy's attention. "Really?"

"Yeah ... Oh why Am Ah sharin' ya mah history, its just Ah'm so sad right now ... "

"I don' mind"

"Well actually" Georgia gave Remy a tender smile."Ah mind, mah life's so tragic if ya would heard it, Ah don' want ya ta feel sorry for me."

Remy was struck in a moment and said nothing, he didn't know she would be like that, a princess in a dark past.


"Yeah" Remy faced Georgia.

"Ya don' mind ... If Ah sleep in your arms?"

"No ... go ahead, I'll be holdin' ya when you wanted ta"

Remy finally saw a contented and an assured smile on Georgia's face.

The long drastic week is finally over. Chris had surprisingly returned early. Soon everything was quite under control. Rogue entered Chris's office room and smiled at him in greeting.

But he ignored her and she saw he has no mood to be happy; he had a very serious look in his face. He had someone in the phone. Rogue decided to shut up.

"Well? Didn't I told you?" Chris's voice thundered suddenly on the phone. Rogue finally realized the situation was from the meeting he had. When he got home, he wasn't very happy of the outcome of the meeting that's why he decided to return early.

Rogue couldn't interrupt so she walked at Chris's back and massaged his shoulders to calm him.

"I knew it! I knew it! Those stocks had to be delivered soon!" Chris demanded, his face quite reddening.

Gawd, this is not good for his health "Chris calm down" Rogue patted his back.

Between the conversation, James had knocked in to give the coffee Chris asked.

Rogue accepted the tray of hot coffee and gave a smile of thanks to James.

"What's goin' on?" James asked softly.

"Well ... "

Suddenly in no warning, Chris's body shook as if electrocuted and he grabbed his chest.

"Oh mah Gawd Chris!" Rogue dropped the tray of coffee, breaking the mug and splattering hot coffee on the floor.

Before Rogue knew it, he fainted ...

"Oh no ... no ... Chris!" Rogue trembled as she caught Chris from falling to the ground.

"Mon Dieu! Get him here! Quick!" James called to the ground.

Rogue amazingly carried Chris easily on the floor where James had signalled.

James alarmingly checked Chris's pulse. "Dammit, no pulse!!!"

"Oh mah Gawd! Oh mah Gawd!" Rogue covered her face and cried beneath it.

"He needs mouth ta mouth, do ya know how ta do it?" James asked his face in full adrenaline rush.

"Yes but ... "

"Give 'im one! Hurry!" James offered her a position.

Now Rogue had felt the total hopelessness like she didn't have before, all she wanted is this to be over.

"Georgia! Hurry!"

Rogue desperately shook her head in closed eyes she doesn't want to see. "Ah ... cain't ... "

"Why?! I mean, I'll teach ... "

"No ya don't understand!!! Ah cain't Ah just cain't!!!" Rogue fired back.

"Good Dieu!! .... just why Georgia ?!!"

Rogue shook her head once again and let it all out.

"Ah cain't James ... Ah can't touch him!! Ah can't touch him!!"


Continued in Chapter 8.

There you go folks, now ain't it exciting to find out what would happen? Stay stuck cause if you wont, you don't know what you'll miss!


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