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"No Return, No Exchange"

No Return, No Exchange

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Disclaimer: Rogue, Gambitand Storm are Marvel's except for some, and y'know the rest, anyways, enjoy! Please don't forget to mail me at and tell me what's on your mind!

No Return, No Exchange

Part 2

Simple dinner all right...

Rogue shivered at the cold breeze behind her back, she admitted she was quite nervous, it hasn't been often she's brought up to a place like this.

And he said simple...

"Are you OK Georgia?" Christopher asked.

Rogue clasped her hands covered with green silk gloves and nodded and gave a weary smile. It's been so quiet, silent buzzes of rich, high society men are heard and soft violin music. Hidden around them are Chris's bodyguards. Making sure nothing will happen, although Chris hated it since he wanted to have privacy.

She hadn't like places like this, it's so uncomfortable to her, she felt home in places that is noisy and has men on her own class. She was brought to one of the most expensive restaurants around New York

"Darling, are you sure?" Christopher gave a worried glance as he held her hands.

"Y-yeah, o' course, I-it's just Ah'm thinkin' 'bout somethin' in t' office..." Rogue answered.

Christopher frowned. "Come on Georgia, forget about those, it's night time, it's a time for us ... don't take it too seriously..."

"Ah ... just had a thought..." Rogue looked around. "If t' media's heah again..."

"Oh..." Christopher's face gave a cross look. "Them ... I just wonder why can't they stop following us..."

"It's the press sugar ... y' know them ... y' know those false reports they give ... like one they accused me of being after your money, Ah'm not like that, why can't they just leave us"

"I know ... if I have the power to turn them down I would, my sweet" Christopher said as the waiter came with their meal.

"Beef steak sir..."

"Over here please" Rogue directed. She doesn't want any of those world class French foods, she thought they look disgusting. Its a good thing they have steak.

After the waiter left. Rogue spoke once again. "Ah remember t' time when Ah was being followed by a photographer in mah apartment, Ah can't believe that guy..."

Christopher gave an angry look. "He did? Why didn't you tell me about that?"

"It's that" Rogue looked uneasy. "Ah don' wanna trouble ya 'bout mah life..."

Christopher turned a stern and at the same time a worried look. "If only you would live with me in the mansion, I insist Georgia, you're not safe anymore here, in my mansion you can have the safety and privacy that you wanted, but you rejected..."

"Well, not by the look but, Ah don' t'ink Ah'm welcome ... Ah cant forget t' look your parents gave ... Ah really tried to make them feel comfortable wit' me, an' not only that, they didn't even know Ah'm a mutant" Rogue turned away.

Christopher held her hands and gave it a warm squeeze. "I don't care what they say, I take control of my life, that means I will choose whoever I want..." he looked to her hands and returned back to her awaiting eyes. "and that's you"

Rogue looked down as she made an affected smile.

"Please Georgia, I insist ... I wanted to and I'll assure your safety and happiness" Christopher looked to her emerald sparking eyes.

At last she nodded and finally agreed.

Christopher smiled in delight "Fantastic, pack your things later night and move in tomorrow morning, my limousine will fetch you in your apartment"

"Are you sure? T' press might follow an' ... "

Christopher stopped her. "Shhhh, I don't care what they do or say, or write in those useless tabloids, but what I know is I love you Georgia and I wanted you to be with me"

Rogue smiled at him, touched by his concern and love. "Thank y' very much Chris" she squeezed his cold hands back and continued softly. "Ah love you too"

Christopher lovingly kissed her hand but it only touched her gloves. Rogue just felt guilty and disappointed.

When she arrived at the apartment she was surprised that no one came to follow her. She used the elevator from the luxurious apartment and got to her room. The first thing she knew she had loads of messages in the answering machine. After hearing some useless and crazy calls she finally heard an good one, from Storm...

"Hello Rogue, I know you're not yet home at this time, I should have called at night but we had a mission, I just want to ask how are you doing in there and uh ... I know you won't like this message but it's better for you to hear it ... " Rogue was glad she set the answering machine in limit of two minutes. "Remy called here..." Rogue's body froze as she listened more. "He ... asked how are you, I've told you are not here ... I know you would be mad if I told your whereabouts, he was fine and is in New York, he misses you ... " Rogue didn't breath as she leaned on the wall next to her trying to recover from the shock and strange feeling she's experiencing.

"Well I can tell he is feeling alone ... that's all bye" she heard a click and a dial tone.

Remy? What would he want now ...

Next morning Remy went to the company as he registered in.

A tall lady approached him and handed him some folders. "Ms. Smith will be here in five minutes, please wait."

"Merci" Remy smiled as he sat on the chairs along the entrance.

An attractive young woman came in the office she looks very busy, she has been talking to the cell phone and checking her beeper. She's wearing a brown business suit, Remy can tell it's designer of course. After a while she ended her conversation as the tall lady approached her and pointed to Remy.

The woman looked at him, Remy gulped as they met face to face, he smiled as he found her face familiar. She smiled at him and signaled him to follow.

Remy stood up a bit trembling as he followed Ms. Smith in the elevator.

As the doors closed, she looked at him with her familiar green eyes, she studied him as she looked frozen on her place.

"Y' must be t' new guy heah" she spoke finally.

"Y-Yeah, I'm ... James LeBlanc" Remy answered offering a hand for a shake.

Ms. Smith smiled as she shook her hand in a matching brown leather glove with him. The cold gloves had shook Remy.

"Georgia Smith"

The doors of the elevator finally opened. The auburn haired woman motioned him on the left. "Watch those doors honey, they close very fast" she warned on a very attractive smile.

"Yes Ms. Smith"

"Georgia please, it sounds so formal ... Ah want everyone t' call me equally" Georgia pulled her keys in her pocket and opened a right green colored door.

"Yes ... um ... Georgia" Although Remy still felt uncomfortable, he nearly gasped at the sight of her room.

"Huge huh? Me mahself is shocked too when Chris gave me this" Georgia laughed as she fixed her bag in her table. She then opened the air conditioner in her room.

Chris must be de big boss Remy thought as he looked at Georgia, observing her again, and her accent is very much familiar.

"Oh damn, " Remy saw Georgia grazed her slim legs as she found a run on her stockings. She just ignored it as she sat on her leather chair.

"So, J- um y'won't mind if Ah call you James right?." Georgia accepted the folders handed by him.

"Oh I don' mind ..." Remy smiled. She's so damn gorgeous. With her hair beautifully styled in a bun and a face of a model. Careful Remy, she's de boss's woman. Remy told himself.

Georgia flipped the folder opened as Remy was looking around the room. There were some paintings on the wall, a comfy sofa and some books that if he was not mistaken, the same type of books Rogue would read. He remembered her again and found out that Georgia looked very much like Rogue.

Her manners and everything are similar.

Georgia caught his stare as Remy gulped and smiled.

Georgia laugh softly at him. "What's wrong? you're like a hotdog waitin' ta sizzle?"

"Uh" Remy looked again at her gloves. He's never been so nervous in his life.

"Oh this? mah hand is infected with a skin disease, it looks pretty damn bad" Georgia explained.

"Nobody would notice anyway, with your look" Remy smiled but was immediately shocked that he said that. Georgia had blushed.

"In a response like that you're gonna make a girl blush"

"Um, I mean ..." Remy stammered.

"'s okay" Georgia asserted as she fixed her excess hair on her sides. "Ah love charmers"

Remy grinned as he hanged on to her last words. Geez can't I just wake up an' lighten up.

Could it be ...

Georgia's telephone on her side rung. "Oh dang," she closed the folder as she faced Remy again.

"Hang on sugah ... "


Continued in Chapter 3.


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