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"No Return, No Exchange"

No Return, No Exchange

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Disclaimer: All characters except for Christopher Rockefeller and for some are Marvel's etcetera etceteras ...
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No Return, No Exchange

Part 1

"Ms. Smith, phone..." a tall blond lady waved a phone.

"Oh damn, hold on Ah hav' someone on t' phone heah, who is it theah?" a young woman with rich auburn hair which is in a bun, replied as she covered the phone she's holding.

"It's Mr. Rockefeller."

Chris? He just called me in a while...

"Ah'll get it" the woman called as she returned to talk on her recent phone to tell the person she'll call it afterwards. After saying good bye and putting down the phone, she walked in fast steps, nearly ripping her designer lavender business look mini skirt which she's been learning to adjust on. She checked if she wore her lavender gloves and then she accepted the phone fast and held it on her ears. "Hello?"

"Georgia darling I'm sorry in bothering you again..."

The woman sighed and smiled. "Its OK sugar, y' didn't bother me at all"

"I hope so," a handsome rich voiced man said. "Listen, can we have dinner later, um, just a simple dinner"

The woman laughed gently. "As if we didn't since t' time Ah said 'yes' to you"

The man in her phone laughed too in response. "Its just I'm so in love with you"

"Here you go again"

"No, its true, really, so will you come?"

The woman has no choice anyway. "Sure honey, what time?"

"About seven will be OK, you'll be ready then?"

"Yeah, Ah would be"

"Perfect! See you then my sweet, bye"

The woman smiled after saying good bye and clicked off the wireless phone she's using. She sighed as she realized she have more work to do and adjust in time. She was hoping to get an overtime for some things but with her date for the night, Chris, being the boss, she won't have to worry.

Although Chris knew all about her being a mutant. Chris didn't care, even if he can't touch her, like her ex-boyfriend did too. Chris told her that their love mattered most than everything and that he doesn't discriminate mutants cause he knew they're humans too. And there are about two or one out of ten billionaires who think like that. She thought she was very lucky because of that.

Once she was a young southerner having long straight auburn hair with a white streak over her bangs, she changed that. She dyed it with auburn resulting it all to be a normal looking color and looks of hair. She changed her name which she was once called by a vicious name as Rogue, she also changed that as a beautifully made name, Georgia Smith. And now she acts like a common being.

Working being just a secretary on a large paper milling company owned by Christopher Rockefeller is the beginning of her new life. Definitely her being attractive done a part on her new chapter of life. Christopher or nicknamed and simply called as Chris fell in love with her, then, by her flawless look of having gorgeous emerald green sparkling eyes, a well shaped outline and body, mixed with her soft chest length auburn mane and a perfect shape of nose and lips helped her life being completely changed.

Being transformed as the billionaire's girlfriend gave her luxury and everything she can have. She lived on a large rich apartment near his mansion and having very expensive clothes, gadgets like a cell phone and jewels mostly gold and diamond by her own choice. She's been transformed the attractive man's partner more like already a boss of the company.

But before that all it wasn't easy, She closed her eyes at the thought that she was struggling to forget but can't. Leaving the outlaw team she once belonged with and learned and grew up with, the mutant team called as the X-Men. Leaving them was very hard to do since they were a part of her life and she didn't even said good bye to the man that gave her hopes and everything which was their leader, Professor Charles Xavier.

She felt very foolish in leaving which has been showered with sorrow and tears but destiny waits upon her and she made her choice for her turn of life ... acting like a normal human being and enjoy life like it even if she can't accept the truth that she can't.

The woman shook her head and tried to focus on the things happening now and try to forget it for now. She realized she had more important things to do.

It was a bit hot that night, although it looked lonely and dim. It's been unusually quiet in there, having few people around that night in Manhattan, New York. There's less people in the streets and every where you see around. It was a moon less night and the skies were rather looking dark and frightening.

Thank de lights a young man in his late twenties thought as he brushed along the lonely streets. The people were looking lonely too as we is right now. He never felt so alone before. He remembered the time that when every time he was alone, he just shrug his shoulders forget and felt satisfied. But not this night.

The tall and dark man wearing sunglasses for some reason placed his hands in his pockets. He breathed a mist of air and took out a cigarette again, lit it up and smoked, for the fifth time of the day. His long unruly brown hair flying to his face, he doesn't mind. His short beard showed his desperateness over the year, he forgot to shave again he realized. He continued walking along the street and decided not to eat for supper. Realizing he's short in money since the time he took step at New York.

Yes ... back in New York...

He splurged his money in beers and cigarettes. Wasted his time in bars and night clubs. He doesn't know why he's leaving his life like this but he wanted it. Ever since his life was fully destroyed in the so-called 'trial' in Antarctica that left his life in a hole, being forgotten about months. Forgetting that he's alive. Now he's like a used rag being tossed in the trash can. And completely destroying, neglecting and forgetting it. It's like he's been dead.

His life has been a mess ever since he grew up in the sacred Thieves guild, broke the pact of the legendary guilds and been overthrown and exiled in his hometown. His dreams of being pushed to love had ended. That led him to do things he never would like to do, but just played it with his life like a stack of playing cards. Now he had the chance of having the life again, now joining with the X-Men, that did change his life indeed, but he did the same thing again, played it like playing cards now look who become the joker?

He still can't forget the one who turned his life around, the one that taught him everything about love, the one that changed his life forever. The one he dreamed of spending his life with. But it seems that the turn of the card has been a foul game ended, guess who lost?

He was Remy LeBeau, also known as Gambit, a mutant with the power of charging things up and ending with a explosion. He has been a skilled thief and has agility. He has the looks and the charm. He has everything a man would envy. He can get every girl that he wants except he forget to treat them well not like gambling them.

Remy fixed his sunglasses and remembered that he was hired yesterday in the famous company known as the Rockefeller paper milling company, the place was rather very large as the Mall of America would be. He would be starting tomorrow as a delivery man and a driver. Large salary too. He'd start a new life, a good new life ... yes...

He drew his navy blue tattered jacket closer as he passed a large exclusive restaurant, he heard it's one of the most expensive. It's a French restaurant, there he saw couples together, holding hands and kissing. How he envied them and wished he and the woman of his dreams could be like that.

But he knew he's dreaming of a love that he can never ever have...


Continued in Chapter 2.


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