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"Keeping It in the Family"

Stories in this series

"Having a Bad Day"
Mr. Sinister finds out about the family he never knew he had. But this isn't the Sinister we know: Think Sinister on drugs. A lot of drugs. (Warning: Some language, sexual references)

"If the Last Day Was Bad"
Sinister's home is invaded by women. (Warning: Some language, sexual references)

"Sinister, Live on Frasier"
Sinister seeks advice from a certain famous radio psychiatrist. (Warning: Some language, sexual references)

"A New Arrial"
The Essex/Darkholme clan adds a new member -- and it's not a new baby!

"Remy's Return"
Gambit finally comes back, only to learn the real truth about Rogue's past -- and his own future.

"Dear Santa"
Rogue writes her annual Christmas letter to Santa Claus and reflects on the changes in her life over the past year.

"Uncle's Day"
Sinister muses on everything from Women's Lib to parenthood to household visitors.

"Thursday's Child"
After losing Kes, Sinister spends years watching their daughter Rogue from afar.

This is yet anther sequel to "Having A Bad Day." It's set a few weeks after "Dear Santa."
The standard disclaimer applies. Sinister and other related characters are Marvels except for Kes, Falcon and Dianne. I'm not making any money and I didn't ask for Marvel's permission.
And I am not saying that Louise Woodward is guilty or not. It's just a comment that Sinister makes. Previous parts can be found at

Okay, I'm as liberal as the next guy. I'm all for women in the workplace. Raven has taken it too far. She has rejoined X-Factor, which pleases me no end, but she's left her baby girl with Kes and I. Okay, I'll admit that I like having a baby in the house but when it's not your own and you have it 24 hours a day, you just want to strangle the child ... and it's mother.

In all fairness to Dianne, she's a good little girl. She sleeps a lot and doesn't ask for much. Unfortunately, when she does want something she's very vocal about it and she usually has to pick the most awkward time. Guess she's just like her mother. I think she might grow up to be like her aunty Falcon. She's only a few weeks old and she's got everyone in the house doing things her way. I have to admit that she does look a lot like her mother and aunts. We're not sure about which side of the family she gets her blonde locks from. Kes maintains that her father was fair haired. Personally, I think it's the Creed in her. I just hope that it ends with looks and she doesn't develop that lovely temperament which all the Creeds seem to have.

Speaking of Marauders, I had a visit from Vertigo. She's looking for a character reference. Apparently since I gave up the “Evil Scientist” gig, all of them have been looking for new jobs. Vertigo's found a possible job as a live in nanny. Now, if I were looking for a new occupation and I looked like V, I'd try stripping. What does she know about taking care of kids? Okay, some people might say that working for me is like looking after an overgrown baby (those same people are now 6 feet under) but really she has no qualifications. Can anyone say Louise Woodward?! So, I told her I would give her a reference once she had found a job more suiting to her talents. If she can't find a job I'll employ her as Dianne's nanny. Heehee.

Anyway, we had a visit from Sister Joy and Kurt. You should see them together. Ever since they discovered they were twins, they've been everywhere together. I believe that Joy is now a member of Excalibur.  I pity Moira. It's bad enough to have to live with one Darkholme but two? She's a saint that woman. Well she'd have to be to put up with Pete Wisdom and all those other poor excuses for mutants. Oh, right, I was talking about Kurt and Joy. Well, I get the two of them on my door step wanting to see their new little sister. Now I am many things but I am not stupid. I took advantage of the situation. They got to spend the day with Dianne and I got to go and play a round of golf with Magneto. I think that Joy would have liked to have taken Dianne back to Muir Island but unfortunately the big bad momma bear came back. Kurt and Joy tried to persuade Raven to join Excalibur so that they could be a family but Raven feels she can't leave X-Factor. In other words, she can't leave Forge. I think my teeth are beginning to rot with all this affection going on. It puts Disney to shame.

I have noticed that my days are becoming more and more boring. Is this what old age is suppose to be like? Take today for example. I woke up and had breakfast, went to watch some news, got my e-mail and washed the dishes then nothing. My day was over. I had sod all to do. Kes thinks I should get a hobby. I had a hobby, it was my research. Of course she's off to work every day at the big flashy hospital. Big deal. Who wants to be slicing 'n' dicing people all day? Okay, I do. Day time television is damaging my health and nobody's in during the day. Even Xavier works during the day. I didn’t think he did anything except sit in that stupid mansion and boss those X-Freaks about. It’s depressing.

I guess I could get a job. V had mentioned that Arclight had found employment as a Physical Education Teacher. Those kids will be damned.  I don't know what the others are up to and I haven't heard anything about Creed. Now that scares me. He's up to something, I know it.  Maybe I'll hire Wolverine as a bodyguard for Dianne. She'd probably pick up nasty habits but it's better than what she'd learn from her father. I suppose I could also make him a nanny. That would be worth seeing, Wolverine in a white apron trying to stop a baby crying. I might hire him just to see that. Or Bishop. I suppose I could go and hire one after the other just to see if it’s as funny as I imagine it is. Knowing my luck they’ll all be great at domestic chores and it won’t be funny at all.

Well, I guess I better go and get Dianne for her daily walk. At least I get to meet other people when I'm out with the baby. You should see the women who come up to me and go "Oh, a dad out with his kid. That's so cute." I always tell them that the mother abandoned us and that I have to raise her all on my own. Okay, it's not completely true but I get an enormous amount of phone numbers. I think Dianne and I could use a little more female company. Heehee. Well if Kes found out, my life wouldn't be worth living. Oh well, it was a nice dream while it lasted. I suppose I could always go and visit Rogue in hospital....nah, it's too nice a day to go to the hospital. Besides, Remy will be at her side waiting for her to give birth to her twins. I'll just go and walk Dianne and attract a lot of attention. It's my unpaid job after all!


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