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"Keeping It in the Family"

Stories in this series

"Having a Bad Day"
Mr. Sinister finds out about the family he never knew he had. But this isn't the Sinister we know: Think Sinister on drugs. A lot of drugs. (Warning: Some language, sexual references)

"If the Last Day Was Bad"
Sinister's home is invaded by women. (Warning: Some language, sexual references)

"Sinister, Live on Frasier"
Sinister seeks advice from a certain famous radio psychiatrist. (Warning: Some language, sexual references)

"A New Arrial"
The Essex/Darkholme clan adds a new member -- and it's not a new baby!

"Remy's Return"
Gambit finally comes back, only to learn the real truth about Rogue's past -- and his own future.

"Dear Santa"
Rogue writes her annual Christmas letter to Santa Claus and reflects on the changes in her life over the past year.

"Uncle's Day"
Sinister muses on everything from Women's Lib to parenthood to household visitors.

"Thursday's Child"
After losing Kes, Sinister spends years watching their daughter Rogue from afar.

Y'know the disclaimer by now.
Sinister/Rogue/Mystique/Gambit - Marvel
Kes Darkholme - Rhona
No money making or permission given.
Note: Jimmy Page - as in Led Zepplin. (My mum's a fan!)

He didn't know why he'd come back here but he knew he had to. A part of his soul had to see her again. A part of him had to make it up to her. He knocked on the door of her new address. Storm had given it to him when he had seen her. It was funny, he got the feeling that she was sad for him which made an uneasy feeling he had grow bigger in his gut. There was no reason for that feeling but years of thieving had made him sensitive to things around him. The door of the Victorian style house was solid oak and very expensive looking. Who ever owned this place definitely had taste, as well as the money to pay for those tastes. A woman, the spitting image of Mystique except for the skin color, answered. She was wearing a tight, short top which made it hard for him to ignore her attributes. If he wasn't here to see Rogue, he'd definitely invite her out for dinner.

"Can I help you?" She asked taking a bite out of her toast and butter. The young man just looked at her. His eyes were not even focused on her face, they were focused elsewhere. Her smile grew, not many men looked at her these days and it was nice to know she still had it.

"Is Roguie here?" He asked after shaking his head to get his mind off other things. The feeling he had earlier slowly rising inside him again. The woman looked at him and smirked. This was obviously Gambit and he was definitely everything her daughter said he was, probably more than that.

"Sure. You must be Gambit, I'm Kestrel Darkholme." She gave him her hand and he  shook it. "I'm Rogue's mother." The man stopped in his tracks. So this was Rogue's mother. This was obvious where Rogue got her looks though he had never met her father.

"You be her mother? Rogue been hiding you well."

"Actually, about four months ago she didn't know I existed."

"How she been?"

Oh this was just too good. Kes smiled inwardly. Remy was in for a shock and then some. This family was more dysfunctional than the Simpsons and now LeBeau was going to be sucked in to it.

"She's fine considering her condition."

Oh, condition. Now there was a word that Remy did not like. It could only mean trouble. He walked into the living room and saw her sitting by a real fire place. She was still as beautiful as he remembered her. That night in Antarctica was the most wonderful night in his life, well second wonderful night. Meeting Jimmy Page was the first of course.

"Remy? Ya really here?" She smiled and ran over to him, almost knocking them both to the floor. This was her dream come true.

"Oui chere. It's me."

"Ah'm so happy an' Ah'm sorry for leavin' ya! An' Remy ya won't believe this but Ah'm havin' twins."

Remy looked down at the protruding belly. She was definitely pregnant. It was great. It was wonderful, what he always wanted. They were going to be a family. Then the bomb hit.

"Hello Remy."

"Sinister, what you be doing here?" He turned to face the scientist only to see him holding about four bags of shopping. Not exactly what he pictured one of the most evil men alive holding. And Sinister was wearing a sweat shirt and jeans. There had to be a logical explanation for this.

"I live here LeBeau, it's actually my house. The young girl you knocked up happens to be my daughter."

Remy looked at Rogue, then at Sinister and back to Rogue before falling to the floor.

"Not exactly the reaction I was hoping for. Welcome to the family Remy. Hope you survive it."

Sinister bent down and put the young mutant's body on the sofa. Rogue moved beside the father of her children and gently stoked his forehead with a bare hand.

"Daddy, can he stay here?"

Her eyes swelled up with tears making her look like a small girl who'd just been told her puppy was being put down. There was no way he could refuse that face even if he was supposed to be the most evil man alive.

"Sure sweetheart. He's not leaving my baby a single mother!"


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