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"Keeping It in the Family"

Stories in this series

"Having a Bad Day"
Mr. Sinister finds out about the family he never knew he had. But this isn't the Sinister we know: Think Sinister on drugs. A lot of drugs. (Warning: Some language, sexual references)

"If the Last Day Was Bad"
Sinister's home is invaded by women. (Warning: Some language, sexual references)

"Sinister, Live on Frasier"
Sinister seeks advice from a certain famous radio psychiatrist. (Warning: Some language, sexual references)

"A New Arrial"
The Essex/Darkholme clan adds a new member -- and it's not a new baby!

"Remy's Return"
Gambit finally comes back, only to learn the real truth about Rogue's past -- and his own future.

"Dear Santa"
Rogue writes her annual Christmas letter to Santa Claus and reflects on the changes in her life over the past year.

"Uncle's Day"
Sinister muses on everything from Women's Lib to parenthood to household visitors.

"Thursday's Child"
After losing Kes, Sinister spends years watching their daughter Rogue from afar.

Yeah, you read right! Sister Joy, one of the new X-Men is here in this story which is another one of the 'Having A Bad Day' sequels. (Am I the first to use Sister Joy?)

For those of you just joining us, Sinister has discovered that Rogue is his daughter. She is having Remy's children and she has met her mother, Kestrel Darkholme who is the sister of Raven Darkholme. Raven is also pregnant and all three women now live with Sinny. The last story was a cross over with NBC's Frasier in which the good doctor got to discuss his problems with the other good doctor.

Recognisable characters = Marvel Comics
Unrecognisable characters = Rhona Highet
No Permission = No money making
Math lesson over = Beginning of story!

It seems to be a new ritual in this house for bad things to occur (touch wood). The latest thing to happen is my sister-in-law's pregnancy. Now you'd think after Graydon that Mystique and Sabretooth would not spawn again but they did and now Raven's staying here. My house now has three females living it. Two are pregnant and the other one, my wife, is getting broody. I actually had a weird dream which involved Doctor Frasier Crane and Kes. She was told me she was pregnant and I fainted. When I came round, I found out I had, in reality, fallen off a ladder while trying to get rid of a spider for Raven. They get me to kill anything that doesn't have linguistic skills, the cowards. They've taken over everything in this house and now they've taken my laboratory. Not that I will ever be able to use it again anyway but it's the principle of the thing. I want my space, they want a nursery for the little bratlings. They've moved the equipment out and baby furniture in. Oh, I admit I'm looking forward to having a grandchild but I also want to continue harassing Scotty. He's so easy to wind up and that's why I've kept up the pretense that he and his family have some sort of destiny. Yes, I realize it's cruel but try living on your own for a couple of decades with no one to talk to because you're a freak and see how sane you are. I think if I had known about Rogue sooner then I would have adopted her and raised her with out Kestrel's knowledge! Okay, maybe not adopt, kidnap would be more accurate. Do you think you can kidnap your own child? I'm a doctor not a lawyer so I don't have a clue. It could have been nice to have raised her on my own. She would have had everything she wanted and I could have helped her with her powers. She'd have been my little princess. Actually, I hate it when fathers call their daughter 'Princess', it's so demeaning to the girl. We could have been happy together and she wouldn't be in her current state. Either way, I seem to lose something.

The other day a young woman came to the door. She looked really lost and upset. I felt sorry for her and invited her into have a cup of tea. Kes was the only other person in the house at the time, actually she was outside butchering my herb garden, Raven was off harassing Forge and Val Cooper. I do not feel sorry for any of X-Factor at the moment, they are the ones who dumped her on me and therefore get what they deserve. Rogue, I don't call her by her real name for some odd reason, has gone to see the X-Men and hopefully she will be staying there for a few days while I decorate the nursery. Anyway, the young woman said she was here to see her real mother. At first I thought she was going to be another of Kes' children that she didn't bother to tell me about but then I asked who she was here to see. She told me it was Raven Darkholme. Oh, yes we have another Darkholme and she turned her image inducer off to reveal blue skin, wings and red hair. The spitting image of Mystique. Her name is Sister Joy, that's what she was called when some nuns found her in a stream. The place she was found wasn't far from where Kurt, Mystique's son, was abandoned. Oh hell, Kurt has a twin sister! Nah, this can't be happening but she shows me a picture that was found near her when she was abandoned. It showed a woman who was definitely Raven (it was either her or Falcon or Kes had a lot of explaining to do) and there was a man who I didn't know. The woman was pregnant, quite heavily I might add. I felt sorry for Joy, she's one of Misty's kids after all. Let's see, there is Kurt who's with Excalibur (I have nothing against them because they've not bugged me yet), there's Graydon (well when you're father is Sabretooth you can be demented), there is Joy who seems normal enough now but give her time to develop the Darkholme psycho nature and there is the little creature growing inside Mystique just now. Wow, Raven's been a busy little beaver. Kes and I have been at it for over a hundred years and we've only spawned (to my knowledge) twice.

"So Joy, I guess I should introduce you to the family." I said putting a hand on her shoulder. "I'm your uncle, Nathaniel Essex."

Kes walked in and looked at us. Joy and I looked at her.

"This is your aunt, Kestrel Darkholme Essex." Kes looked at me. "This is Sister Joy, your beloved sibling's child."

"Oh, I didn't know Fally had a kid."

"She's Raven's kid."

Kes looked at her and nodded her head. "Poor you." She walked over to the girl, picking up the  photo album on the way. She opened it up at the pictures of individual family members. "This is your mother, Raven. She's my sister and this is our other sister Falcon. We're triplets."

"Why does my mother have blue skin and you have normal skin?"

Kes just shrugged her shoulders. I didn't have an answer either, I just thought it was part of her mutant powers. Kes did the introductions and by the time she had finished, Raven had returned. Both Kes and I had big grins on our faces, waiting for an explanation from Ms Darkholme.


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