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"Keeping It in the Family"

Stories in this series

"Having a Bad Day"
Mr. Sinister finds out about the family he never knew he had. But this isn't the Sinister we know: Think Sinister on drugs. A lot of drugs. (Warning: Some language, sexual references)

"If the Last Day Was Bad"
Sinister's home is invaded by women. (Warning: Some language, sexual references)

"Sinister, Live on Frasier"
Sinister seeks advice from a certain famous radio psychiatrist. (Warning: Some language, sexual references)

"A New Arrial"
The Essex/Darkholme clan adds a new member -- and it's not a new baby!

"Remy's Return"
Gambit finally comes back, only to learn the real truth about Rogue's past -- and his own future.

"Dear Santa"
Rogue writes her annual Christmas letter to Santa Claus and reflects on the changes in her life over the past year.

"Uncle's Day"
Sinister muses on everything from Women's Lib to parenthood to household visitors.

"Thursday's Child"
After losing Kes, Sinister spends years watching their daughter Rogue from afar.

Sinster, Rogue, Mystique = Marve Comics
Frasier = Paramount
Kes Darkholme = Rhona
><= Phone
**= Thought
No permission
No money making

"This is Doctor Frasier Crane coming to you live from the city of New York. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to share them with me." Frasier said in his usual depressive tone of voice. He hated this job so much and now he had to do a show out here. This was the last straw. He was going to have to do something about this to preserve what was left of his sanity. A red light appeared and the good doctor mumbled something under his breath before answering his first call of the day.

"Hello, and what seems to be your problem?"

A couple of miles away a man sat in the bathroom, alone. Locked in there to escape his family. He didn't want them here, they just came. It was quite maddening and this was the only way he had to escape them.

"Hello Doctor Crane, My name is Sini. . . my name is Doctor Nathaniel Essex."

>Hello Nathaniel.<

"Yes, my problem is, well, my family has moved in with me and I don't want them here."

>Unfortunately Doctor Essex, we all bare the responsibility of raising our own. No matter how much we may want to avoid it, we must.<

Nathaniel was a long time listener of Doctor Crane when he had his base out in Seattle and he felt that this man would see his point of view but now it appeared that the man he adored was giving him the advice he didn't want.

"But, they're all grown up."

>Ah, the fear of leaving the nest. I remember it so well.<

"Doctor Crane, I haven't had any involvement in my daughter's upbringing. We've only just discovered that we're related."

>Maybe you should give me more details about your circumstances.<

"Okay, but you won't believe it."

>Will too.<

"Will not"

>Will too.<

"Will not."

>Niles it that you?<

"No, I am not your brother!"

Nathaniel opened the door and took a peak outside before giving the details of his circumstances.

"My ex-wife made a bizarre comment to me about abandoning our child a few months ago. Now naturally, I knew nothing about 'our child'. I went investigating and found out that my daughter was in fact someone I already knew but didn't get on with."

>Is your daughter a fellow Doctor?<

"No she's an X-Man."

>My condolences.<

Nathaniel smiled. It was so good to speak with a fellow man that wasn't a fan of the X-Men. He really liked Frasier.

"Anyway, I found out that she was my daughter and I told my ex-wife about her."

>Never a good idea.<

"Precisely. She told our daughter, Christian, who we were and she told us that she was pregnant."

>Oh dear.<

"Our daughter was dismissed from the X-Men because of her current state and so had to move in with me."

>At least you don't have to live with your father, his nurse and his dog.<

"Indeed. Then, my ex-wife moved back in and she keeps coming into my bed. I don't mind her sharing my bed but we're divorced not teenagers in heat. To top it off, my ex-wife's sister has also moved in with us."

>Oh, you poor man.<

"She's pregnant."

>Oh, the tragedy.<

Nathaniel smirked a little. He wasn't Raven's biggest fan but she was just as good looking as her sister. Of course she is, Nathaniel, they're twins.

"So, my house has been taken over by two pregnant women and a female with the sex drive of a cat in heat."

Frasier sat, mouth hanging open. He felt sorry for the man, of course, but if his ex-wife was like this man's ex, he'd be really happy. Mean while Doctor Essex, formally known as Sinister was currently being dragged from the bathroom by the three females. He still had his cordless phone and was waiting for Frasier's advice.

>Doctor Essex, Nathaniel, it seems you have a daughter who knows you and loves you and an ex-wife who loves you. Some of us hardly see our children and do not get on well with our ex-wives. You are a very lucky man. Deal with it.<

He heard the phone disconnect and looked at Kes. She just stood at the foot of his bed, grinning like an idiot.

Maybe I am lucky after all!


The End


"Nathaniel, guess who's having a baby." He watched her as she patted her very flat belly. The last thing he felt before blacking out was his head hitting the floor.


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