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"Keeping It in the Family"

Stories in this series

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This is the sixth story in the 'Keeping It In The Family' series. This one, for a change is Rogue's thoughts as she writes her letter to the man in red. Hohoho! Have a happy holiday everyone.

Ah guess it's been six months since Ah discovered Ah was pregnant. Since then, Ah've found mah real parents, got Remy back an' been thrown out of the X-Men. Ah guess Ah shouldn't complain about the last one too much; it's given me more time with mah family. Momma, eh, Mystique gave birth last night to a baby girl. She's callin' her Dianne Wendy Rachel Creed. Personally, Ah'd drop the Creed part but Raven wouldn't. Dianne's so cute with her blonde hair an' blue eyes. Kes, eh, momma's so proud of Raven an' even Falcon, mah other aunt, is proud of Raven. Daddy went off in a huff when he found out there was going to be another girl in the house. Ah suppose he's got a right to be annoyed with one, two, three, Falcon is four an' now Dianne makes five girls. Yeah, five girls in the house an' Remy as the only other male. They manage to get on sometimes, like the time Sabretooth came round to see Reven. They managed to get rid of him before she knew he'd been. Ah don't know if that was a good thing or a bad one. Ah guess Ah don't care. Remy has been really great, he's done everything Ah've asked of him an' he rarely goes anywhere without me.

Last week, daddy an' Remy were in London. They were getting momma her present. Sini......Natha...... daddy wouldn't say what he had got her but it has to be special if he's gone half way across the world to for her. Remy didn't get to see what daddy had got her but he reckons it's got to be a piece of jewelry, maybe a ring. Ah hope it's a engagement ring, Ah want them t' get married. Maybe Remy will give him some advice since we got engaged a few weeks ago. He wants us to get married straight away but Ah would rather wait until Ah've had mah babies because Ah don't want to look like a whale on mah wedding day. Besides Ah think it would be great if our children were there. Ah suppose it's a question of if they'll be there after the birth. Mah babies are joined at the heart. It's not too serious, dad an' Hank agree they could perform the operation to correct it but Ah'm not too sure. Ah know Sinister, oh God Ah didn't mean to call him that again an' Ah know how much it hurts him when one of us says it. Ah'm sorry, daddy, Ah didn't mean it. Mah father is the greatest surgeon on this planet an' Ah know he won't let his grandkids get hurt but Ah still wake up in a cold sweat because Ah think Ah'm going to lose one of them. Momma's been explaining it all to me since Hank an' dad seem to have forgotten.  Ah wish daddy had explained it to me since he's going to be there during the operation.

Before Remy came back, dad an' Ah spent a lot of time together. We'd go to an' have a coffee an' he'd ask me about mah childhood. Ah told him about Cody an' how my powers kicked in. He said he was sorry an' wished he'd been there to help me. He also told me why Ah'd left Remy in Antarctica. Not the whole massacre thing but what Remy had wanted in return for his services. It was a cure for some sort of mutant disease. Remy had met a young woman years before an' she had a young son who Remy thought of as his own. The boy was very sick an' Remy had heard that Sinister (it's okay to say it here) would give him anything he wanted in return for his services. They both sorted out a deal an' the boy was saved. Then daddy found out (probably from one of his telepaths) what Remy really wanted. Daddy told me that everyone has a price an' that his, Nathaniel Essex's, was Kestrel an' Remy's was his parents. All Remy ever wanted from life was to know who his real parents were. Ah guess Ah can understand that. Mah adopted mother died when Ah was very young an' Ah used to wonder what she was like. Daddy also told me that after the massacre he tore up the piece of paper with the names of his parents on it. Ah so proud of Remy. Ah know he can act like he doesn't care but Ah also know that all he ever wanted was acceptance.

Ah think he can't wait to be a daddy. You should see him in the nursery at night, he's always tinkering with the layout especially with the cots. He hates having the two cots separated. Ah don't think they'll mind being apart, Ah think after spending nine months together they'll want some time apart. Daddy an' momma have already decided that if they're boys they've to be called Andrew an' Anthony. Daddy's not too keen on those names but momma loves them. Remy says there is no way on God's Earth he's naming his sons Andrew an' Anthony. Daddy kinda second that motion to momma's annoyance so they all compromised. If the baby's are boy's they've to be called Christian an' Remy. Ah feel sorry for them already, being named after their parents an' all. If they're girls, they'll either be called Christina an' Guinevere or Anastasia an' Alexandria. Ah love the name Anastasia an' Ah used to love reading about the Russian revolution an' how the Tsar an' his family died an' not all the bodies were found. Anastasia was also the name of mah older sister. Momma doesn't like talking about her an' daddy always cries when he tells me about her. Ah wish Ah'd know Anastasia, she seems real nice.

Anyway, mah Christmas list like y'all were wondering why Ah was ranting. Santa, Ah know what Ah'm going to ask you is big but Ah know that it's what Ah really want for Christmas. Ah want, if it's at all possible, to have everybody's wish to come true. Ah don't mean like if they want a watch or something, Ah mean what they really want for Christmas. Mah wish would come true if ya could do that for mah family. That's it.

Ah still believe in you, Santa!

Lots of love,
Christian Juliet Essex

Oh, Ah've had a change of address but Ah guess you knew that already. Ah'll leave the milk an' cookies next to the tree as always.


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