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"The Sun Will Shine Again"

The Sun Will Shine Again

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Disclaimer: Remy, Belle, and Sinister, don't belong to me, they belong to Marvel. Neither does Christina Brown, she's a real person. Lizzie, Deven, Juliet, and the giant without a name do belong to me.
Warning: Violence. I don't go into the actual act of the violence, but I do describe the aftermath. People weak of stomach might want to skip the last section.

The Sun Will Shine Again

Chapter 6

He grabbed Lizzie by the front of her shirt and pulled her up off the ground so he could look her in the eyes. As she neared him, he saw her eyes change their color from brown to gray to red on black.

Good. She was angry with him. How appealing.

Juliet, who had been paralyzed, suddenly came to action. She reached out with her foot and hooked the man's right leg, and pulled. He dropped Lizzie, and fell, hard, on his back.

"Come on!" She grabbed Lizzie's hand and ran. The airport was located by the river, and Juliet decided that that was where she would hide Lizzie before leading Belle and that man somewhere else. She hoped to God and all the Gods other people believed in, that the fog would hide them enough for them to get under a dock or into a boat or something.

She couldn't hear any pursuit, but that really didn't mean anything. They could be right behind her now, just about to reach out and grab her arm. Their feet hit wood, she hadn't even realized they were this close to a dock, and Juliet had to make herself walk softly.

She looked around, there were no boats tied to this dock, and she didn't want to have to waste the time finding one that did. The water wasn't too deep, she saw, maybe to Lizzie's ankles, and she decided she would have to lower her down for her to hide.

"Lizzie, Luv." She whispered softly in her daughter's ear. "I'm going to lower you down, and I want you to hide under here, okay?" Lizzie nodded mutely. "I love you sweetheart." Juliet didn't want to say a good-bye, but that was what the words sounded like. A good-bye. "I'll be right back." She tried to correct the mistake.

She kissed Lizzie's check, and held her by the arms, lowering her down toward the ankle deep water. When Lizzie was safely down below, Juliet blew her a kiss, and ran off.

Lizzie watched her mother leave, until the fog and darkness swallowed her up. She was shaking, and every bone, every mussel, and even her hair, hurt. Sometimes, when Poppa had pulled her back from being invisible, it hurt too, but only for a second. When IT had pulled her out, it hurt like she was going to die, and it still hurt.

After a few seconds of just standing there, she moved under the dock, but this didn't seem like much of a hiding place. All Belle, or IT, would have to do, is look under the dock and see her standing there. She needed to find a better hiding place, but one that wasn't too far-

A pipe. Huge and round. Only a little water seemed to be coming through it. It must be a drain pipe form the street that let out the rain. And she wouldn't have to go too far to get to it. She would still be able to hear Momma when she came back.

She made her way carefully over to the pipe, making sure to pick her feet all the way out of the water and put them back down slowly, like her Poppa had taught her, so as not to make a sound. It took her a few minuets, but she got there.

Once she was inside the pipe, she curled up into a ball bringing her knees up to her face and hugging them. Her teddy was still in her hands, and she buried her face in it's back.

For a few minuets, there was no sound. Not even water sloshing softly against the embankment. It was as if the world had just died around her, and she was all that was left. She needed sound. Any kind of sound, just something to tell her she wasn't dead.

She got what she wanted.

Although he was a huge man, almost eight feet tall and well over three hundred pounds of well belt muscle, he moved with the grace of a prima ballerina.

He walked into the truck stop, and it seemed that every eye in the place had turned to him. But he was use to that. His size always tended to make people stare. But if anyone would ever get to know him, they would find out, that while he didn't talk much, he was as gentle as a new born pup.

He didn't have a name. The Master had never given him one, and he had no memories beyond the Master, although he knew he couldn't have been with the Master for all of his life. He would remember that.

He had been sent here to find a white boy with black hair and blue eyes. A human boy. Not a mutant who didn't know he was a mutant, but a real, normal human. So far, after traveling over five of the united states, he had found no one.

Black hair and blue eyes just weren't something that was too easy in the world to come by.

But a woman, he hadn't even bother finding out her name, at a gas station told him that a boy with that discretion was working in the kitchen of the truck stop. She had said he looked to be about twelve. The Master wanted and nine or ten-year-old. But maybe he wouldn't mind.

Deven pushed the blonde girl's hand away. "Hey, if I'd known you was going to cut that much off, I wouldn't have asked you to do it."

"Oh, quit griping." She smiled. "You needed it. You need a bath too."

"Hay! I bathe once a month! I don't have to again for at least another week!" He grinned at her, his teal eyes shining with laughter.

For a moment she believed him, then saw the look in his eyes and swiped at him. "Oh, you!" She tried to look stern, but it didn't work, she was laughing in a few moments. "Why don't you come home with me tonight? Momma could fix you something to eat that's far better then the greasy stuff you'll be eating here."

"Nah." Shaking his head, he pulled the broken piece of mirror he'd carried with him for longer then he could remember out of his bag of things, and looked at what was left of his hair. "I'm leaving tonight. Going to just get my things, and take something with me on the road." He grinned at his image, and put the mirror back into the bag with his few positions. He knelt on the ground and began picking up newspaper with his hair on it.

"You're leaving? Where will you go?"

"Oh, I don't know. I've been about everywhere. I was kinda thinking about Maine. That was where I was born. I wouldn't mind seeing it again." The floor was clean, all the newspaper having been picked up and thrown away, and now Deven started to put his few positions back into his bag.

"Well, um, why do you have to go? I mean, you've got food, and a, um, bed, what more do you need?"

"Chris, are you asking me to stay?" He looked at her, and she blushed very becomingly.

But before she could answer, the door to Deven's room flew open, and a giant of a man walked in. "Wha?" Deven got out before the man grabbed him in one arm, and his bag in the other. "Hey! You let him go!" Chris shouted, pounding on the man's back. Deven kicked and screamed, and even tried to bite the man. But he just tossed him up on his shoulder, knocking the wind out of the boy.

"Somebody stop that man!" Chris yelled as they came out into the eating area. Five large truck drivers stood and took a step toward the man, but once they realized just how big he was, they all took steps back.

The man carried Deven out to his car and dumped him into the back seat. By the time Chris called the cops, they were long gone.

The scream that filled the night's air couldn't possibly have been human. It was too long, to agonized. It was a dying scream, one that started out quiet then grew loader until it was all you heard, and then, it was simply cut off. As if the thing making the horrible sound had just had it's vocal cords cut right at that instant.

It couldn't have been human, no matter how much it sounded like a woman's voice. It was some animal, and people dismissed it without another thought.

But for the few people who came out of the airport and heard the scream of a child close behind the other scream, they knew.

Lizzie didn't know how she got out of the drain, or even how she had run until she'd stumbled over her mother's body. She just realized all at once that the stuff she'd just slipped in wasn't water, and the soft mound she'd fallen on wasn't a balled up fishing net.

Her hands where wet and sticky. Bloody. She put one over her mouth and screamed. With the other, she tentatively reached out and touched her mother's face. Her mouth was open in a silent scream, her eyes bulged in horror. Her throat had been ripped apart, as had her stomach. She didn't want to look down to see what she'd slipped in, she had a sick feeling that she already knew.

Death was a part of the bayou. She'd seen alligators fight over deer and ducks, had seen them being ripped apart, but even that didn't prepare her for the sight of her mother's intestines scattered on the ground.

Unable to hold it back, she screamed again. Laying her head on her mother's chest, she closed her eyes, trying to picture Juliet's smiling loving face. But as soon as her eye laches hit her cheeks, all she could see was the rips in her momma's stomach and throat, forever etched into her nine-year-old brain.

She felt someone behind her. IT. Or Belle. It didn't matter any more. Her poppa was in another country, and her momma was... she was...

Lizzie choked back a sob. She couldn't even bring herself to think the word.

Hands gripped her shoulders painfully, and someone said something.

They were arguing. But she didn't hear the words. She dropped her teddy that was in one hand, and with the other, felt around her mother's neck, and pulled something off of the corpse. The chain snapped, and Lizzie clinched it in her hands. The only thing left of her mother.

She felt the tears come, and slide down her cheeks. Then, she felt no more.


Continued in Chapter 7


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