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"The Sun Will Shine Again"

The Sun Will Shine Again

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Disclaimer: Lizzie and Juliet belong to me. Everyone else belongs to Marvel. Don't sue me, I have nothing to my name but these stories.

The Sun Will Shine Again

Chapter 3

I ne'er been on a plane 'fore! Lizzie thought as momma showed her how to fasten her seat belt. Her bear, which she had name Theodore Edward Bear (when she had told him this it had made her poppa laugh, Ted E. Bear), was sitting on her lap along with a book by Jamake Highwater called Anpao that her mother had bought her at the airport.

She was sitting in the middle between her mother on the aisle and a woman in thick owl horn glasses by the window. The woman was old with graying hair pulled up in a bun and had a face that looked like a hawk's. Her nose was buried in a magazine called The National Sneak, and she seemed to be thriving on every word.

I ne're been out o' N'Awlins 'fore et'er.

A little bit of worry came back to her. She was going somewhere she'd never been before, leaving all the things she loved far behind her. Her friends in school and the children she had grown up with in the Guild. Her toys and books, her hamster and her bird. Her four poster bed with it's pick and blue flowered bedspread, the baby grand piano in the living room that Momma had been teaching her to play. The bayou just outside her door.

Are dere bayous in France?~Her guitar in it's case under her bedroom window, her clothes. Her-

Her guitar! Oh no! She couldn't leave that behind! "Momma!" She cried out as if in pain as she tried to pull her seat belt off. Her mother turned to look wildly at her.

"What's wrong Lizzie? You look like you've seen a ghost!" Her mother grabbed her hands before they could find the catch to realize her belt.

"My guitar! I got t' get my guitar! Red give it t' me!" She tried brushing her mother's hands away, but to no avail. The plane jerked suddenly, a bell sounded and a male voice filled the cabin.

"This is your captain speaking. We have clearance from the tower and are now ready to take off. Place all seats and trays to upright positions and please note the fasten seat belt and the no smoking signs. Thank you." The ding sounded again, and the captain was gone.

"Lizzie, Luv, Poppa said he would send for our things, you'll get you guitar back, I promise." She said smoothing her daughter's hair away from her face. Lizzie didn't hear her. She was crying. It wasn't her guitar she was crying for. Along with the feeling that something was wrong, and the feeling that she wouldn't see her home and things again, came the sudden and most frightening feeling of all; that she was about to lose all she love, her family included.

Remy pulled his Porsche into the driveway behind Juliet's Corvette, and stepped out of the car. He had promised he wouldn't come to see them, but he couldn't stand being away from them for so long. It was going to be harder when he an' Belle were marred, he knew, but there was no way he was going to stay away from his daughter.

It was like he was some kind of rope in a game of tug-of-war, on one end was Juliet, a woman he loved and knew loved him in return, and Lizzie, his daughter that he had given all of his heart and soul to. Then on the other end was Belle, another woman he loved, and his poppa, the man who had pulled him off the streets, and given him a home and family.

He felt as if he were being torn at the seems.

On the porch he pulled off his boots, he could hear Juliet now if he walked in still wearing them "No shoes in my house Remy LeBeau!" He grinned and walked in the door.

"Cherie? Petite Belle?" He called out and then realized that it was an empty house. He frowned and pulled off his sunglasses so he could see in the dim light.

"Allo? Any body 'ere?" He walked through the kitchen and out to the garage, then out the back door. He was the only soul there. But that didn't make any since. Juliet wouldn't just walk somewhere, there wasn't anywhere within walking distance except for Lizzie's bus stop.

He came back inside the house and sat down in a chair in the living room. Maybe they just went for a walk in the bayou. An' maybe you jus' kid youself, mon ami, he thought to himself.

He stood up again, not wanting to sit, but really not wanting to stand ether.

He decided he needed a drink. There was a little bar under Juliet's china cabinet where she kept all of the liqueur in the house and he walked over and opened it. He pulled out a bottle of red liquid with cherries in the bottom it, and pored himself a shot of it. He remembered the first time he'd ever seen Juliet make this stuff.

"What you makin', cherie?"

"Cherry Bounce."

"Cherry Bounce?"

"Uh huh. Ten quarts cherries, five pounds sugar, half a pint brandy, and eight fifths bourbon whiskey, straight. One sip of this, and you'll be bouncing across the room."

She was right. He put the rest of the bottle back in the bar, and sat down again. It was then that he noticed the letter on the end table by where he sat. He put his drink down and picked up the envelope, ripping it in his haste to get it open.

Dearest Remy,

With your wedding so close at hand, I couldn't bare to stay and watch you drift away from me. I'm sure I could have handled it fine on my own, but I can't let that happen to Elizabeth. We're leaving for parts unknown, and I don't believe we will be coming back. Don't expect letters or phone calls. That would be too hard on Elizabeth.

My heart, Juliet

He lowered the letter to his lap and sat there for what felt like an eternity. The shadows had crept across the wall by the time he got up again. Letter crumpled in one hand and liqueur glass in the other, he walled over to the bar and pulled out the Cherry Bounce again. Tossing the glass to the side, he took a swig of the alcohol from the bottle, and dropped to the floor. By the time he was done with the whole bottle and another, he still wasn't drunk enough to say he didn't care.

Continued in Chapter 4


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