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"The Sun Will Shine Again"

The Sun Will Shine Again

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Note: I want to thank everyone who answered my question about Belle. Too many of you wrote back to mention here, but know I thank you. And a special NON thank you to Kert, who was being a jerk and wouldn't answer anything for me (That's what you get for asking a backwoods, Bayou loving, Cajun)
Disclaimer: Yeah, another one. Sinister isn't mine, I don't want him either. Nor is Remy or Belle. They all belong to Marvel. Lizzie and Juliet belong to me (although now would be a good time to say that Kert helped to make up Juliet). And IT belongs to Stephen King, and if you haven't read it, or seen the move, DO IT!

The Sun Will Shine Again

Chapter 5

Lizzie was asleep when the plane landed in Paris. Juliet, not having the heart to wake her just yet, picked her up, and carried her off the plane and into the terminal. Which wasn't too much of a problem, considering Lizzie was much smaller in weight then most children her age. And besides, as soon as she found Remy, she could just hand Lizzie over to him, and she could get the one bag she'd packed.

But when she walked into the terminal, Remy wasn't there.

Maybe he's getting the luggage.

She carried Lizzie through the airport to the place where the baggage was circling around. But Remy wasn't here ether. She frowned and looked about, but she couldn't see him anywhere. Then she remembered the stewardess telling her that the plane was early despite the storm they had had to go around. The stiffness when out of her shoulders and she sighed a sigh of relief. Remy just didn't know about the change, and would be here any minute.

Grabbing her small suitcase in one hand and still holding Lizzie on the other, she walked back out to the terminal to wait. She sat down on a long cushioned bench, and laid Lizzie on it beside her.

An hour later, Remy still hadn't shown up. Her legs had been drown up, and her head was resting on her knees, when she felt the sharp prick on the back of her neck. She lifted her head slowly, already knowing what it was.

"Don' say a t'ing, or I cut you." A voice whispered in her ear. Although they had never met, and she had only seen her at a distance, Juliet DePray knew who was behind her. And it sent a shiver to run down her back as she realized that Remy hadn't been the one to write her the note that sent her and her daughter here. She nodded her head once and felt the tip of the knife slide down her neck to be jabbed fearsomely between her shoulders. "Wake up de brat, an' stand. We goin' fer a ride." Again, Juliet just nodded once.

She reached over and gently shook Lizzie awake. "We dere yet?" she mumbled sleepily.

"I need you to wake up now, Liz Luv. Okay?" She said this in all calmness, as if she knew nothing was going to happen to them.

There was something about Juliet that she'd never told anyone but Remy and Lizzie, and something about Lizzie that only her parents knew. And that was the fact that they are both mutants. Although Lizzie was by far the stronger of the two, having many of her father's abilities pulse being able to become invisible, Juliet's power was to give someone a very bad headache for days. And maybe if she put a lot of energy into it...

She did this now. She reached out with her mind and literally squeezed and pounded on Belle's until she dropped the knife and, with a scream, fell to the ground holding her head.

"Come on Lizzie!" She grabbed the girl's hand, and, as she realized they were in trouble, Lizzie made them both disappear.

Juliet just ran to the other side of the terminal, not wanting to run into someone and be separated form her daughter, and watched as Belle got up and looked around, searching for them. Lizzie's hands where clenched tightly in her own, and they were both breathing hard.

She should have known! She should have realized, Lizzie was right! There had been something strange about the letter, and she promised herself if - No! When they got out of this mess, she was going to start listening to Lizzie when she had one of her feelings.

Belle was walking right toward them, moving around people, and bags, but within moments she was right in front of them. Juliet had a fleeing thought that she could see them for a moment, but when she was right up on them, she turned her head and started looking around.

"I c'n feel you." Belle whispered, her face was pulled back in what seemed like a snarl. She was breathing fast, and her eyes darted back and forth searching. She might had grown up an Assassin, but only Remy had ever been able to see Lizzie when she was invisible, and both mother and daughter knew not to make any kind of sound to make Belle think they were there.

"I know you here. I c'n smell you." She started to walk away.

"Come on, Lizzie, we've got to get out of here." Juliet whispered when Belle was out of hearing distance. Lizzie shook her head no. "Sweetheart, we have to. We can't stay here, it's dangerous, we've got the find the police, or something." Lizzie shook her head no again, to terrified to move. But Juliet made her move, by pulling Lizzie along behind her. They headed away from Belle, to the front of the airport.

Lizzie, having been awaken from her peaceful sleep, suddenly realized that something was terribly wrong. There was something in Momma's voice when she told her she had to get up. But it wasn't just that. No, what made her know that something wasn't right was her feeling was back, and stronger then it had ever been before.

There was the sound of something metal hitting the floor, and then a scream. "Come on Lizzie!" Momma grabbed her hand and started to run. Lizzie looked over her shoulder and saw Belle laying on the floor, a knife, the metal sound, on the floor beside her. She was clinching her head as if it hurt, and then, she turned her eyes to Lizzie. Such a look of hatred she had never seen before, it was almost as if Belle's whole body had become red with antipathy.

Without even thinking about it, Lizzie made herself become invisible, and, since she was holding Lizzie's hand, Momma did too. Before turning away from Belle, she saw the look of confusion and surprise cross briefly over her face before it was replaced by the hatred again.

Momma turned her around and pulled her up against her legs. Lizzie's other hand found her mother's as they watched Belle slowly get up to her feet and start toward them. Lizzie wasn't afraid that Belle would see them, because she knew she couldn't. Only Poppa had ever been able to see her, and that had something to do with his eyes. 0But she was still scared. She thought she was going to pee in her pants when Belle walked right up to her and whispered. Then she felt something, like a touch of a bird's wings, fluter through her mind. And then it was gone.

"I know you here. I c'n smell you." Belle looked right at Lizzie, and for a moment, she thought that maybe her powers had stopped and that she could indeed see her. A trickle of sweat came down off her forehead and ran into her eyes. Her breath was so labored, it was as if she had just finished running a ten mile race. She was certain Belle would hear, so she held her breath, and prayed to all the Saints she could think of to make her heart slow some.

One of the Saints must have heard her, because Belle moved off toward the back of the airport.

Lizzie felt her mother's hand tighten around hers. "Come on, Lizzie, we've got to get out of here." Momma whispered so low, that Lizzie could barely hear it over the pounding of her heart.

But she shook her head. Momma said something else, but she couldn't understand the words. She was too scared to move, and it wasn't because of Belle. There was something out there, something by far worse the Belle ever hoped to be, and it scared Lizzie tremendously. It was something so strong, it almost overpowered her. It wasn't in this airport, but it was close, and she knew what it wanted. Her.

She was also sure she knew what it was too. Evil. Something so evil in fact that it made her mind want to throw up, if that was possible. Just feeling it made her feel dirty inside as well as out. And it scared her to realize that with as much as Belle hated her and Momma, It hated everything tenfold.

She remembered a movie that was on the TV not too long ago, a Stephen King movie that was a mini series for a few days. It was called IT. She had only watched it because one of her favorite actors, Tim Curry, was in it. He had played IT, Pennywise The Dancing Clown, and IT had hated everything. IT went around killing children and IT terrorized a group of seven kids until they killed IT. Or so they thought. They were adults when IT reappeared, and they had to come back and kill IT again.

This movie flashed through her mind so instantly that she thought that maybe IT was real and that IT was coming after her now, because at the time she had watched the movie it didn't scare her, and now IT was here to make sure she was genuinely scared.

But she wasn't scared. She was terrified.

Momma's hand griped hers harder, and she dragged Lizzie after her toward the front of the airport. Lizzie tried digging her feet into the carpet, but it didn't work. She grabbed hold of people, who disappeared, and then reappeared when she let go. There were screams all around them, and suddenly Belle was there.

Momma stopped and grabbed both of Lizzie's hands in hers. They stood like this for a minute, both scared, but each of a different person... a different thing.

Belle's eyes darted around from one person to another. Lizzie clenched her bear, which she had miraculously been able to keep a hold on, to her chest. This time as her mother started to pull her forward, she didn't protest.

They walked out the revolving doors at the front of the airport and breathed in the night air like it was their last breath. Lizzie's teeth were chattering, not form the cold, but her fright, because as soon as they had stepped out, the evil feeling had engulfed her like a blanket of fire.

"Momma, we got t' go back in." She said. It amassed even her how much terror was in her voice.

Juliet nodded, she was starting to feel something too. But she couldn't understand what it was. It took a child's prospective to realize that true evil lives in the world today. But even though she didn't know what it was, she realized that going back in with Belle would be safer then staying out here with... with IT.

They turned to go back inside, but someone was blocking the way. A large man with the palest skin Juliet had ever seen, and some sort of red diamond shape thing on his forehead.

They stood there as if paralyzed for a minute. And then the man smiled. An evil smile that sent shivers racing down Juliet's back. He reached out, grabbed Lizzie's shoulder and ripped her from her mother, and in the process, making them both become visible.

Lizzie screamed, and thrashed her arms and legs. In doing so, his sunglasses fell off, and she screamed again. She was staring in the face of Pennywise The Dancing Clown.


Continued in Chapter 6


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