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"The Sun Will Shine Again"

The Sun Will Shine Again

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Disclaimer: Belle, Jean-Luc LeBeau, and Gambit belong to Marvel. Lizzie and her mother belong to me, Raven (At least I think they do). I'm not making money from this story, if I was then I'd be selling it on the black market or something. Don't sue me.

The Sun Will Shine Again

Chapter 2

The wedding would take place in only three days. Poppa told her he wouldn't be able to come back for those three days, but that he'd think about her the whole time he was away.

She was walking back home from school, four library books in her arms and her book bag slung over one shoulder. The wind was blowing and it carried the sounds of celebration and the smells of good Cajun cooking from somewhere out in the bayou.

The road she walked wasn't paved, but that was okay. Only Momma, Poppa, and sometimes fishermen ever used the road anyway, and she liked it unpaved. She liked being able to kick rocks and dirt and such as she walked.

She was using her mutant ability to be invisible as she walked, and to anyone who happened by, it would seem that rocks and dirt just spontaneously jump up from the ground just to shatter and blow in the wind. It would have made a funny picture.

The wedding was three days away.

She had been invited. She might not be the heir Jean-Luc LeBeau wanted from Remy, but she was still his granddaughter, and Remy's daughter. And soon, Belle would be her stepmother.

Lizzie stopped dead in her tracks and wrinkled up her nose in disgust. What a horrible thought! Belle as a mother? That just didn't seem right to her. Not even as a wicked stepmother. She could just picture Belle now "Mirror, Mirror, on de wall, tell me who de meanest o' dem all!" She giggled and continued down the road to her house.

She walked into the door and put her books on the coffee table. "Momma, I home!" She called out, her voice reverberating off the walls. The sound of her mother's running feet answered her.

Her mother burst into the room from the hallway, a suitcase in one hand and a crumpled letter in the other. She dropped the case and grabbed Lizzie, lifting her feet off the floor and swinging she in a circle.

"Momma? You 'kay?" Lizzie asked suspiciously when her mother placed her back on the floor.

"I've never been better in all my life, Lizzie Luv! Look!" She held out the letter, "Look at what your poppa's doing."

Lizzie took the letter from her mother.


I'm calling off the wedding. I don't like the way Belle looks every time I mention that I want Elizabeth to be there. Here are two plain tickets to Paris. Met me at gate 51A at the airport there. Leave the house as it is. We'll get our things later. We're going to be a family, and I don't care what my poppa says. All I care about is you and Elizabeth.

All my love,

Lizzie looked at the note, one eyebrow lifted, and a confused expression on her face. It was her father's handwriting, but something about it wasn't right. Something about the way it was written.

Juliet thought just that her daughter didn't understand what was going on. And thought to enlighten her. "We're going to Paris! I was born there, and we're going with your father. He wants for us to be together, a family! It's what we've wanted... Lizzie? Lizzie, Luv, Why aren't you happy?" Juliet's smiled faded as she looked at the look on her daughter's face.

Lizzie looked up at her mother uncertainly. Her funny feeling was back again, and she couldn't explain it. Why was this note making her senses go haywire? What was it? She didn't know. She shook her head, clearing it, and smiled up at her momma. "We be t'gether?" she asked.

"Yes. Together forever and always, right? That's what we wanted. Come on, Luv, I've packed you a few things, I called a cab and we need to leave now if we're going to catch our flight, then we'll never have to worry about Poppa being taken from us again." Juliet reached out her hand.

Lizzie smiled and was about to take it, "But, what 'bout our stuff?"

"We'll send for it later."

"Wait," she said then turned and ran down the hall. Juliet just starred after her daughter in surprise, but Lizzie was back a moment later, a blue bear that Remy had give her for her birthday in her arms.

"We be t'gether?" She asked again wanting to ignore her feeling and trust in her momma and poppa. Juliet nodded. "Grandpere n't take him 'way?" She shook her head.

Lizzie bit her lip thoughtfully for a minute. Her eyes turning blue with gray swirling in them. Her funny feeling wasn't going away, but what could be wrong? She still didn't know. She shook the feeling away, smiled and grabbed her mother's hand. "Come on! We can' be late f' de plane!"

Continued in Chapter 3


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