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"Dreams to a Reality"

"Dreams to a Reality"

This story is the authorized sequel to Amanda Sichter's "Something Just Like Weeping."

Chapter 1: Homecoming
Chapter 2: Suicide Mission
Chapter 3: The Return
Chapter 4: Possession and Confession
Chapter 5: Lost Cause

This story is still in progress

Disclaimer: The X-Men are property of Marvel. No one in this story is mine, I don't think. Not even Rogue's husband, Daniel, who, by the way, is property of the extremely talented Amanda Sichter.
Again, Amanda, thank you for letting me write this. :)

Dreams to a Reality

"Momma! Please! Ah need ta see ya!" Rogue begged the security video camera. "Momma, please let me in," she sobbed. Rogue angrily shook the adamantium bars. "Please, Momma, Ah need ya," she sobbed. "Please!"

Kurt slammed his fists down on the desk angrily. "How can you be so cruel?" he demanded. "Your daughter, your one and only daughter, needs you and you refuse to see her?!"

Raven looked at him coldly. "It took me a long time but I did come to terms with it. And I suggest you start doing the same. My daughter, your sister, is dead." Raven nodded towards the screen. "That creature outside the gates merely resembles her physically. Nothing more."

"How can you be so uncaring towards her?" Kurt demanded. "You always loved her the most yet you leave her when she needs you the most."

Raven glared at him silently. "Xavier may pay for all of your needs but I work. For the government. I have a deadline to meet, so this conversation is over."

Mother and son stood resolutely and glared at one another. They were not ordinary human-looking mutants. Both had blue skins and bright yellow eyes. Kurt clenched his fist and looked away first. He walked over to Raven.

For the briefest of moments Raven thought that he was going to teleport her to Rogue. To force her to face her disowned daughter. But, instead, Kurt merely kissed his mother on the cheek. "Thank you," he said angrily, "for abandoning me when I was a baby and not when my mind and soul were broken." He teleported away, leaving his mother to ponder over his last words.

Raven stared at the trail of smoke and brimstone, stunned by her son's actions. She touched the spot where Kurt had kissed her. She walked to the console of television screens that were connected to the security cameras. Rogue was still sobbing out for her. Raven's hand reached up towards the screen. "Rogue," she thought silently, "you are beyond help. You are a lost cause." She turned off the screens and turned away. A lone tear trickled down her face.

Rogue turned towards the window. She was lying down on her bed, so close to the others, yet, at the same time, so far away from them. She had tried hard, so very hard, this past few days. And now, quite honestly, she was exhausted. She was tired from so many things. From acting as if her Momma's refusal to see her didn't bother her. From acting as if she couldn't be any happier for Kitty and Remy. From acting as if she was the only one in this body.

"Remy," she whispered brokenly. But, mostly, she was tired from acting as if she didn't care about him. She had stopped thinking of him. He was no longer hers, if he ever was, and he wasn't hers to dream about. He was married. And not to Bella Donna, but to one of her friends, Kitty Pryde.

It had been the hardest thing for her to do. To treat him as she treated everybody else. But there was so much tension between them now Rogue looked out over the horizon. She had to let go of him completely. She didn't let the very thought of him reside anywhere in her head. And, perhaps, that had brought about her downfall.

She had pushed him out of her head when she had first met her husband. Convinced herself that her husband was the only person that she needed. But then she had gone crazy. She had listened to the new voice and had absorbed her husband and his power.

That voice, that shadow, had been ordering her to do things since they had first merged. Bad, wrong, evil things. But she had resisted all of those temptations. She had clung to one idea, one thought, that had kept her separate from the shadow. Her lifeline. Remy.

But when she had learned of his union with Kitty she had forced herself to let him go. Afterall, if you loved him, you let him go, right? Yes, perhaps, for him it was good. But, too late, she had realized, that in letting him go she had also let go of the part that had kept her sane. The part that had kept her separate from the shadow. The part that gave meaning to her life. Afterall, how could you simply forget about somebody you loved and continue to be happy?

And now, without Remy, she had almost completely merged with the shadow. His thoughts were becoming her thoughts. His desires were becoming her desires. But she was not becoming him. As his thoughts were becoming her thoughts, her thoughts were becoming his thoughts. And her desires were becoming his desires. But, nevertheless, the union was almost complete.

Rogue buried her face in her pillow. She was too weak to do anything now. There were too many unrestrained thoughts and desires running around within her. Too many conflicting emotions. She just wanted to end it all.


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