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"Dreams to a Reality"

"Dreams to a Reality"

This story is the authorized sequel to Amanda Sichter's "Something Just Like Weeping."

Chapter 1: Homecoming
Chapter 2: Suicide Mission
Chapter 3: The Return
Chapter 4: Possession and Confession
Chapter 5: Lost Cause

This story is still in progress

Disclaimer: The X-Men are property of Marvel. No one in this story is mine, I don't think. Not even Rogue's husband, Daniel, who, by the way, is property of the extremely talented Amanda Sichter.
Again, Amanda, thank you for letting me write this. :)

Dreams to a Reality

Once. Only once in her lifetime (and what a young life it had been so far!) Rogue could not take it and she had to flee to the depths of her mind. Years ago, a very long time ago, seemingly, Rogue was a prisoner at Genosha. The guards there had subjected her to physical abuse. Young, innocent, fragile. That was her. She couldn't take their abuse of her and her body. She had to leave. She couldn't physically, of course, because she was their prisoner. So she had mentally escaped. She had fled and gave the more experienced and self-controlled Carol Danvers control of her body.

When Rogue had first entered the door and caught sight of Remy and Kitty, she had been filled with relief. They had returned, and now, finally, could their lives go back to the way it was before. But their names had died on her lips. She had seen their rings. Their closeness and the familiarity the two shared. She could feel all of her hopes and wishes crumble to pieces. Life couldn't go back to the way it had been before.

She couldn't take the sight of them. She couldn't bear the idea of them being married. She needed to get out. To leave. Out of sight, out of mind. But she couldn't find the doorknob. She couldn't find a way out. And that was when her mind fell to pieces. The mental defenses that the Professor had helped her erect fell apart. And that was when she fled back into the safety in the depths of her soul and relinquished control of her body.

Rogue's body continued its malicious and gleeful laugh. It clutched her stomach and doubled over with laughter. "Slut! Whore!" she shouted loudly. "That's what you get! That's all you deserve!"

"Rogue," Bobby said softly, "please stop. Let's just go." He pulled her towards the door.

But Rogue pulled away. "I'm perfectly fine, Bobby," she replied clearly. She marched towards Kitty, Ororo and Remy. "Let me first thank you so very much for making my day," she began. "I thought I was in Hell. Truly I did." She gestured around. "I mean, look at this place. It's a God-damned palace. She was back with her friends and had everything but you, Remy."

Rogue looked him straight in the eye. "How I detested the idea of you and her! I hated you since I first met you. You see," she continued, "I always knew you were my only competition for her. But she CHOSE me. Not because she loved me. Not because I loved her. Simply because I could touch her. My wife. What a slut. Sold herself out for sex," Daniel sneered in Rogue's body.

Remy's hands balled into fists tightly. "Give Rogue back her body."

Daniel snorted. "My wife? I don't think she wants it back. No, she's in her corner sobbing uncontrollably. 'Sides, I still have more things to say."

"Katherine Pryde, or should I say Mrs. LeBeau?" Daniel asked, chuckling. "My hat goes off to you. I am beyond grateful to you for everything you have done. Not only did you steal Remy away from her under her own nose, but you also wrecked her plans. Her plans that called for my demise!"

"You deserved it," Kurt cried out angrily. "You drove her to killing you."

Ororo's eyes widened. "Kurt, what did you just say? I- We- thought he died accidentally."

Kurt angrily pointed at Rogue/Daniel. "No! He drove her out of her mind and she killed him." Kurt hesitated. "But we couldn't let her go to jail for it so Logan, Jean, and I covered it up," he admitted.

Daniel shook his head. "Almost, but not quite. Like I said, I married a whore. She planned my murder. Calculated it. And pulled it out perfectly. I came home to find her newly bruised and battered. Self-inflicted. She attacked and overwhelmed me and drained me dry. Took all of my powers, my memories. She absorbed me. And then she poured alcohol down my throat and all over my face. Called Kurt and fooled the whole lot of you into believing that she was the victim. Gotta admit she was one Hell of an actress."

Daniel rubbed his chin. "Kind of ironic, really. She had decided that she couldn't live with my touches and without my love but neither could she live with Remy's love and without his touch. So she decided to combine the two by taking my powers and going back home. But we all already know the end of that story so I see no point in rehashing it."

"I am sorry, Rogue," Elizabeth Braddock said solemnly.

Daniel turned towards her. "Betsy," he grinned broadly, "not at all. You have nothing to be sorry about. You were always easy on my eyes."

"I am sorry for being so late and slow in my actions," she continued. Her pink psychic knife ignited in her right hand.

Rogue turned away and looked out towards the window. They knew the truth now. She felt so ashamed. She could hear the other still conferring on what to do with her. Turning her into the authorities was completely ruled out. Let that sleeping dog lie. Her mental defenses were back up and her husband was once again silenced. Now if only the rest of her head would quiet.

Remy and Kitty were going to leave but Rogue had asked them to stay. She was going to need all of her friends, regardless of their current relationships, to get past this next hurdle. She needed her Momma.


Next: Lost Cause


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