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"Dreams to a Reality"

"Dreams to a Reality"

This story is the authorized sequel to Amanda Sichter's "Something Just Like Weeping."

Chapter 1: Homecoming
Chapter 2: Suicide Mission
Chapter 3: The Return
Chapter 4: Possession and Confession
Chapter 5: Lost Cause

This story is still in progress

Disclaimer: The X-Men are property of Marvel. No one in this story is mine, I don't think. Not even Rogue's husband, Daniel, who, by the way, is property of the extremely talented Amanda Sichter.
Again, Amanda, thank you for letting me write this. :)

Dreams to a Reality

Kurt Wagner stared sadly at the wedding picture. Rogue had refused to leave her husband and return to the X-Men. She was deaf to his pleas and to the questions of the police officers Kurt had sent. She had denied all of Kurt's allegations and had turned them all away.

Kurt put the frame down and turned away. But, perhaps it was for the best. Things had changed greatly amongst the X-Men. Because of the circumstances, Kurt could not bring himself to tell Remy, Kitty, or the others of Rogue's marital state. He had confided in only Logan and Raven, and both had given him similar answers. Raven had refused to acknowledge that she had a daughter, especially such a weak and pathetic character as Kurt had described. Logan had wanted Rogue to get out of this on her own. It was her business and her call and he would help her only when she admitted that she needed help.

Robert Drake walked into the room, a heavy frown set upon his face. He handed Kurt the cordless phone. "It's Rogue," Bobby said worriedly. "She sounded really bad."

Kurt was not telepathic like Jean, Betsy, or Professor Xavier. His mutant power was of teleportation. But, he did not need telepathy to know that something was terribly wrong. "Rogue, I'm here."

"He's dead," Rogue said shakily.

If Kurt had a regular face it would have paled. "He's dead," Rogue repeated. "He he came at me again. An' he was really mad an' drunk an' he was hittin' me an' it hurt so much." Rogue broke off crying. "An' then when he fell asleep, Ah Ah went crazy. Mad. Ah started hittin' him an' Ah couldn't stop. An' he tried to put up his force field but Ah kept hittin' an' he was too weak an' he fell over unconscious but Ah couldn't stop," she sobbed into the phone.

"Shh, it'll be alright," Kurt soothed. It was self-defense, anyone could tell that by looking at her. Or, at the very least, it was temporary insanity.

"An' then, an' then," Rogue continued softly, "when he was havin' trouble breathin', Ah Ah realized that Ah nevah loved him an' an' that Ah only married him cause he could touch me an' an' Ah wanted ta know if he evah loved me."

Kurt's eyes widened. She couldn't have

"An' Ah absorbed him. Every bit of him. An' an' he nevah loved me. He jus' wanted me to control," Rogue whispered. Kurt did not know what to say. His sister sounded so lost, so abandoned Even though what his sister did was unforgivable and irreversible he could not help but wish Rogue had done more to her husband.

"We'll be right there," he promised hoarsely.

"Kurt, Ah don't want ta go ta jail," Rogue whispered.

"You won't," Kurt said firmly.

Rogue buried her tear-streaked face in Kurt's shoulder and sobbed uncontrollably.

Jean tore her eyes away from the reunited siblings and glared at Rogue's husband's body. HE had done this to her. HE had driven her to the edge of insanity and over. HE had broken her. He deserved worse than what Rogue had done to him.

Logan walked up to Jean. "Scott and the Professor would never approve of this."

Jean crossed her arms defiantly. "That's why we're not telling them. Or anyone else for that matter. This stays between me, you, Kurt, and Rogue. As far as they need to know, Rogue's husband has been constantly abusing her. And tonight he was drunk and he was beating up on her and she ran away. She came back and found her husband in the tub underwater not breathing. So she attempted to resuscitate him and, in that process, permanently absorbed him. And now his body has passed away."

Logan lit a cigarette. "It'll be good to have her back."

Jean nodded. "Yes."

"But they'll be returnin' soon. We have to tell her."

Jean's brows furrowed with worry. "I know, Logan. But not yet. I don't think she'd be able to handle it."

"Welcome home, child, welcome home," Ororo said warmly as she hugged Rogue tightly.


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