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"Dreams to a Reality"

"Dreams to a Reality"

This story is the authorized sequel to Amanda Sichter's "Something Just Like Weeping."

Chapter 1: Homecoming
Chapter 2: Suicide Mission
Chapter 3: The Return
Chapter 4: Possession and Confession
Chapter 5: Lost Cause

This story is still in progress

Disclaimer:The X-Men are property of Marvel. No one in this story is mine, I don't think. Not even Rogue's husband, Daniel, who, by the way, is property of the extremely talented Amanda Sichter.
Again, Amanda, thank you for letting me write this. :)

Dreams to a Reality

Rogue smiled fondly at Robert Drake. He was her absolute best friend. Even before she had gotten married and left the team, he was always there for her. He was always supporting her and finding a way to get her to smile. He was the prankster of the team, but more than that, he was always there for her. And she had always been there for him.

Well, that is, before she had left.

Bobby stretched and yawned loudly. "Why do we have to go shopping so early?" he grumbled.

Rogue laughed and wagged her finger at him. "Remember those words, Bobby. Cause th' next time we go shoppin', at a time you prefer, an' we end up waitin' foh hours foh parkin', Ah want ya ta eat them."

Bobby laughed good-naturedly. "That'd never happen. In case you didn't know, Rogue, I happen to be THE KING of parking. I NEVER have trouble looking for parking."

Rogue smirked. "Yeah, Bobby, you're th' king of somethin'. Ah'm not gonna say what, though, cause Ah'm not THAT unladylike."

Ororo watched the two tease each other. Ever since the Professor had "silenced" Rogue's husband, she had become a different person. No, that was not exactly right. Rogue had not changed -- she had not become a different person -- she had reverted back to normal. She was the Rogue they had all knew and loved. The Rogue whom they had all fought alongside with as an X-man.

Bobby yawned loudly. Again. Would she ever get the hint? Forget the movie -- he wanted to go home and sleep.

Rogue giggled. "Bobby! Ah swear! You're such a baby! It's not even three an' you're already tired!"

"Rogue," Bobby said exasperatedly, "we've been shopping since 9! My feet were not made for this kind of abuse."

Rogue snickered. "Ah swear Bobby -- ya have got no stamina! Ya can't dance for more than two hours an' ya can't even go shoppin' without groanin' 'bout yoah feet!" Rogue winked at him. "Kinda makes me wonder 'bout you an' yoah dates."

Bobby reddened.

Rogue smiled. "Bobby, ya know that Ah'm jus' jokin', right? Bobby?"

Bobby simply glared at her.

Rogue threw her arms up in surrender. "OK, Bobby, Ah was wrong. You're th' king of Parkin'. An' you're th' King of Stamina an' whatevah else."

Bobby remained quiet.

Rogue licked her lips determinedly. "What if we skipped th' movie an' went home right now then?"

"Rogue, that really did hurt."

Rogue bit her lip. "Ah'm sorry. Ah was really out of line. Do ya fohgive me?"

"I can't just forgive you like that," Bobby snapped angrily. He turned away.

Rogue's mouth fell open. She didn't think he was that sensitive. But Bobby turned back around, a smirk on his boyish face. "To get my forgiveness you're going to have to do some major groveling. Like, on your knees and BEGGING for forgiveness."

Rogue smiled in relief. He really wasn't mad at her. "Let's jus' go home, 'kay? Ah'll grovel there on th' carpet on mah knees."

Bobby laughed. "And you have to kiss my feet. In front of everyone," he crowed.

"Remy, we have to leave. Now," Kitty said to her husband urgently. "Rogue can't see us together."

But her words fell on deaf ears. Remy's mind was miles away. He was thinking of her. When he and Kitty had returned from their honeymoon the other X-Men had informed the newlyweds about Rogue. And her husband. And their marriage.

Remy remembered Rogue's husband vividly. He had hated him with such a passion. There was a dark and sinister side to him that Remy had detected. But he had kept it to himself. He had thought that his suspicions of Daniel were due to jealousy. And Rogue did seem genuinely happy to marry him. So he had kept his opinion to himself and had let her go. Even though it had torn his heart apart.

And there was Katie. Kitty. He had always respected her. Her exploits as an X-man were well-known. And she was so much like Rogue. So innocent and optimistic. So full of youth and hope. So very much like Rogue.

Remy nodded curtly. If Rogue saw them together now...

It all happened in slow motion. Bobby opened the door, laughing at the joke the person behind him was telling. The person behind him entered. They looked around the room to see whom else they could share their joke with.

Remy didn't even have to turn his head to see who was coming in. He could sense everything as they were happening. Katie's gasp. The moment of silence. The names that Rogue was going to call out but died on her lips. Died because her eyes were observant. The wedding rings that gleamed on normally naked hands. The huddle of suitcases near the door. He could sense her take a step back. Even reach out for the doorknob. She was all set to run. The next thing that happened took him completely off-guard. Rogue began to laugh uncontrollably.


Next: Possession and Confession

Note: The marriage of Kitty and Remy was an insane idea borne out of an insane mind. The only reason why the two were paired up was because Kitty was there when Remy made his way back into X-Men's lives. I forgot what issue it was, but Remy just seemed too darn nice/polite/awed by Kitty.


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