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"A Place in this World"

A Place in This World

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This story is still in progress.

Disclaimer: What a bother. But hey yadda yadda, the following recognisable characters do not belong to me, they belong to Marvel, but bloody hell, the story idea is mine, so there.

A Place in this World

Chapter 12

From where I am, I can see her clearly, jus' sittin' dere, starin' out into de lake.

O'course a person can mope an' daydream, but when dey been doin' it for more dan 8 hours a day for de past week or so, ya gotta get worried.

So far, Sabine's not been talkin' to an'one. Not even moi. And I t'ink Beast's pet hamster's been eatin' more dan she has.

Dieu, what are we gonna do wit' her?

Pulling out a cigarette from my stash, I use a bit of my nifty powers t'light it before joining her out on de pier. Neither of us speaks for a while, me leaning against a post, and she in her wheelchair.

Just when I was about to break de awkward silence, her hoarse voice stutters, "A-Ain't those supposed ta be bad for ya?"

I take another leisurely draw on the stick and shake my head. She's finally talkin'...Mebbe if I use de silent treatment on her, she'll talk more. She fingers de stitches at her brow, trying to scratch the itch out of de wound- I swat her hand away and eye her warningly.

Sabine scowls and complains dat it's itchin' like hell. She spent de most of her week lyin' in bed, barely able to move after her ordeal, gettin' stitched up and gettin' the gunk from the vat outta her system. De worse part was dat brace on her leg; bonded into her bones to make sure her shattered knee don't get banged up again.

I worry dat she'll never be able t'walk normal again after an injury like dat.

Irritated by my presence, she decides t'leave, wheelin' herself back in de direction of de mansion. She has mighty frightful steerin', so all she does is bang up against a post and hiss immediately. I reach out t'steady her and tell her to lay it easy on de broken ribs. I grab de handles and start pushin' her, but she stops me. Watchin' Sabine lick at dat split lip again and again as if it'd heal faster, I'm thinkin' she got somethin' t'say ta me, and I was right.

"H-have ya ever felt so l-lost that ya don't know which way's up an' which way's down?" she asks quietly.

I know dat feelin' too well, and nod.

Silence again.

"Ah really thought ah c-could take her with me. But ah g-guess ah came up empty,"

I thought f'while, and said quietly, "Ya got your freedom, Sabby. Ain't dat worth somethin'?"

She whimpered. Dieu, my insides twist t'see her like dis.

"Not as much as the love ah used ta know,"

Kneelin' down beside her, I wipe de tears from her cheeks. "Ya do know dat y'can stay here wit' de X-men, neh? Learn t'control your powers, get your education; a degree even. Den when you all set, ya can decide t'stay or make it out dere on your own. We be like a big happy family, y'know? If'n ya leave out all dat superhero thing, o'course."

She seem t'brighten up a bit, and I teased, "Is dat a smile I see??"

"The i-idea sounds nice," Sabine admitted. "And you guys went all out ta protect me when ya didn't h-have ta,"

"You stayin'?" I grinned when she nodded.

I dunno why, but I suddenly felt SHY. Me, Remy LeBeau, ladies' man...SHY. I admitted t'her den, "Dat's good. Cos...uh...I wanted t'get ta know you..uh...a bit better,"

Her reaction t'dat was definately a smile.


The End?
Let me know if you think there should be more!


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