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"A Place in this World"

A Place in This World

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This story is still in progress.

Disclaimer: What a bother. But hey yadda yadda, the following recognisable characters do not belong to me, they belong to Marvel, but bloody hell, the story idea is mine, so there.
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A Place in this World

Chapter 11

No no no no.

She's gone. They're all gone.

An uncontrollable shiver ran down my spine and ah felt my jaw clench. Everythin' was in a haze of pain, anger, weariness. There was a wheezin' laughter now, getting' louder and louder.

Ah looked at him.

My father was just absolutely laughin' his ass off now - ah snap.

"WHERE IS SHE??" Grabbin' him by the collar, ah shake him as hard as my weakened body will allow me to. "SHE WAS HERE! AH SAW HER!!"

There were tears running down his face from laughin' so hard. "You won't find her, Sabine. You won't EVER find her," he sneered. "You really thought she died in that car accident, Sabine? I'll tell you what really happened: I've had her locked up, just like you for the past few years. You want to know why? Because she was a fuckin' mutant, she knew it even before she became my wife…After all I've given here, what does she give me? A freak of nature as a daughter! You both deserve what you've got!"

My fist smashed into his face again and again as ah railed at him to tell me where my mama was. Ah cried and ah screamed as ah hit dragged him across the floor, slammed him against the wall and battered him. Still, he wouldn't tell me. He was leavin' me with no choice. Ah grappled with the gun in my pocket, taken earlier from one of the fallen guards.

My hands are shakin'. Ah don't want them to; ah don't want him to know how nervous ah am. Pointing the gun straight at his battered face, ah ask him the same question one last time, and all ah got was a bloody grin. It's not my fault that ah have to do this, my head keeps tellin' me as ah cock the pistol.

It's the only way to be free…

They fell silent as they approached her and discovered what she was intending to do. The tension in the air was nerve-wrecking; Cyclops knew that anything could set the girl off.

"It's over, Sabine. He's going to prison for this. Let's just walk away," he persuaded, but got totally ignored.

Jean? The team leader projected mentally to his wife. Help me dissuade her; she's trying to kill the Senator,

Back at the X-mansion, Jean Grey was cradled by the powerful machine that was Cerebro. With her powers amplified by the latter, she gently beckoned to Sabine through a psychic link.


Gambit could see what was going on. Sabine flinched and appeared confused as Jean made contact with her.

"Get outta my head!" the young woman hissed. "Ah haveta do this…It's the only way t'be truly free, can't you understand that?"

Don't stoop to his level, Sabine. You know that killing him is wrong. You're a good person; we all know that much.

Sabine let out a scream, her eyes wild and desperate, but still she held the Senator at gunpoint relentlessly. "Shut up! This ain't got nothin' ta do with you! Any of you!"

Everyone in the cell tensed as the enraged woman fired a few shots. One of the bullets tore through the Senator's left knee, and he gave a gurgled sound of agony.

"Coward," the Senator spat. "You miserable, pathetic mutant! C'mon, kill me!"

She screamed and fired again, missing her target narrowly. O'Connor flinched. "Ah'm your child and she's your wife…How could you? HOW COULD YOU?" Her finger tightened on the trigger again, this time to kill.

"Leave," I tol' de rest. "Lemme handle dis, trust me."

Behind dat visor o'his, I knew dat Cyke was probably givin' me a most disbelievin' stare. He just stood dere and shook his head until Storm beckoned for him t'leave. Beast and Iceman, who were standin' outside, disappeared from view.

T'anks Stormy. I owe ya one.

Jean, get off her back, I project. It's not helpin', just spookin' her.

What are you trying to do, Remy?

I'm gonna jus' talk my way into her head and knock some sense in, I muse.

I look back at what I got here. Angry girl about t'shoot fucked-up parent. From where I come from, it was easy t'just walk on by and let de worst happen. But I know dat Sabine is one girl who hasn't been tainted with corruption, sleaze and what not. She not grow up in a ghetto or de underbelly of town.

If she kill dis man, as much as he deserves it, the regret an' guilt dat comes later will probably eat her up. I don' want dat happenin'.

"Put de gun down, Sabby." I cajole.


"Trus' me, killin' him is gonna tear ya up inside, girl. Den you'll never be free- can't ya see dat's what he's tryin' to do?"

"He's killed my mama, ah just know it!" She started sobbin' and shakin'. She was breakin'. "We never asked t'be this way, Daddy. Ah thought ya loved us!"

De old man just clutched at his bleeding leg and laughed.

"He's gone crazy, Sabby. Killin' him will only make y'feel bad; it's not de way to go," I turn up my charm and my words are soothin' her. Her grip on de gun's gone limp; I inch it out of her hand slowly. "It's over, girl. You're safe now."

I wrap my coat around her shiverin' body. Dieu, she's a mess.

I turn to de bastard and tell him, "You gonna get what's comin' to you, chien. But not today."


Continued in Chapter Twelve.


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