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"A Place in this World"

A Place in This World

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This story is still in progress.

Disclaimer: All recognisable characters belong to Marvel, not little old me.
Note: I'm looking for my co-writer for Free for a Second, <<Caroline Dillion>>...If any of you know her personally, or knows her residential address, please drop me a line at I'm pretty worried about that girl. Thanks.

A Place in this World

Chapter 8


We got careless, and now dis mess be here. We were responsible f'her and we couldn' take care of her.

What's more, Gyrich ain't good news, he don' take too kindly t'de  likes of us. We got all he's done on files, but we got no way to put him away...How d'ya fight against a city dat hates and fears us?

Hang on, Sabby. I won' rest till I get ya back.

Sabine plucked gingerly at the body-suit she had been dressed in. The material was cold and clingy, making her hair stand on end. Her right arm was aching badly, the fracture hadn't exactly taken kindly to the rough treatment she had received lately. The doctors had replaced the sodden plaster cast with a metal brace of some kind, which was heavier than the cast before, but comfortable enough. Her knee, at least, had had some attention paid to it and was no longer bleeding.

Her fingers had gone raw from searching for a loose plate in the steel walls. The door and its tiny glass panel were thick and reinforced, - chances of escape, it seemed, were slim. She stared into the lit corridor through the glass panel. A faint shadow danced along the walls of the corridor; someone was approaching, the shadow was becoming more pronounced.

Her senses came alive, screaming for her to find somewhere to hide, some safety, but there was nowhere to go. Sabine huddled in a dark corner, hoping that they weren't coming for her. She heard the mechanisms churn and the hydraulics working in the door to her cell, and knew fate was against her. Familiar footsteps echoed in the doorway as the 'visitor' stepped into her cell. A low growl escaped her throat as she recognised him.

Her father.

She let out a  feral scream as she sprung out at him, hands resembling claws, ready to strangle the life out of him. Instead, her body convulsed violently in mid-air, electricity crackling, searing a path along her skin. Sabine screamed again, this time in agony; the bug implanted in her had let out a powerful charge. Falling to the hard ground unceremoniously, a fierce chill gripped her body and refused to let go. Her heart pounded madly, causing a heavy and discomforting pressure in her chest; she struggled for air as her head swam.

Senator O'Connor smiled smugly and released the trigger he had depressed on the tiny remote in his hand. Somehow, seeing his daughter writhe on the floor in pain brought him such sweet satisfaction. Bending down on one knee, careful not to wrinkle his expensive suit, he smiled at the fallen woman and allowed his true accent to escape.

"Hello, sugar. It's nice t'see ya."

Ah hate him.

Ah never knew it was possible t'hate someone this much.

Ah wanna kill him, ah wanna see him dead. My hands ache to wrap themselves around his throat and squeeze the life outta him. Oh, but Lord, the pain that he could give me with that device. My body is still stiff and ah can feel the cold sweat on my brow.

He's sayin' hello ta me. The cheek of it makes my blood boil.

"Ah wish...Ah could s-say the same, ya bastard," Damn teeth won't stop chatterin'. "It'd be cheaper ta j-just kill me o-off, y'know."

Ah wince as he laughs heartily. It hurts; ah can't believe this man used to love me once, and ah him.

"Kill you? Goodness, no, Sabby. I couldn't do that. And waste a test-subject? It's hard t'catch you mutants, daughter. I thought it'd be...killin' off two birds with one stone this way- havin' you out of my way and gainin' a test-subject for the project."

A burst of anger propels me, and ah lunge at him again, trying to scratch his eyes out; his thumb finds the trigger faster though, and ah get another fryin'. Lord, everythin's gone icy cold and my heart aches bad from the shock. Better t'stay still for now.

Panting, ah ask, "H-How's this gonna benefit y-you?"

"Think of it, once the tests are done, and everythin's stabilised, I got myself a 'Mutant Control Centre', what everyone wants and will come t'love. Who wants a mutant in their community, runnin' rampant with their powers, girl? We'll get government financing, and I'll have all the glory I want as a major contributor to society."

A smirk crosses my face. "Ya won't s-succeed, Daddy. Ah won't let ya,"

The backhand he lashes at me catches me by surprise, and my head snaps to the side with the impact. Ah can taste the blood in the corner of my mouth as he hits me again.

"You can't stop me, ya little piece of shit. T'think your momma died for you, you don't deserve ta live!"

He stands suddenly and kicks me in the gut. The cracked ribs that've hardly healed take the blow and ah think they got split again. The pain makes my eyes water as he takes pleasure in kicking me again and again. When he finally stops t'take a little break; he's tired from his exertions. Ah take my chance and grab his leg, yanking hard; he falls and the remote slips from his hand and clatters to the floor a short distance away.

Fear creeps into his eyes as ah grasp at his neck with my good hand and squeeze hard, pressing my thumb straight into the hollow of his neck, choking him with all my might. He volleys a punch into the side of my torso, but ah'm relentless, ah manage to whack him in the head with the metal brace on my other arm. Oh, the satisfaction ta see the blood flowing from the gash in his brow that ah've made. It vanishes quickly as ah hear a rush of falling footsteps.

Ah don't need t'see to know that the guards are here, my body is already quaking with the electric pulses they're sending through their little remotes. He signals them ta stop; just as ah think it's over, he pulls me up by my hair, callin' me a little bitch, then finishes it all with a hard punch to my face and drops me back to the floor.

Cyclops passed the binoculars to his Cajun team-mate and made plans silently in his head.

"Dieu. High security." Gambit peered into the eyepiece, took a long drag from his cigarette, then grinned. "But not a problem fo' dis here Cajun,"

"Don't play wildcard, LeBeau," Cyclops warned and grabbed his arm tightly. "Let's do this right; observe the security routine around here, and get in unnoticed. We'll have a better chance of getting the captives out and destroying this place."

Remy narrowed his eyes and obeyed, something that he didn't like doing much. But his team leader made exceptionally good sense this time, and he didn't want to risk Sabine's well-being.


Continued in Chapter 9


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