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"A Place in this World"

A Place in This World

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This story is still in progress.

Disclaimer: Recognisable characters belong to Marvel, but this alternate reality belongs to me! ME! ME!!!! Bwwwaaahahahahahah. Ahem.

A Place in this World

Chapter 5

She sighed contentedly as the hot water hit her bare skin and flowed down her body. She was careful to avoid the cast from getting wet-it was awkward but she scrubbed and scrubbed until her skin glowed a healthy pink. It was then that she allowed a small smile to dance past her lips.

Sabine stepped out of the stall and padded over to the sink, glancing at the clothes the other women in the house had contributed as she dried herself. As her eyes caught hold of the foggy mirror, she stiffened slightly, and cleared it up with her hand.

The mirror revealed a young beautiful face, and a pair of the greenest eyes, brimming with tears as their owner scrutinised her own appearance. It was marred by small bruises, scratches and split lips.

She stood at the sink, her hands gripping the white ceramic as tightly as her fractured arm would let her. Today was the first time in five years that she'd finally gotten to see her own reflection fully and clearly,

Ah look just like Mama. Sabine ran a hand across her reflection as unhappy memories flashed across her mind. The tears spilled over. Ah miss you, Mama...

"You know what I think?"


"The senator faked her death. Anything to hide his mutant daughter from the prying eyes of the media...Anything to uphold his image in the political society." Hank placed his glasses on the table and leaned back.

"How you know for sure?" Gambit shuffled his deck of playing cards casually.

"DNA tests tell all, my friend. She is Sabine O'Connor, the Senator's daughter...The very same one who 'died' in that car crash some five, six years ago."

There was a soft ring that broke into the conversation; Remy got up and walked over to the microwave, removing the plate of fried chicken.

"Ya t'ink she like dese?"

Hank raised an eyebrow and sniffed in disdain. "Don't ask me. It's too greasy."

"I'll get her to come down, we talk later."

Eyes darting around at the kitchenette, she picked up a piece of fried chicken gingerly and took a small nibble, before tucking into it greedily. The taste reminded her of a time when she had her meals at the dinner table instead of in her room...Back when her mother was still alive, before all...This.

Grabbing the glass of milk before her, she took big gulps of it and swallowed hard. Occasionally, she would look up at the man sitting opposite her, then go back to her eating.

"I believe I forgot to give our guest some vitamins..."


There was a loud crash as Sabine leapt out of her seat, and retreated hastily into a corner, grabbing on to the Cajun tightly.

"I suppose she doesn't like vitamins?"

Remy tried not to choke on the chicken in his mouth, and replied with a bewildered expression on his face, "Non, I t'ink she never got a rational look at your furry self, Beast."

"S'okay...He's a friend." The Cajun tried to pry her death grip off his collar, and had little success. "Hank? Help me out here."

The latter extended a hand, which she accepted shakily after a long hesitation.

Been here for a couple of days. Guess ah've settled in okay. Ah got my own room-not that ah stay in there much anyways. Ah spent too much time in a room already.


Ah don't really care who they are, as long as ah don't go back...there.

There's Jean and Scott...They make me sick most of the time, all lovey-dovey and stuff...Hank, the doctor-he doesn't scare me that much anymore. In fact, he's kinda funny sometimes.

Storm...Ororo or somethin' like that. She's like a queen, so prim and proper. But she's nice at least. Then there's Bobby; he whines too much, and steers clear of me anyways.

Ah caught a few glimpses of the one they call Logan. Stocky, grumpy li'l man. Ya hardly ever see him in the house. He's always out in the woods. Ah wanna go there too, but he scares me.

And Gambit. Remy Lebeau. He's sweet. Nicest person ah ever met. He's my...friend of sorts, ah guess. Ah like it when he's around.

Ah like it here, but am ah really free?

"Goddamn it!" The glass of whiskey flew across the room and shattered as it hit the wall.

Gedrick hardly flinched. He straightened his tie and waited for the older man to settle down.

"All I ask is for you to get her back here; I don't want to hear your excuses!" O'Connor spat.

Gedrick replied simply, "There are procedures, sir."

The tone of his answer sent the senator into a rage again. O'Connor grabbed the collar of his pressed shirt and hissed into his face.

"You owe me, Gedrick. Your whole fucking family owes me. I can destroy your pathetic lives anytime, any place, so don't you forget that and do your bloody job!"

Gedrick backed up slowly and straightened his clothes. "What do you have in mind?"

"I want her taken to the camps."

His heart stopped for a few moments.

God, no.


Continued in Chapter 6


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