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"How Long Will It Last?"

How Long Will It Last?

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

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How Long Will It Last?

Chapter Two

Wolverine ran outside hoping to catch whoever had done this, but all he caught were two unmistakable scents - that of Sabretooth and Omega Red.

What would Creed be doin' working with Red?


He ran back inside to where Rogue stood with Viper in her arms.

"Go get Cecilia, now!!"

He took off as fast as he could, to get Cecilia Reyes.

Rogue had taken Viper up to the infirmary, where all the X-Men had tried their best to help with the huge gash she had across her stomach, and all the other little cuts, and broken bones.

"Okay people, what have we got here?"

The undeniable sound of Doctor Cecilia Reyes broke through the panic. She looked at Viper, checking to see where the broken bones were, checking the bruising, cleaning out the cuts, and trying to clean up the stomach wound.

"AAARRGGHHH!! Logan...Logan, where is he?"

"I'm right here darlin'" Logan took hold of her hand, and smiled at her. It was funny, the tenderness he showed towards her, when she was a mortal enemy.

"I'm sorry lover...they'll come make sure the job is...AARGHH!! make sure the job is done." She smiled at him, a sincere smile...she knew how honour-bound Logan was, that was why she had asked for a wedding. She knew she would be secure, but never realised Logan's enemies would take such an interest.

Cecilia finished up what Viper had to have done, and told everyone to get out, and let her rest.

Logan sat outside the door, waiting, guarding his wife. "Storm."

"Hello Logan...I find it disconcerting when you do that. I wish to find out what your special interest in Viper is, why..."

"Storm, she's the wife I was going to tell you all about!!"

She looked down at him. He had married one of the deadliest villians in the world, and not told her. She felt betrayed, that was all she could think of.

"'Ro...say somethin' darlin'." He looked at her and could see the hurt in her eyes. Musta been the same look Gumbo saw in Rogue's eyes before she dumped him in Antarctica.

"What...what do you expect me to say Logan? I thought we had a special friendship, and yet Kitty and Rogue know about it before I, and you don't even have the guts to tell me as soon as you were finished in Madripoor. Tell me what I'm supposed to say!!"

She looked at him one more time and turned, then slowly walked away.


Concluded in Chapter Three


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