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"How Long Will It Last?"

How Long Will It Last?

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Disclaimer: All characters used are property of Marvel. No profit is being made in writing this.

How Long Will It Last?

Chapter One

Thoughts swam through his mind as he lay on the grass looking up at the stars. His new wife, who didn't care all that much if he lived or died. How he was supposed to tell his friends. Especially after the way that Rogue, Jubilee, Psylocke, and Jean lashed out - not to mention the others. At least Rogue and Kitty are the only ones that know about it here. He continued his thoughts, unaware that from one of the mansion windows, he was being watched.

She watched him as he just lay there on the grass. She wondered how he could ally himself with that psycho. Ah guess ah better go talk to him. She flew quietly down to where Logan lay, but he already knew she was there.

"'lo darlin'."

"Hey Logan, what're ya up to?"

"Just thinkin'...what about you?"

"Ah've been thinkin' too...ah think it's about time you told the others about Viper."

He just turned his head and watched her lay herself down on the ground.


"Logan, you're married. It's bad enough it's to Viper, but the fact that you're married. It's kinda important."

"Hmmm, tomorrow mornin' at the meetin' Storm called."

Storm. How am I gonna tell her? She'll be furious.

Rogue stood up and said goodbye, and then flew back to her room, leaving Logan alone to his thoughts.

Storm looked at all the XMen gathered around the table.

So many have gone, left, and without Cyclops and Jean...were the X-Men still as alive as they had been once.

"Good Morning everyone."

They all mumbled their replies.

"We...with so many of us gone, our effectiveness as a team...we are no longer a large group, and so we need to improve our teamwork skills...we need to learn to function as a smaller group."

She looked around again, no-one was really listening, after all, they must have all had the same thoughts at one time or another. She was panicking...what could she say to these people, to her friends.

Logan stood was time for him to say something about Viper. "Uh, 'Ro, I uh, I need to say something."

He looked at Kitty and Rogue, and they both knew what it was he was going to say. They walked over towards him, and stood by his side.

"I have something to's important. Uh, we all know about Gumbo's little secret, and well...I got one of me own."

They all looked at him, confusion written on their faces.

"I...I'm married, it was just a couple of months ago, and well, the lucky girl is..."

Logan didn't get to finish his sentence as the mansion door was broken down...and a barely breathing body lay gasping for air.

"Viper!!" Logan cried.


Continued in Chapter Two


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