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"Guardian Angels and the Keys of Music"

Guardian Angels and the Keys of Music

Chapter 1: Amazing
Chapter 2: Cryin'
Chapter 3: Fallen Angels
Chapter 4
Chapter 5: Angel

Okay, Amanda and Luke both belong to themselves. Sunshine, David, and Amy, all belong to themselves too. Kat and Kim, along with Jesse, the other member of our old band, all belong to God and the Angels above now.

Guardian Angels
and the Keys of Music


Up, up, up, above the clouds, above the sky. Farther then the stars and planets below, a tiny woman sat on the edge of glowing whiteness. Her legs dangled below her, and she softly kicked at a star that had gotten too close.

Amanda sighed as she saw what was happening down below. It had been close, getting Rogue and Warren to go after Gambit, but they had made it happen. At least that was something to be happy about, but they had gotten there too late.

He wasn't supposed to die, at least his body wasn't. He was scheduled to live much longer, have a few children, save a few lives. But it hadn't worked out quite that way, perhaps, what had been done was better, in a sense.

He was not only with the one and only woman he had ever loved, but he was now part of her. They would never be separated, and she knew they would find a way to be together, even if Rogue had to collapse and withdraw into her own mind.

Luke came up, hearing her sigh, and sat down beside her. "Sorry I made it so tough," he said softly, having gotten rid of his evil voice. "I really wanted them back together you know."

"I know," the younger angel sighed again, wishing life was like a story book and that things could just go to the best always. But it wasn't and it wouldn't be anytime soon. "You 'ave your job t' do, and I have mine. Besides, I don' t'ink you did it half as much as you should 'ave. You jus' barely beat though de music."

He smiled, and put an arm around her, "Yeah, even devils have a hard time trying not to let good things go to their hearts. I just wish you had won this one."

"And who says she didn't?" Five voices chorused from behind. The two turned to see Sunshine, David, Amy, Kat, and Kim putting down their instruments and walk towered them. "We say she did a pretty good job," they all said.

Luke smiled. "Well, now you can only go one higher for compliments as good as that," he said placing a kiss on her forehead. "Maybe I didn't win after all. You never know."

"At least we won't until we go have a talk with the Big Guy. I hope he's not mad."

Sunshine scuffed. "Him mad? Never. A bit disappointed maybe, but he's never been mad."

"Well," David had to put it, "there was that time with the flood."

They laughed and all walked together into the light.

Somewhere out there, in this world, or maybe another, someone is hearing music and their heart is clearing. Out there somewhere, someone's Guardian Angel is holding their hand though the hard times in life.

For Scott, the brother I never had, nor wanted, I hope Angels watch over you and yours as you go though your trials.


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