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"Guardian Angels and the Keys of Music"

Guardian Angels and the Keys of Music

Chapter 1: Amazing
Chapter 2: Cryin'
Chapter 3: Fallen Angels
Chapter 4
Chapter 5: Angel

Note: Rogue's thoughts, Warren's thoughts, thoughts together, devil, angel.

Guardian Angels
and the Keys of Music

Part Four

Warren felt someone press close to him. Gently, he lifted his wings off himself and looked. It was Rogue, she was crying, her gloved hands pressed to her face, her shoulders shaking so badly she looked like she couldn't stay on her feet.

Ever so gently, making sure he didn't touch any bare flesh, he wrapped his arms and wings around her. She stiffened slightly at first, then through her own arms around his neck, crying her tears out on his chest.

Had she heard the music too? Had it hurt her as much as it had him? It must have. Strange, but he couldn't hear it anymore. The song, ~Amazing~, was gone. Nothing else had followed it. No cheers, no sound of the band saying thank you's and taking bows, no more music, nothing. But it had been enough. He knew what he had to do now.

"Rogue?" He asked gently, pushing her by her shoulders away from him. "Are you okay?"

She nodded and wiped the tears from her eyes. "Ah-Ah'm sorry. Ah just...did yah hear th' music?"

"Yes." He said standing. He pulled her up with him. "I think it worked on me the same way it did you. I- We need to go find Gambit, Rogue. We shouldn't have done what we've done."

She shook her head. "Ah'm not goin', Angel. He- he did too much to me." She pushed away from him and turned around, wrapping her arms around herself. "Ah... Ah just can't."

"And what did he do to me? Is your pain any worse then mine? I'm going Rogue, and you're coming with me! We have to find him, he's still one of us!"

She shook her head, and started away. "Ah can't," she said in her smallest voice.

Warren just stared at her back, not knowing what to do.

Of course there was no choice. She had to come, and come she did--after Warren flew back to the mansion and grabbed a pair of adamantium handcuffs, along with some warmer clothes.

She wouldn't cooperate though, at least not until he threatened to dump her into the Arctic ocean and see if she'd turn into an ice cube. He wasn't one to make threats, most times, but she was being unreasonable. After that, she had just sat quietly looking out the window at the ground.

Rogue knew in her heart of hearts that she wanted to go and save Remy. She wanted to be where she was, flying though the icy winds fighting to see in the snow. She wanted Remy back, she wanted to be with him, to let him know she loved him.

But she was someone who couldn't take making apologies for something they thought had been right at the time. She was scared too. She didn't want to see the coldness in his eyes she thought she would find. His love gone in the bitter winds and covered in snow.

But they both pressed on, fighting the urges to go back, each hearing a song in their heads, and remembering what it was they were doing, who they were saving and why.

Remy is an X-Man. They both said silently to themselves. He's one of us, he's proven himself, and his sins of the past haven't reflected upon the good he has done.

He's my heart.

He is my friend.

Ah can't see him dead! Ah won't! He'll be somewhere safe, an' we'll take him home.

Home, to the mansion.

But in both of their minds eyes they both saw him cold and dead, half buried the the snow where Rogue had left him. His eyes frozen open, and icicles hanging from his mouth and nose from the moisture of his freezing breath. He'll be dead as a doornail, something dark and hideous screamed and laughed in the backs of their minds.

He will be fine, something soft and kind also whispered within the music. He will be fine, and when you find him, he will again be whole. But you must find him first.

Yeah, you'll find 'em, but he'll be a popsicle by th' time ya get there! The voice that cracked though the music laughed, and both pushed it to the backs of their minds. Only wanting to hear the music and the kind words of goodness.

"Warren!" Rogue jumped up from her seat and pressed her hands against the glass window of the jet. "Ah see him!" She said, her heart rising. She didn't have to see his face to know it was him, she was sure of it.

Warren set the jet down softly in the snow, and after uncuffing Rogue, both ran out into the frozen tundra to collect their fallen comrade.

Snow had covered his body from the waist down, his clothes--where had he gotten those from?--were soaked, and ice hung to him at every angle. As they reached him, the music stopped. As did the voices. All that mattered was they were here, and so was he, and they were going to bring him home.

Gambit's eyes, heavy with ice, opened slowly as he felt himself being lifted. "Cherie?" He asked unable to believe his eyes, his voice was hoarse from the cold.

"Hush." Rogue said softly looking down at him, a tear froze the her cheek. "We're takin' ya home, Remy. Ta be where ya belong."

"Home? Wit' you?"

"Yes, my friend." Warren said helping Rogue move him into the jet. "You'll be fine."

"Home." Gambit said again before falling asleep.


Continued in Chapter 5.


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