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"I Don't Remember"

I Don't Remember

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This story is in progress.

Disclaimer: All characters as of below; not mine -- Marvel's. I'm going straight for the kill today. :D
Note: I've decided that listening to Alanis Morissette (yes, one 'r') brings out all the ideas that have been lurking in my head like restless spirits, and that wailing together with her is an added effect, but the work comes out the same. Oh, and Meredith Brooks ain't bad either ... Texas too. Hmm. :D Kudos to the usual ppl, ya know who you are.

Part Four
June 1997

Storm looked at the note and shared the despair that her friend was experiencing. Folding the piece of paper neatly in half, she laid it on the exact spot where she had found it, on her dresser. She sighed and seated herself on the edge of the bed, wondering what she should do.

Rogue had gone away for a while, so she claimed, but Storm knew that there was a chance that the younger woman might choose not to come back. It broke her heart to see Rogue cornered into this situation. How did that saying go...

"If you love them, set them free?"

That was exactly what Rogue was trying hard to do. Ororo knew the reason now for Rogue's behaviour this past week; Rogue had conveniently stayed out of Remy and Jenny's way, constantly managing to conceal the truth from Remy about who she really was to him.

In her letter, the Southerner described how she couldn't take it anymore, seeing Remy and Jenny together and how much happier he was than before the accident, when he was in love with her. Rogue wanted him to love someone he could touch and not have to brood over their 'tortured' love. Finally her wish came true, but it was too hard to swallow, so she did the thing that she did best -- run away.

Storm wiped away a single tear from her cheek, the weather outside shifted from a dry night to a drizzle, mirroring her emotions. She couldn't let this happen, no matter what Rogue thought of her actions. How long could Rogue hide the truth from the Cajun? His memory was bound to return, and when that day came, there would be consequences.

She had to set things right.


"Over here!"

Remy LeBeau poked his head into the kitchen and smiled cheekily at the sight of Jenny covered in flour. She'd obviously been trying to cook up some lunch, but all she was cooking up was a storm of a mess. He ... His vision blurred suddenly, picking up double-visions of whatever he tried to focus on. He leaned on the doorway for support, relieved when he regained his balance.

"Wha -- ?"

He still saw things in warped form, but he could make out that there was a feminine figure standing there, but it wasn't Jenny. It was ... Rogue? The Southern belle stood there by the sink, where Jenny had been standing, kneading the dough that Jenny had been working on, dressed in a revealing cropped top and a pair of cut-off jeans. She looked up at him and dimpled coyly, her beautiful green eyes sparkling just for him...

The room spun and Remy almost blacked out then, slipping to the floor, breathing laboured.

Jenny ran over and asked him anxiously, "Remy?? Are you alright? God, you look terrible! I'm gonna get Dr. McCoy!"

As the woman ran out of the kitchenette, the Cajun whispered his cherie's name before the world went black.

Storm answered the phone, silently praying that it would be Rogue. She smiled as the familiar Southern lilt began the conversation.

" ... Hello?" The voice stuttered.

"Yes, Rogue?"

"Thank Lord it's you, 'roro! Ah was afraid ... He might pick up."

Storm curled up on the couch and sighed. "What would you have done, Rogue, if Remy had indeed answered instead of me?"

"Ah would've hung up," Rogue gave a nervous laugh that didn't last long. "Ah jus' called ta let ya know where ah am."

"Are you coming back anytime soon?"

" ... No, sugar. Ah don't think ah'm comin' back,"

Storm bolted from her seat, stunned by what she had heard and demanded, "You're leaving the X-men? By the Goddess! Rogue -- "

"Hold ya horses, Storm!! Ah ain't leavin' the X-men, ah just can't stay with y'all; not like this. Cool it, boss. Ah'm just movin' out, but ah'll have my communicator and ah promise ah'll drop by."

"Child, I am not in any position to tell you what to do with your life, but please, Rogue. How long do you think you can keep Remy in the dark? Hank has already mentioned that he might regain partial memory, you -- "

"Listen, O. Whatever's goin' on in my love life is strictly my own private business. Ah love ya, ah know ya care, but you're pushin' that line too far this time," Storm was slightly startled at Rogue's harsh tone, but the anger soon ebbed away and she spoke in hushed tones again. "Let me handle this on my own, sugar. Ah need ta control a little of my own life once in a while ... Ah need this,"

The older woman took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. Quietly, she apologised and spoke no more of her disapproval. Rogue was right; she'd hardly ever done anything on her own. Storm took the address Rogue was at down and waited for her friend to say something that would end the conversation.

"Ah gotta go, Storm. My room's ready an' waitin'. Ah'll come over tomorrow ta pick up some things. Bye."

The line went dead after that. Storm sat there with the receiver in her lap for a while, until Jean entered the hall and sensed that something was amiss.

"Is something wrong, Ororo?"

Shaking her head slowly, Storm set the receiver back on the phone.


Remy let out a little yelp as the rubber mallet hit the vulnerable joint of his elbow, and rubbed it immediately to get rid of the paralysing feeling. He swung his legs boyishly as he sat on top on the examination bed, eyeing the furry blue Beast who was busy contemplating which joint he should knock on next.

"Hey Bete, ya done?"


The Cajun fidgeted even more. He decided to try to get away with it again.

"Hey, can I go now?"



Hank McCoy looked up severely at his patient and let his mouth twist into a stern grimace.

"M'sieur LeBeau. Sit still before I decided to render you helpless with these lovely retraining straps here."

His patient grudgingly obliged, and kept silent for a while as Hank continued the medical examination.

"I saw somethin' weird earlier, Beast." Remy stuck out his lower lip and chewed on it. "...Somethin' goin' on wit' me and Rogue before de accident?"

He didn't get an answer.

"Ain't no use hidin' anythin' from me. I could feel de tension everytime she was 'round me. Problem is, it ain't fair t'Rogue, if we really had somethin' goin' on."

Remy didn't really expect an answer, but to his surprise, Beast finally spoke.

"If you think you know the answers, then why not work to seek the definite truth? Some things are best left alone, Remy. But I wish you good luck anyway."

The doctor turned around and went back into his little laboratory, leaving Remy free to leave as he pleased.


Continued in Chapter 5.


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