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"I Don't Remember"

I Don't Remember

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This story is in progress.

Disclaimer: Don't you get sick and tired of writing this? Well, it's probably the only thing that's gonna save you from getting your butt sued, so yeah, yadda yadda yadda, the characters below are property of Marvel, and I'm not raking any money in for this.
Note: I'd like to thank Miss Cheong and Mr Macapinlac for lending me some room on their wunnerful websites and bothering to do the HTML thing that brain-dead me knows nothing abt!!! My benefactors!!! Also to my partner in crime, Jenn!!!  *waves frantically* :D
P/s: I hope Lori McDonald reads my stuff. I'm dying to get on the Queen's page... *wink wink, hint hint* ;D

Part Three
June 1997

My fingers slipped weakly from their grasp on the doorknob.

Oh no.

Ah stared through the tiny window in the door; not darin' to believe what ah was seein'. Remy and this girl, kissin'. Ah wish it was me who found him, and not some woman that he could touch and fall in love with easily. Ah wish ah could be the one to give him all the lovin' that he needs.

But it's not gonna happen, and ah know it.

"I suppose Rogue is already there; the sonic boom she caused nearly shattered the windows in the mansion!" Storm mused.

"I can't believe it. He's been in fights with Magneto and the sorts, and what takes him out? A stupid car!!" Wolverine was growlin' away to his heart's content further down the corridor.

Sullenly lookin' back into the window again, ah saw Remy holdin' the woman tight...Ah bit my lip and left before the others arrived.

Jenny Owens gaped at the size of the front porch.

"Oh--my--God!!" she gushed. "Look at the size of this place!"

She lugged her bulky haversack, filled with what few things she had managed to salvage from the burnt remains of her home, in through the front doors and gaped again.

Storm and Wolverine exchanged amused glances.

"This is where you'll be staying, Jenny. You might have to learn to stop gaping like that," Storm laughed.

Running her hand on the polished wood bannister, Jenny let her eyes soak in the plush furniture and the spaciousness of the hall. "Wow," was the only other thing she could say besides "Oh my God" for now.

Storm turned to look at Gambit. He stood there, looking so confused as he tried to recall his life with these X-men. They had given him a shock when they arrived at the hospital to collect him; he never suspected that he was a big-league hero.

"Dieu. So dis is how superheroes live?"

"The Professor will be helping you with your therapy, Remy. Remember, we are your friends, do not feel out of place here," Putting an arm around him, Storm brought Remy and Jenny up to their respective rooms.

Logan stood in front of the main doors, hands on his hips as he sensed her distress. Could've explained why Rogue wasn't anywhere in sight while they were at the hospital. The stocky man jogged up the stairs silently and walked towards Rogue's door.

"Hey kid?" Logan spoke softly as he rapped on her door. "Ya okay?"

"Ah'm fine," came the muffled reply.

"Ya wanna talk?"

"No, Logan. Ah'm fine; ain't no need t'talk,"

He stood there for a little while longer before walking off, he suspected that Rogue had some feelings to sort out.

To Jean Grey-Summers, Rogue was frighteningly quiet tonight. She watched with her intent emerald eyes as the younger X-woman poked at the peas on her dinner plate, seemingly in deep thought.

Even earlier, when she had re-intoduced Gambit to the other X-Men, Rogue had been jumpy and anxious to do the introductions herself instead of letting Jean do the talking. And there was a very peculiar selection of words, almost detached and cold. Totally unlike Rogue, considering how worried she'd been when Gambit had gone missing.

What's wrong, Jean? Has Rogue grown two heads or something? Her husband relayed through their psi-link. She laughed silently. You've been observing throughout dinner.

Popping a piece of chicken into her mouth, Jean continued behaving as if nothing was happening. She's radiating a whole load of insecure thoughts and emotions, and she doesn't know it; I'm having trouble holding them off!

Scott gave her knee a gentle squeeze.

Maybe she's feeling awkward with Jenny around.

They let the matter drop. After all, it was Rogue's personal business.

"Mmm-mm! This chicken is good! Who did this? I want that recipe!" Jenny jokingly demanded.

Storm looked up from her plate and smiled. "Our chef for tonight would be Rogue."

The latter smiled weakly and said, "Ah just thought ah'd roast the chicken instead o' fryin' it this time round. Glad ya like it, Jenny."

"You gotta tell me how you do it, Rogue! My dad'll love it!"

"Anytime at all, Jen." The weak smile again. "Maybe tomorrow?"

Jenny nodded her head enthusiastically. Then she noticed that Remy had hardly touched his food. "Remy, why aren't you eating?"

He still hadn't gotten used to his name yet, but he managed to reply, "Ain't really hungry. Sorry, no offense."

"You gotta eat, Remy! You just recovered, you need all the food you can get!" With that, Jenny fed him some chicken and giggled. He gazed at her and smiled.

There was a clashing of a fork against china as Rogue stood up slowly and began to clear her plate. "Ah'm really tired, y'all. Ah think ah'll take a nice, hot bath and turn in early tonight," She glanced at Remy. "Goodnight!"

As the other X-men chimed in their goodnights to Rogue, Remy couldn't help but stare after her.

She sobbed into her pillow; her body curled up in a fetal position.

It was just too much to take. Seeing Jenny and Remy develop a special relationship plunged a knife into her heart, but the worst part was that she had to let it happen. Remy didn't remember her, or any part of his life before the accident. It had to stay that way, so that he could be free of the secrets that bound him down, and start a new life.

Rogue closed her eyes and realized for sure what she had to do. It was for the best, but it hurt like hell.


Continued in Chapter 4.


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