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"I Don't Remember"

I Don't Remember

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This story is in progress.

Disclaimer: As usual, the characters below aren't mine, they're Marvel's and it's the sad truth, one day I'll come to terms with that, but meanwhile, please don't sue me. :D
Note: Anyone who missed the first part, or would like to pass comments and criticisms( but nasty flames will just get a sassy reply :P) can contact me at
P/s: I'm listening to the Cardigans. I wonder if it affects anything...Alanis is next! *uh oh*

Part Two
June 1997

The sun was shining in his eyes, forcing him to awake from his much-needed slumber. His head felt much lighter today, and he wasn't feeling too bad on the whole. His eyes fell on the woman who was sitting on the chair by his bedside; she seemed oddly familiar, but yet he had to wonder who she was.

Golden hair framed her sleep-flushed face, her long lashes sweeping gently upon her cheeks...Her full mouth and flawless skin...Yes, she was by all means attractive and he liked her a lot. He watched in amusement as she wrinkled her nose suddenly and let out a tiny sneeze.

"Bless you," he said.

She blinked rapidly, clearing the cobwebs in her head. Then she threw him a dazzling smile and thanked him. "Glad to see you're fine, sweetcheeks," Jenny raked her fingers through her hair and smoothed out the tangles.

"Never felt better, petit." he was lying, actually. He'd never felt so confused before in his life. Nothing here seemed to fit in, he didn't belong anywhere. He felt a headache coming on again.

"The doctor says that you've got amnesia; you got hit when you saved me from getting squished by a car. My hero." Jenny surprised him by giving him a peck on the cheek. "We'll take you down to the police station and --"

"Non! No cops!" His eyes widened as he shot upright in his bed. "I ain't goin' down to no station!"

Lifting a brow of skeptism, Jenny shrugged and agreed. "I'll go down instead and see if there's a missing persons report fitting your handsome description; I'll be back in a while, forgetful one."

He let out a huge sigh of relief, although he didn't know why he was so afraid of the cops. He nodded, and sank back into his bed as Jenny left for the police station.

"Be right back, hunk!"

"Burn the mutie-lover's house!!! Burn! Burn! Burn!!" The crazed chanting resounded along the buildings. "Teach her a lesson!"

More Molotov cocktails landed into the apartment on the second floor, and another burst of flames spewed from the charred windows. The FOH goons guffawed at the sight of the destruction but quickly dispersed when they heard sirens wailing.

Huddled in a dark alley, Jenny tried to stifle her sobs as she watched her apartment burn down.

"Hello, Xavier's School. Can ah help you?"

Storm couldn't help but smile at the way Rogue had practically pounced on the phone when it rang.

"No, we don't need any darn toothbrushes!!!"

I winced at the loud crack of the receiver hitting the phone deck as Rogue slammed it down forcefully. In the past hour, she'd been ringin' up the cops to find out if anythin' had come up. I sliced off the end of my new cigar and chewed on it instead of smokin' it; Storm and Rogue don't 'ppreciate the fragant tobacco.

"Loosen up, Rogue. It's only been three days and a half," I pointed out. "Ya should know the Cajun, runnin' off like a li'l boy anytime he wants; I wouldn't worry,"

"Shut up, Logan." Rogue gritted out as she flew upstairs. "Ah've had it, I'm goin' to the central to find him...He might be wanderin' somewhere."

Storm had to agree with her too. She said Gumbo would've told her if not Rogue where he was headed. Okay, so maybe it was gettin' a li'l fishy.

"Hey, Rogue, ya want us to come along?"

She came down all prepared with her duffel bag. "No thanks. Y'all just --"

The phone rang just then, and she did that rocketin' thing again to answer it, nearly knockin' me up into outer space. She gave me an apologetic glance and spoke quietly into  the phone. And I knew that they had found the Cajun, 'cos her face brightened up so much, she could've lit up the whole of New York.

Them cops are slow workers.

"They burned my apartment down!! Those fools!" She wailed into his shoulder, her whole body heaving from her sobs. "My piano! My comic collection! My Monet posters!"

His heart went out to her. Just for looking after him and caring for him, Jenny was now homeless. He knew that he was a mutant, but what he didn't recall was the fear and hatred the general public for special people like him.

"I'm so sorry, chere."

Didn't know that he was a threat just by being with Jenny. It scared him and he held Jenny even tighter, rocking her back and forth, whispering comforting words to her.

"Dis my fault..."

Jenny looked up immediately and dried her tears, shaking her head.

"No, it's not your fault...It's mine; I should've sent you to the hospital, but I wanted to take care of you myself. I...I was lonely, and I sort of liked you a lot," Jenny stuttered through her tears. "I don't care if you're a mutant or not, you're a nice guy; I'm just mad at those bastards for being so blind!"

He gazed at her, and, without another word, kissed her softly on the lips.


Continued in Chapter 3.


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