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"The End of Innocence"

The End of Innocence

Warning: This story explicitly deals with rape, sexual themes.

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>>Whuh -- Jean?!<<

Remy licks her throat, nipping gently.

>>Ya got lousy timin', sugah!<<

>>You have to stop Remy!<<

He's moving deep inside her when his fingers reach between them to stroke her wetness. Rogue's body arches seductively as the intense desire overwhelms her.


"Hearin' you call out her name don' do much for me, chere."

"She's -- she's in mah head. Remy? What's she talkin' 'bout? Sayin' -- oh, mah -- sayin' ah got to -- got to stop ya?"

He teases a nipple.

"You wan' me to stop, Rogue?"

She shakes her head, overcome. Her soft moaning drives him wild with need. Her hips rise in the rhythm of desire to meet his, eagerly drawing Remy into her warmth. He struggles to control his release. One more minute.

Y'got one shot at dis, LeBeau. Don' get de timin' jus' right, maybe end up givin' Rogue some serious hurtin'. Dat's it, mon amour, time to be comin' home.

He gives her a reassuring hug, distracting her as he eases his hand to the collar.


He promised to take care of her.

Rogue's eyes flicker open.

A second before he climaxes, Remy turns the collar off. He sees Rogue's eyes brighten with sudden fear as his psyche drains into hers.


"Shush, chile, jus' let it happen."

Final words of comfort before he loses consciousness. Rogue's hand flutters to the collar. She tries to turn it on. She's too late. His passion washes over her as intensely as her own, sending her spiraling out of herself on a wave of bliss that cannot be denied or contained.

Sometimes promises are strong as steel.


>>I'm here, Jean.<<

>>I was too late.<<

>>No, hon, this was more than we could have hoped for. All the words in the world wouldn't have helped Rogue. The Genoshans forced her to experience their feelings. Remy understood that. He understood that Rogue needed to experience someone's positive feelings for her to overcome those memories. You probably should turn the collar back on, though.<<

Jean's mind reaches out and telekinetically reactivates the collar, ending Rogue's absorption of Remy.

A rush of sensation, like none he's ever experienced. Being reborn into light and consciousness. In a heartbeat, he relives a lifetime of memories, in a single breath, every nerve electrifies. All that is Remy Etienne LeBeau returns to his body.

"Mon Dieu!"

Rogue's nails graze his back as her body shudders with yet another wave of pleasure. He knows she is beyond realization or concern. Remy's body tightens protectively around Rogue's, rocking her in his embrace as she surrenders to the ecstacy of their combined orgasms.

And life has a way of making the smallest gesture, significant.


The End


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