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"The End of Innocence"

The End of Innocence

Warning: This story explicitly deals with rape, sexual themes.

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"No offense, Remy, but this goop makes me feel like ah been swimmin' in the swamp."


He eases his leg over her thigh, sliding her back to his chest. His damp palm cups her breast to his lips for a kiss. Rogue sighs. Remy's finger smears a glob of the lubricating gel across her lips. Rogue's tongue darts out playfullly.

"Tastes like -- strawberries?"

Remy grins, reveling in the surprise he has planned. He wraps her body in his, enjoying the firm swell of breast and hip pressing against his sensitive skin. His cheek rubs her shoulder.

"Mm-hmm. Strawberry flavored -- "

He turns her face to his, watching her eyes.

" -- an' heat activated."

Years ago, Remy LeBeau discovered he was a mutant, gifted with the ability to charge an object and release its kinetic energy. Over time, with practice, he learned to perfect the subtler nuances of his powers. As Rogue is about to discover.

A ball of heat curls outward from his belly, igniting his veins. His mouth closes on Rogue's possessively. Remy slowly releases his charge across their gel-covered bodies. Rogue gasps at the sudden ripple of fire that jumps from his skin to hers. She cries out again as the heat, along with his fingers, enters her.

She relaxes under his caress. He nudges her knees, sliding his palms along her thighs, opening her sex to him. She bucks wildly as he thrusts his mouth deep into her, savoring the salty warmth with each flick of his tongue.

"Oh ... mah ... lord."

"Is it good, cherie? Hm? Only sweetness, mignonne, only de pleasure your body was made t'enjoy."

He circles her, chuckling with delight when she responds to an agonizingly slow lick with a soft moan. Her hands tighten against him, holding his head to her.

"Somethin' wrong, sugah?"

He nuzzles her belly.

"Not a t' ing, p'tite."

Not a t' ing, LeBeau, 'cept what you're doin' to her ain't enough. Don' matter dat her body respondin'. You ain't gettin' through to her heart.

He studies her face. Looks past the flush of arousal to the troubled shadows darkening her emerald eyes. Glimpses the flash of remembered pain a moment before Rogue closes her eyes tight against sudden tears.

Y'know what she needs. Jus' ain't sure you willin' to give it to her. Neh?

He kisses the tears from her cheeks, lets his lips trace the soft skin of her closed eyes.


Concluded in Chapter 14


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