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"The End of Innocence"

The End of Innocence

Warning: This story explicitly deals with rape, sexual themes.

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Remy dives through the door, pulls Hank out of the way and quickly rolls left. A plate skims his shoulder, crashing into the floor with a vengeance. Rogue storms into the room, close on his heels.

"Ya slimy, slug-tongued, flea-bitten swamp rat! Was that wisecrack s'posed to be funny? What were ya thinkin'?!"

That's the spirit, darlin'.

Logan cracks a smile, pleased to a spark of life in Rogue's eyes.

"Rogue, it's all right to be angry. We all know what you've been through."

"Ya don't know, Jean!"

"Then tell us."

She chews her lip thoughtfully, watching the concerned faces of her nearest and dearest.

Lord, girl, ya know can't tell 'em the truth.

Weeks. She's been keeping the turmoil inside for weeks. She can manage, but some days, some nights, it hard to grit your teeth and push on through. She's given her life for these people. They've given their lives for her In the end, that trust decides the situation for Rogue.

"Ah know how ah should feel. Ah should be angry about what the Genoshans did to me. Ah know, deep in mah heart ah know, if this had happened to any o' y'all, ah'd be out for blood."

She runs a hand nervously through her hair. She hesitates, glances out the window as she gathers her thoughts. She clears her throat, then turns back to them. Her soft words cut to their souls.

"They turned the filter on the collar down while they were rapin' me. Ah -- absorbed -- all their thoughts, their feelin's -- all the vile, degradin' plans they had for revenge."

"Ah remember the sound o' mah clothes bein' ripped. The smell o' sweat and stale beer. The feel o' their hands slidin' up mah thighs. Everythin'."

"They were really gettin' into it, y'know? Gettin' a lot o' -- pleasure -- out o' it. Ah couldn't help but -- but -- experience what they experienced."

"Ah -- enjoyed -- it."

She blinks back the tears, lowers her eyes from the stunned disbelief she sees in their faces. Her face reddens in shame. Still, they say nothing. The coiled fury inside erupts.


Her fist slams painfully into the doorjamb as she runs out. Remy starts after her. Logan stops him.

"Ya done enough for one night, Gumbo."

"Rogue -- "


Finely honed adamantium claws pop out in front of Remy, ending the discussion.

"I'll handle Rogue."


Continued in Chapter 11


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